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The vast majority of people opt for Saturday parcel collection and delivery, due to midweek time inconvenience. Nonetheless, not every courier company offers weekend services, and we are here to clarify how can you book it!

Can I book a Saturday or Sunday parcel collection?

Some courier companies will offer you a weekend courier service and collect the parcel on a Saturday. Still, they might not give you the possibility to have it collected on a Sunday. Weekend deliveries or parcel collections usually depend on the type of service you choose, the courier company and the countries.

Many times the courier companies will arrange the Saturday collection; however, you would have to pay a little extra for it. Every company has different charges imposed, and for more accurate and up-to-date information, we recommend you to check directly on their website.

If you want a Saturday parcel collection, all you have to do is see if the destination routes and parcel type are appropriate to the couriers’ requirements and choose the right shipping service.

Are you wondering if courier companies collect parcels on holidays?

An alternative to the Saturday courier collection service would be the drop-off service. What does a drop-off service mean? It means that you do not have to wait at home for the pickup, but you can drop the parcel in one of the courier’s pickup shops. However, bear in mind that not every courier can offer you this type of service; therefore, we recommend you to further explore this option.

I have booked weekend courier services. Will the courier deliver the parcel on Saturday or Sunday?

Similarly, as with the collection, the Saturday or Sunday courier delivery services depend on the company, the destination and the type of parcel you are sending. The courier will collect the parcel midweek, to deliver it during the weekend. As courier companies are working with a particular schedule, you would have to book the weekend courier service sooner, and not the same day. Choose to book it at least one or two days before collection so that you will get a confirmation before the weekend.

Nonetheless, if you just realised that you need to send a parcel, and you need to have it collected the same day, you can select Same-day courier service. This service is offered for many routes, and it is rather convenient as you would not have to wait an additional day for the parcel collection.

If you miss the Saturday parcel delivery, in most cases the courier will try again on the following working day. Keep checking your tracking information for important updates.

You haven’t booked a Saturday parcel delivery, and yet received the parcel during the weekend? Sometimes, courier companies have to deal with a substantial amount of boxes, especially during peak seasons, and to serve their shippers; they would make an exception. This usually does not come at an extra cost, unless you are the one requesting for a weekend courier service.

Can Eurosender organise a Saturday parcel collection and delivery?

As we organise the transport according to the courier company’s timeline and most of them do not offer the option for weekend courier services; currently, we cannot provide either Saturday or Sunday parcel collection. However, we do have an alternative shipping option to the weekend courier services!

Alternative to weekend courier service

We understand that collection and delivery during weekdays may be relatively inconvenient, especially when relocating or sending multiple parcels at the same time. Therefore, we have the right shipping solution!

Choose the Van Delivery Service offered by Eurosender, and book the parcel collection and delivery at your convenience! Arrange the pickup during the weekend, or weekday, the choice is yours! You will get a vehicle dedicated only to your load, with no stop-overs!

You can compare prices or find an alternative cheaper weekend courier service option for delivery with parcel broker companies, like Eurosender. As we work with different courier companies, we can provide you with superb value for money without compromising the quality of the courier service!

Can I always organise a Saturday or Sunday parcel collection?

During peak seasons, when the courier companies need to deal with a large number of shipments, deliveries may be available but at the courier company’s discretion. Meaning, many times, they will prioritise to deliver parcels over collections during weekends.


This article was written in collaboration with Barbara Pavlin.

Last modified: September 29, 2020

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