PostNord | Courier and Logistics Services

PostNord | Courier and Logistics Services

PostNord is the result of a 2009 merge between Posten AB and PostDanmark. Nowadays, PostNord operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany, providing both mail and parcel delivery services. PostNord offers domestic and international shipping services as well as freight and pallet transport services.

Find out more about PostNord shipping services and get the best logistics alternatives with Eurosender.

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PostNord is the result of a 2009 merge between Posten AB and PostDanmark. Nowadays, PostNord operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany, providing both mail and parcel delivery services. PostNord offers domestic and international shipping services as well as freight and pallet transport services.

Find out more about PostNord shipping services and get the best logistics alternatives with Eurosender.


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PostNord domestic and international shipping prices

PostNord logistics services include letter and parcel shipping, as well as international air cargo transport and road freight covering the Nordic countries, the UK, and other European destinations. The price of sending a package or letter with PostNord depends on three main parameters: weight and size of the parcel, route and type of service.

Alternatively, you can choose your route on our booking tool and get matched instantly with the best courier for your route and the lowest quote.

Price example for shipping packages with PostNord

Route5kg package10kg package20kg package
Note: The PostNord shipping prices above were converted from SEK to EUR following the conversion rate of 1 SEK – 0.094 EUR, valid on 23 August 2022.

PostNord freight logistics and cargo transport

PostNord offers transport services to deliver cargo in the Nordic countries and Europe. Their road transport network covers most Nordic and Baltic countries.

  • Groupage: PostNord transport solutions for shipping palletised and non-palletised cargo by road within the Nordic region. The maximum weight allowed is 1,000kg per pallet and 2,500kg per shipment.
  • In Night: this special PostNord shipping service is designed for customers who want to ship cargo overnight in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The max. weight per parcel for this type of PostNord parcel service is 35 kg and the max. weight per pallet is 700 kg.
  • Pallet: door-to-door pallet delivery in Sweden and Europe, with tracking included. Pallets of up to 1,000 kg are allowed.
  • Part Loads: PostNord offers transport services for part loads or complete loads of 2,500 kg or more. This service is only available for users with a specific agreement with PostNord.
  • PostNord Project Logistics: PostNord offers custom solutions for transporting bulky items that cannot be packed in a pallet. Some examples of items shipped through this service are environmentally hazardous materials, forestry products, bridge components, and construction cranes.
All freight transport services offered by PostNord have to be requested and agreed directly with the shipping company. They do not provide prices on their website directly. Alternatively, you can get an instant quote for shipping pallets, booking a full truck transport or van delivery through our pricing tool above.

PostNord express shipping

For urgent needs, PostNord offers different express shipping solutions. The delivery time varies based on the service and the route you will be shipping. See below the most popular options for shipping express packages with PostNord:

  • PostNord Express Parcel: Available in Sweden, next-day delivery until 6 pm.
  • EMS International Express: Available internationally for documents and packages of up to 20 kg.

Please note that some PostNord express shipping services are only available for business clients that have a service agreement with PostNord courier. If you want instant quotes for shipping express parcels anywhere in the world, check our Priority Express Service.


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FAQs about PostNord international shipping

What factors affect the Post Nord shipping prices?
  • Country of destination: PostNord offers international shipping in Europe and the world. European countries are in “Zone 1”, and the rest of the world is in “Zone 2”. PostNord parcels for international shipping must weigh under 20 kg, both within and outside Europe.
  • Large parcels: you will have to pay a surcharge for the delivery of bulky packages, which is applied for packages that have a length + circumference exceeding 2 metres and parcels longer than 120 cm.
  • Shipping to islands: it is possible to send a package with PostNord to an island, but customers will have to pay a surcharge.
  • PostNord Express: express deliveries with PostNord are more expensive than standard shipments. Also, express deliveries may not be available for every route or type of parcel.
What is myPostNord?
MyPostNord is a service for customers to sign up and obtain advantages such as faster bookings. MyPostNord can also be accessed through their online app, where you can schedule parcel deliveries, print out labels, and open parcel machines. Currently, myPostNord is only available in Norway, but users can still create an account with PostNord in other countries.
How does PostNord parcel tracking work?
To track and trace your PostNord parcel, you can use your PostNord tracking number. Each parcel and shipment has a unique PostNord tracking number or shipment ID. This number allows you to locate your parcel and will be updated every time the parcel reaches a new PostNord service point or storage facility. Introduce the tracking number on the PostNord webpage or app, and you will get your parcel status and location.
What are the PostNord delivery days and hours?
PostNord delivery hours depend on the type of delivery. Door-to-door deliveries will be made from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. If you decide to have your PostNord parcel delivered to a PostNord depot or office, you will have to collect it during their working hours, which will vary between different locations.
Since February 2022, PostNord has introduced a new system called alternate delivery day in Sweden. This means that mail isn't delivered every single day to every address. Instead, there are specific days on which you will get regular mail, magazines and letter deliveries. PostNord still delivers express parcels and shipments every working day, as usual.
How long will the PostNord international shipping take?
Usually, PostNord deliveries for Zone 1 countries (Europe) can take between 2 and 4 working days and 4 to 7 working days for the rest of the world.
Does PostNord make Saturday deliveries?
It depends on the country. In Sweden, PostNord currently does not offer Saturday deliveries. However, in Denmark, they offer parcel deliveries from Monday to Saturday through the PostPakke service.
Can I ship to UK with PostNord?
Yes, PostNord international courier services cover Europe, including the UK. Furthermore, you can book a delivery to some smaller British islands at an extra fee.
Can I ship a package to the UK with PostNord after Brexit?
PostNord does not offer certain services to send a parcel or pallet to the UK after Brexit:
  • PostNord MyPack Collect
  • PostNord Return DropOff
  • PostNord Collection Request
  • PostNord pallet
However, PostNord is still shipping to the UK after Brexit with some of its international services. If you want more information about shipping, logistics and Brexit, check our Brexit shipping guide.
Where are the PostNord parcel lockers or depots?
PostNord has different parcel lockers and partner outlets all over the Nordic countries. You can find the closest one to you by inserting your postal code in the tool on their webpage.
PostNord also offers a series of service points where customers can make a delivery or retrieve a booking. These PostNord service points are located in Sweden, and you can find the one closest to you by introducing your postal code on the locator on the webpage.
Where can I find a PostNord promo code or PostNord discount codes?
You can find a PostNord promo code or other PostNord discount codes on coupon websites and with companies that are partners of PostNord.
Get instant pre-negotiated prices on our booking tool and extra discounts for payments with user credits.
Are there any specific PostNord packaging instructions?
PostNord packaging instructions can be found on the pack and ship section of their website. You can also check our extensive guidelines for packing numerous types of items.
Are parcels insured with PostNord?
Standard PostNord shipping includes a very basic coverage. You can purchase additional coverage at an extra cost.
Alternatively, when shipping with Eurosender, on top of the basic insurance that is always included in the price, you can also acquire additional coverage, which is especially useful when shipping high-value goods.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in August 2022. To know more about the PostNord shipping prices, are looking for a PostNord parcel shop or storage facilities or PostNord tracking number, always check the official website of PostNord.