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Does it sometimes happen to you that you can not wait for a courier on a midweek? Or maybe your recipient is not available for the parcel collection during the week? Well, there is a solution, since some of the couriers offer an option for Saturday delivery and collection. Actually, for a vast majority of people and also businesses, weekend courier service is an ideal solution, since they do not need to take a day off to receive the package.

How does weekend courier service work?

Saturday delivery works the same way as standard weekly courier door-to-door delivery services. Most commonly the courier will collect your parcel for Saturday delivery on Friday. Although, this can depend on the destination. Also, you will probably have to book the service the latest on Thursday by midnight.

Make sure to prepare your parcel according to packaging guidelines of the company you booked the service with.

Also make sure, that someone is at the location for the parcel pick-up and also that the recipient is in a position to take delivery on Saturday. If you miss the Saturday delivery, in most cases the courier will try to deliver your parcel again on the following working day.

Of course, you will be able to track your parcel online on its way to the final destination.

What about weekend parcel collections?

Some courier companies offer Saturday collection and the majority of them do not offer Sunday collection service. But with some courier service providers, you are able to choose a drop off service. This means that you do not need to wait at home for the pick-up, but you can simply drop off your parcel in one of the courier’s Pickup shops any time it suits you.

Weekend deliveries or parcel collections usually depend on the type of the service you choose. So, for some destinations, there might not be a possibility for weekend courier services. Note also that you will have to pay extra for Saturday parcel delivery or pick-up.

You can compare prices or find a cheaper courier service option for weekend delivery with parcel broker companies, like Eurosender. Since they work with different courier companies, they can provide you with the superb value for money without compromising the quality of the courier service.

With Eurosender you can book a same day courier collection service for your business shipping needs. For now, it is available for our registered business customers who need to schedule a parcel pick-up in Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Romania or Slovenia. You can book our service here and get your shipments collected the same day.

Last modified:October 03, 2018

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