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Chronopost is a reputable French-based logistics company, which is a part of the DPD Group. Chronopost operates internationally, but it is most known in France and Portugal, being deemed as the “French no1” choice in express deliveries of small parcels of up to 30 kg. At Eurosender, our network is comprised of vetted logistics providers, including Chronopost. When booking your shipment through our platform, our system instantly selects the shipping service with the lowest cost that fulfils your needs. This means that Chronopost may be the courier selected to perform the delivery.

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Frequently asked questions about Chronopost shipping services

What are Chronopost delivery days and times?

You can dispatch your parcel between 8 am and 10 pm from Monday to Sunday when you want to ship with Chronopost across France and internationally. Chronopost delivery times go beyond regular business hours and days due to longer opening hours of some Chronopost local depots and post offices. In case your parcel is planned to be picked up by a courier at a specified address, then you need to consider that collection/delivery time usually starts from 9 am and is over at 6 pm on business days.

How does the Chronopost tracking number work and where can I get it?

In case our platform chooses Chronopost international service to carry out your shipping service, you will be provided with a Chronopost tracking number. We will send it to you in the confirmation e-mail. The tracking code will become functional only when the shipment will be scanned in the Chronopost’s local depots.


How can I check the status of my parcel with Chronopost?

To follow the transit of your shipment, the Chronopost tracking number can be inserted directly in the tracking tool below or on the Chronopost website. If the status of your parcel with Chronopost does not update for more than 48 hours, contact us and our customer support team will assist you.

What are the Chronopost maximum dimensions and standard parcel dimensions?

Chronopost standard parcels should weight up to 30 kg. For the Chrono Relais services, packages should weight equal to or less than 20 kg. At the same time, the sum of the length + 2 heights + 2 widths must not exceed 300 cm, and the length must not exceed 150 cm.
As for the Chrono Relais services, the sum of the length + 2 heights + 2 widths must not exceed 250 cm, and the length must not exceed 100 cm. Parcels that exceed these specifications will have, as a result, an “Outsized” additional cost added. Keep in mind that non-standard packages are not eligible for the Chrono Relais Service.

Are there any Chronopost storage facilities and local depots?

Currently, there are about 18,500 post offices and pick-up points available, while 8,500 of those have longer opening hours and shorter waiting times. Furthermore, there are 70 Chronopost local depots across Europe and 6 Chronopost storage facilities in French overseas territories.
If you book the services through Eurosender and you need storage for your items, we will organise everything for you.
Moreover, booking the services on our platform excludes the necessity of going to Chronopost local depot to drop off or pick up a parcel as we offer door-to-door shipping services for the convenience of our consumers.

What items are forbidden from shipping with Chronopost?

In general, the following types of items are not accepted when shipping with Chronopost:

  • dangerous products such as gases, radioactive, infectious, corrosive, and toxic materials;
  • any object that undermines drivers’ safety and that of other staff members who will handle your shipment or impose danger for the environment of any third parties;
  • firearms and weapons;
  • valuable items such as watches, precious stones and metals, paper money, phone cards and similar;
  • any kinds of living beings;
  • plants and flowers;
  • perishable goods that require a temperature-controlled environment;
  • objects that are prohibited from being imported by the destination country in case of international transportation.

Learn more about prohibited and not recommended items for shipping in our dedicated page. When you ship with Chronopost internationally or domestically, it is possible to send a care package to a nursing home, orphanage, military zone, or any other community in need.

Is there any Chronopost shipping insurance?

When booking the service on Eurosender platform, every standard shipment is automatically insured for up to 200 EUR, but you can check extra insurance packages for expensive goods and items.

Who assists me with the order if I booked with Eurosender and the selected company is Chronopost?

If you book shipping services via Eurosender, our experienced team of logistics experts will assist you from the first stages of placing an order to the moment of delivery. In a nutshell, Eurosender will be your single point of communication. In case there are any issues or uncertainties, we will contact the courier company on your behalf and figure everything out. We will also represent you in case you wish to start a claim procedure against the courier company. All you need to do is send us a message if you have any questions or issues while using Chronopost shipping services.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as how to send a parcel abroad with Chronopost, drop off a parcel at Chronopost collection point, pack a parcel for Chronopost, track and trace a parcel sent via Chronopost or for Chronopost helpline, always check the official website of Chronopost.