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Looking for a reliable shipping service provider that operates in France and worldwide? Chronopost, which is part of the DPDgroup, can offer you a solution. The company, based in France, is one of our many trusted shipping partners. At Eurosender, we collaborate with some of the best logistics companies in Europe. Our goal is to help our customers ship anything they want efficiently and at the lowest price possible.

Chronopost is deemed as the “French no. 1” choice in express delivery services that involve small parcels of up to 30 kg. Are you interested in shipping within France or from France to another part of Europe? Then, you can now easily book a Chronopost international courier service or a Chronopost domestic courier service through our platform. In this way, you will save money and time, since we offer some of the lowest prices out there. At the same time, our engine makes booking such services a piece of cake. The whole process will be as easy as ordering food online.

Book Chronopost services now:

What do you want to ship?
Package or suitcase
from 2 kg to 40 kg
max length 175cm
up to 2499kg
you provide a pallet on your own
long & bulky items
sports equipment & musical instruments
cars, LTL, FTL etc.
Who orders?
On request
Having unusual expectations? Request a custom offer

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries and the number of packages/suitcases/pallets.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

The booking process will not take too long. All you need is to know already your shipment’s dimensions and the pick-up and delivery address. If your shipment fits our criteria for a standard shipment, then the price will be available automatically. You will also be able to immediately pay for the service. If the shipment is too big or too heavy for a standard courier service, then we will provide you with an individual offer as soon as possible.

Check your shipment size!


Are your items suitable for standard shipping?

*Do not forget that you can book Chronopost services through our platform either as a guest or as an account holder. If you have your own account on our website you are able to access some of our extra benefits. These include special prices and offers and the ability to use the prepaid solution. You can register here.

Chronopost tracking

When booking Chronopost services through Eurosender you are provided with a tracking number. The same applies when shipping with most of our courier partners. You can use this number between the pick-up and the delivery of your shipment to check where it is located. The number is found in your order’s confirmation e-mail and you can insert it either in our tracking engine or in Chronopost’s website.

How does it work? Every time your shipment arrives at a new location, it is scanned. The tracking system gets updated in this way and you are able to get updates regarding your shipment’s location. If the status in the tracking system remains the same for more than 48 hours, we recommend you to contact us. We will do anything to make sure that no problems have occurred and we will update you shortly.

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Chronopost maximum dimensions | Chronopost standard parcel dimensions

Chronopost standard parcels should be up to 30 kg. For the Chrono Relais services, parcels should be equal to or less than 20 kg. At the same time, the sum of the length + 2 heights + 2 widths must not exceed 300 cm. The length must not exceed 150 cm! As for the Chrono Relais services, the sum of the length + 2 heights + 2 widths must not exceed 250 cm and the length must not exceed 100 cm. Parcels that exceed these specifications will have, as a result, an Outsize additional cost added. Keep in mind that non-standard parcels are not eligible for the Chrono Relais Service.

Chrono Relais

This is an alternative to home deliveries. The recipients can basically pick-up their shipment from a specific location. The service was created to give more flexibility to the recipients who might be unable to be at home at the specified delivery time.

Chronopost fuel surcharge

Since 2006, Chronopost has applied a surcharge indexed to the price of fuel. This surcharge varies with fluctuations in oil prices and applies to both road and air transport.


About DPDgroup

Chronopost is part of DPDgroup, along with SEUR. The company operates in 230 countries and it delivers more than 4.8 million parcels across the globe. DPDgroup is itself part of GeoPost, the holding company owned by Le Groupe La Post.

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