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Chronopost is a reputable French-based logistics company, part of the DPD Group. Chronopost operates internationally, but it is most known in France, Spain, and Portugal. Find out more about Chronopost delivery times and days, drop-off points, tracking numbers and express services.

At Eurosender, our network is comprised of multiple logistics providers, including Chronopost. When shipping with us, our system instantly selects the best service for your needs, which could be Chronopost or another of our vetted carriers.

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Chronopost standard and express parcel services

Chronopost offer various parcel shipping services within Europe and abroad. Each service has different shipping requirements and delivery time estimations. Below you will find basic information about each Chronopost parcel delivery service available for individual customers, serving both standard and express parcels.

ServiceChronopost Delivery TimeWeight & dimensions limits
Chrono 13Next-day delivery, before 1:00 pmMax. weight: 30 Kg
Max dimension: 300 cm total, length up to 150 cm
Min dimensions: 30 x 21 cm
Chrono Classic2 – 5 business daysMax. weight: 30 Kg
Max dimension: 300 cm total, length up to 150 cm
Min dimensions: 30 x 21 cm
Chrono RelaisNext-day delivery, before 1:00 pmMax. weight: 20 Kg
Max dimension: 250 cm total, length up to 100 cm
Chrono Express2 – 5 business daysMax. weight: 30 Kg
Max dimension: 300 cm total, length up to 150 cm
Min dimensions: 30 x 21 cm
Chrono 10Next-day delivery, before 10:00 amMax. weight: 30 Kg
Max dimension: 300 cm total, length up to 150 cm
Min dimensions: 30 x 21 cm
Prêt-à-ExpédierNext-day delivery in France, up to 6 days abroadMax. weight: 1 kg for documents in envelopes,
up to 12 kg for boxes (in France) and 5 kg for boxes (abroad)

The availability of each Chronopost shipping service may differ depending on where you need to ship it to. Some services are only available when shipping with Chronopost within France, others are available for worldwide deliveries.

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Chronopost express international solutions

Chronopost offers the express international shipping service from France to the rest of the world through their “Chrono Express” service. This Chronopost express service can be used to deliver urgent parcels in Europe in 1-2 days and up to 5 days in the rest of the world. Chrono Express is an international shipping service that only allows parcels of up to 30kg. If you need to ship large or bulkier items, you can use our booking tool to get instant quotes for shipping worldwide.

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Chronopost pick-up/drop-off points: what are they, and how do they work?

Chronopost local depots and pick-up points are shops or businesses where customers can ship or retrieve their parcels. Whenever shipping with Chronopost, you can choose to send the package to a pick-up point instead of receiving it at home. Another advantage is that Chronopost pick-up points allow customers to receive packages and not give a personal address.

If you decide to ship or send a package from a Chronopost pick-up or drop-off location, you will have to do so during their working hours. Some of these locations are open during weekends which gives more freedom to senders and receivers who cannot collect or drop off parcels during normal working days/hours. Currently, there are about 17,500 Chronopost local depots and pick-up points available throughout metropolitan France. You can locate the closest pick-up point on the company’s webpage.


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Frequently asked questions about Chronopost shipping services

Who delivers Chronopost in the UK?
Chronopost offers deliveries to the UK on their own website, but they do not deliver parcels themselves. Since Chronopost is a part of the DPD Group, your Chronopost UK delivery will be carried out by DPD. Read more about how deliveries with DPD work.
How does the Chronopost tracking number work and where can I get it?
When shipping with a Chronopost service that offer tracking, you will receive the tracking number that can be used to follow the progress of your delivery. The Chronopost tracking number will come in the receipt if shipping from a local shop or via email/digital confirmation if booking the delivery online.
When shipping with Eurosender, if our platform selects Chronopost international service to carry out your shipping service, you will be provided with a Chronopost tracking number. We will send it to you via email. The Chronopost tracking number will become functional once the shipment is first scanned in one of Chronopost’s local depots.
How can I check the status of my parcel with Chronopost?
To follow the transit of your shipment booked with us, you can use the Chronopost tracking number on our tracking tool or the Chronopost website. If the status of your parcel with Chronopost is not updated for more than 48 hours, contact us via chat as soon as possible and our customer support team will assist you.
If your Chronopost parcel delivery was not booked through Eurosender but directly with the courier company, you should contact them directly if you have any issues with tracking your package.
What are Chronopost delivery days and times?
In general, Chronopost delivers parcels and envelopes from Monday to Friday before 5:30 pm. The only exception is the timed delivery service, such as Chrono 13, which guarantees the delivery will be performed until 1 pm.
If you book your delivery with us, the courier driver will deliver your parcel between 9 am and 6 pm. If you choose to have your parcel delivered to a pick-up shop, the Chronopost delivery times may be longer since you will be able to pick up your package during the opening hours of that particular Chronopost local depot and post office.
Does Chronopost offer Saturday deliveries?
Yes, Chronopost offers Saturday deliveries when booking the service through their website and also through Eurosender. You can contact us directly if you are interested in organising a weekend delivery. Please bear in mind that this service may be subjected to an additional fee. If you need your parcel to be shipped urgently, check our Express Service.
Does Chronopost offer cargo or freight transport services?
Currently, Chronopost does not offer cargo or freight transport services, as the maximum parcel weight allowed is 30kg for all routes. However, if you need to arrange a freight transport service, you can get an immediate quote on our booking tool.
Are there any Chronopost storage facilities?
Currently, Chronopost does not offer storage facilities. If you need storage for your items, we can organise it for you; all you need to do is contact us and send your requirements. The storage service will be arranged in one of the warehouses provided by our vetted logistics partners.
When booking a delivery service through our platform, you will not need to go to a Chronopost local depot to drop off or pick up a parcel as we offer door-to-door shipping services for the convenience of our users.
Does Chronopost offer shipping insurance?
~ Most of Chronopost shipping services do not include insurance by default, but Chronopost offers shipping insurance through their additional service called "Ad Valorem insurance". This extra insurance coverage is optional. Shippers can insure their goods for up to €5,000 per parcel, but a receipt for proof of value is required.
When booking the service through Eurosender platform, every shipment is automatically insured, and you can purchase extra insurance packages for additional protection of your goods.
How do I contact Chronopost if I book the service with Eurosender?
If you book shipping services via Eurosender, our experienced team of logistics experts will assist you from the first stages of placing an order to the moment of delivery. In a nutshell, Eurosender will be your single point of communication. In case there are any issues or uncertainties, we will contact the courier company on your behalf and figure everything out. We will also represent you in case you wish to start a claim procedure against the courier company. All you need to do is send us a message if you have any questions or issues while using Chronopost shipping services.
Can I send a package to the UK with Chronopost, even after Brexit?
Although Brexit has had a huge impact on logistics and shipping, it is still possible to ship with Chronopost to the UK after Brexit. As part of the DPD group, Chronopost has prepared itself to handle packages to and from the UK. Customers who want to ship packages to the UK with Chronopost during this time after Brexit now have to provide customs documents and may have to pay extra VAT or customs charges. If you need more information about this topic you can check our handy Brexit shipping guide.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in August 2022. For more information about the Chronopost tracking number, Chronopost international shipping services and prices, Chronopost delivery days and times or Chronopost pickup points, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.