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Have you ever wondered if any parcels have been delivered without a street indication? And what happened when the sender forgot to write the postcode or made another mistake in the shipping address? Eurosender is here to help you find the answers.

Can parcels be delivered without the street indication?

As a matter of fact, this is quite a frequent situation in the mailing world. It is no exaggeration to say that courier companies and post officers face such difficulties every single day. Yet, there are still cases of mail delivered without a complete street address. Let’s analyze various possible scenarios.

  • Wrong or partially wrong address on a parcel;

In most cases, it all comes to writing an incorrect or an incomplete address on a parcel;

With the best of luck, you will have to face a delay. In many cases, the courier service provider may return parcels to the sender.

  • The postcode is missing in the address field;

Postcodes are crucial for delivery services. You better check twice whether you have indicated it on your parcel because when this kind of information is missing, the package has all the chances of getting lost. In many such cases, mails and parcels come back to the sender, but the shipping process becomes costly and takes quite some time.

  • Wrong postcode has been indicated in the shipping address;

If there is at least one digit or letter missing in the destination postcode, you can be almost sure that the package is on its way to the wrong sorting office or depot. What happens then? Many AliExpress and other online buyers could tell you that they had seen their packages or pallets misdelivered in such situations. What could have been done to avoid such problems? If the parcel has not yet been shipped, you can still cancel the order and place a new one with the correct address.

  • Wrong or partially wrong address on a parcel of both – the sender and the receiver;

Yes, such cases sometimes occur as well. Here, at Eurosender, we have had such situations, that is why we would like to share this experience with you. Let’s say you are working for a UK branch of a multinational company and you are on a short business trip to Italy. You have arranged almost everything with your potential partner, but he wants to see some extra samples of your company’s products that you do not have with you. These samples may be shipped from the production unit situated in an industrial area which is not necessarily located near your company’s office. Such units sometimes have an unusual type of address that needs to be clarified for the logistics service provider. Now imagine that you ship your parcel with expensive samples from one production unit to another. In such cases, wrong or partially wrong address on a parcel is not a rare thing. How can this situation be solved? It is always good to have a phone number of both the sender and the recipient indicated in your order form. Keep in mind that the courier drivers need to handle such situations within a few minutes and that we cannot guarantee that they will really call you. However, we recommend that you put a local phone number as drivers cannot dial foreign numbers. This might help you avoid any unpleasant situations described above.

What can I do if I have made a mistake while booking logistics services with Eurosender?

Here at Eurosender, we are specializing in all types of logistics services. When you are placing an order on our digital platform, you can count on our help. Our shipping experts are here to assist you at every stage of the parcel delivery process. The packages sent with our help can be easily tracked.

In case you notice that something goes wrong, do contact our agents who will try to help and find a solution. All our clients are invited to opt for the flexible booking option, which will always allow you to make changes in your order free of charge. You can change the address, the weight (max. up to 40kg) or the number of parcels in your order. All the changes can be applied only until the successful pick-up of your shipment. Mind that if you have not purchased the flexible booking, an administrative fee of up to 15 EUR will apply for any modification of your initial order.

If the collection of your parcel failed due to wrong or missing information in the pick-up address, please check all the given information one more time and let us know if there is anything missing. In most cases, we will have to rebook the order – meaning that we will have to send it again to the selected courier company.

What about delivery? If your parcel has not been delivered due to the wrong delivery address, contact us as soon as possible for us to get in touch with the selected courier company.

To conclude, you can see that parcels can be delivered without the street indication, but note that such cases translate into extra work for customer support agents and courier drivers. In order to avoid such a hassle, we recommend taking a closer look at the details in both address fields before placing your order.

Is there anything else you would like to know about possible shipping delays or other issues that may arise due to some mistakes that have been made while booking door-to-door parcel delivery services, or due to wrong or partially wrong address indicated on a parcel, feel free to ask our friendly support team anytime!

Last modified: December 11, 2019

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