Do Courier Delivery Service Work on Weekends?5 min read
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Do specific courier services work on Saturday or Sunday?

Some courier companies will offer a weekend courier service allowing customers to collect or deliver their parcels on a Saturday or Sunday. Weekend parcel deliveries and collections usually depend on the type of service you choose, the courier company and the country.

Check below in this article, for each courier individually whether they deliver and collect parcels on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Generally, customers need to pay extra for weekend services, but this varies from company to company.

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Does DHL deliver parcels on Saturday and Sunday?

In most countries, the weekend courier delivery service with DHL is not an option. Some countries may be an exception to the rule and offer an option to book for a Saturday delivery, but never on Sunday or bank holidays. You can read more about deliveries on bank holidays in our dedicated article.

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Does Royal Mail deliver packages and letters on Sunday and Saturday?

Royal Mail will deliver packages as long as the Special Delivery Guaranteed service is purchased. This service is available both for sending and receiving packages on the weekend. The special delivery guarantee is available to commercial customers, so if you are a business owner and want to courier packages and letters on Saturday or Sunday, this service is right for you. However, if you are expecting a parcel without this service purchased, it is very unlikely you will receive it on the weekend.

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Does DPD deliver parcels on Saturday and Sunday?

With DPD, you can select weekend delivery by opting for this specific service. DPD Saturday and Sunday delivery services are available for those who want to have their parcels delivered on the weekend. Upon booking, the sender should select the Saturday or Sunday delivery service, and DPD will ensure that the parcel is delivered on the day you selected.

Does Evri (Hermes) deliver parcels on the weekend?

Evri, previously known as Hermes, can organise the delivery on Saturdays but not Sundays or bank holidays. While Evri does not offer delivery on Sundays or bank holidays, their Saturday delivery service can still be a convenient option for those who want packages delivered on weekends.

Does Eurosender offer a weekend courier delivery service?

At the moment, Eurosender offers a weekend courier delivery service for Saturday deliveries only with our Express service. While we do not offer weekend courier service, our service can be booked for any day during the weekday. We understand that you may not be at home during the week, which is why you can send your package to the office or request a delivery to your neighbour’s place. Check our affordable prices now!

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A general note, will all companies offer weekend courier service?

Even though many people find it the most convenient delivery option, not all courier companies offer courier services that work on Saturday or Sunday.

For collections:

Some courier companies will offer you a weekend courier service and collect the parcel on a Saturday. Still, they might not allow you to collect it on a Sunday. Weekend deliveries or parcel collections usually depend on the type of service you choose, the courier company and the country.

For deliveries:

Similarly, as with the collection, the Saturday or Sunday courier delivery services depend on the company, the destination and the type of parcel you are sending. In most cases, the courier will collect the parcel midweek to deliver it during the weekend. Since courier companies are working with a particular schedule, you would have to book the weekend courier service sooner and not on the same day. Book it at least one or two days before the collection so you will get a confirmation before the weekend.

During peak seasons, when the courier companies need to deal with a large number of shipments, delivery on Sunday or Sunday may be available but at the courier company’s discretion.

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