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Personal deliveries to work often seem like the best solution when you cannot wait for the courier at home. However, there is one thing we do not always take into consideration – the work mailroom policy and the etiquette for parcel delivery at the office.

Personal mail and packages delivered to your workplace

Whether you are buying something to surprise someone, bought things online or you need a personal delivery to work out of convenience, you want to be present when the courier driver comes with your parcel. Many people want to avoid a failed delivery attempt and think of alternatives. One of those alternatives is to have the personal mail delivered to your workplace. Nonetheless, some employers may not fully agree with this etiquette for parcel deliveries at the office.

Why is delivering parcels to the office a bad etiquette?

Some employers may not have a specific work mailroom policy, but would still refuse you to have parcels sent to work. Why would the employer stop you from getting personal deliveries to work?

  • Not every company has a spacious storage and mailroom place, and if they allow their staff to have personal mail or packages delivered to the workplace, it can become rather messy.
  • They may not be able to handle the shipments that the company receives regularly; the boxes could mix, and result in additional time for sorting. As many people excessively order things online, this could be the perfect case to explain an excess of parcels sent to a work address, a company would not be able to handle. In such cases, the employer would then have to figure out a solution to deal with the excess of boxes, get new storage or impose a work mailroom policy.
  • Another reason why your employer may not allow you to have your packages delivered at work is that the content is unknown to them. The separation between personal and work life is something that many employers seek to impose, and by sending personal parcels to work, you would be going against the office etiquette for parcel delivery.
  • The receiver needs to sign a POD document when the delivery address is a commercial address stating that the parcel arrived in good condition. Therefore, some companies would not want to sign this document and be responsible for accepting the package, especially if the content after opening, turns out to be damaged.

Companies accepting packages and personal mail delivery to a workplace

Not all employers see delivering personal parcels to the office a bad etiquette. Some companies would allow it as a sign of goodwill and appreciation towards their employees.

Many times, you would have to take a day off to receive the parcel when it is couriered to you, and by assigning the work address as a delivery address instead, both you and the employer find it beneficial.

Other reason why employers see delivering personal parcels to the office as good etiquette is because they want to maintain a good mutual working relationship. They would not want to compromise the safety of the package by being left outside all day, so they might not have anything against parcel deliveries to the office so long as good etiquette is used by the employee.

It also contributes to sustainability! Do you wonder how? Well, the packages can be reused, and the company does not have to acquire additional ones!

Can employers open personal employees’ mail?

As the package or mail is delivered to the company’s address, regardless of the receiver name, the employer may have certain rights to open the package. Nonetheless, this is a matter that depends also on the laws in the country, so in some places, opening employees personal mail may be considered as a violation of the law.

Sending parcels from work

It is one thing to ask the courier to deliver the packages to work, and another to collect the parcel from your workplace. Frequently sending packets from your work and company address may sound more complicated than it is. Similarly, to the etiquette for parcel delivery to your office, sending packages from the company address you work at, is a matter of the employers goodwill.

Some employers would allow their staff to have package collections from the office, only if it is already prepaid and labelled.

Delivering packages from and to work with Eurosender!

Through Eurosender, you pay for the service in advance, and therefore, the employer would not have to worry that they have to bear any additional charges. All you have to do choose the destinations, book the appropriate shipping service, pay for it, and wait for the courier to collect it. You get a transactional email that you can enclose to your employer, in case they ask for proof of the booking.

Addressing the package for delivering it to the workplace

There is a difference between the residential and shipping addresses, so, when you need the parcel delivered elsewhere from the address you live at, you need to write the new address where you want the package delivered at; in this case, the office address.

Make sure you also write your name and the company name under the consignee details, so the courier or the building reception knows who to contact when they receive the package.

Nonetheless, before you do decide to receive or send parcels to and from your workspace, make sure you first confirm it with the company and if they have any rules and policies in place!

Last modified: October 9, 2020

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