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Headquartered in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, TNT Express is an international courier company that operates in 61 countries with a wide range of services such as parcel delivery, TNT storage facilities, TNT shipping insurance, etc. In 2016, the company was bought by the American company FedEx. TNT Express employs a little under 57.000 people and mainly offers road and air deliveries all around the globe. Learn more about TNT storage facilities, TNT FTL and LTL shipping, TNT maximum parcel weight and the price to ship a pallet with TNT, in the post below.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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Wery good

Wery good,eurosender is the best

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resvation tres facile

pour l 'instant , je n 'ai fait que réserver pour un transport de colis. Pour la reservation c'est tres facile . on vera apres la prise rendez vous pour recuperation a domicile et apres la livraison .Je ne peux pas juger le transport c'est trop tot

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Zaineb Afzal

14 hours ago

I found everything to be easy enough…

I found everything to be easy enough and got all the help I needed. If everything gets where it is supposed to be. I would say it is perfect service

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Philip Kasper

15 hours ago

Simple enough

Simple enough

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Mark Kristic

15 hours ago

Nice and straight forward

Nice and straight forward

Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

You can book the shipping services of TNT all over the world through their website. However, nowadays it is easy to compare prices online. This can help you save money but it takes much time, which also costs money. The Eurosender platform offers you a convenient alternative, for example for the price to ship a pallet with TNT. With our network our logistics companies, we can provide you with the fastest and most reliable delivery options for your goods. And that is not all, take a look at the benefits below that you will experience when shipping with Eurosender.

We have built up a massive network of logistics providers that we work with.

Enter the details of your shipment on our website and you get an immediate quote.

The price on the website is final, no hidden or extra costs afterwards.

Create a Eurosender account (available for both individuals and companies) and profit from many extras.

Do you want to partner with Eurosender? Get in touch today and start your own online logistics department.

All shipments arranged through the Eurosender platform are insured with the standard Eurosender insurance.

The cheapest way to ship with TNT and the alternative

TNT has a long history and is trusted by many companies that often use their services. But with the ever-increasing use of new technologies, there are now options to profit from more efficient shipping solutions, compared to the cheapest way to ship with TNT. One of those new players on the market is Eurosender. We want to change how the shipping world is organized and to provide our customers with efficient shipping services. Take a look at the options we provide.

Standard shipping: For regular parcel and package delivery you can use our standard service.

Freight Shipping: For big and bulky items you choose a pallet. When you have several pallets you can opt for FTL, LTL or PTL shipping which are better alternatives for TNT FTL shipping and TNT LTL shipping

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Dedicated Van Delivery: When you have many things and little time, you can order a van that will be dedicated to your delivery only. Perfect for relocations or events.

Individual offer: Our logistics experts can help you ship any item so contact us when you have questions about the things you want to ship.

There are many things that have an effect on the final price. To give you an idea of things that could play a role, take a look below at the most common indicators for the price.

  • Dimensions: The basic dimensions include length, width, height, and weight. Be aware that the packaging material should be included when measuring the dimensions.
  • Distance: How long is the trip? Will there be border crossing or customs clearance? This can influence the price.
  • Kind of items: Certain items need more care than others. Some examples are fragile, flammable or possibly dangerous items.
  • Additional requirements: When you expect more from the courier company that only a standard delivery, extra costs may apply.
  • Delivery time: Speed delivery costs more than when you have the time wait a bit.

TNT FAQ section

  • Where can I find a TNT promo code or TNT discount codes?
    • Look for a TNT promo code or TNT discount codes on discount coupon websites, companies that are sponsored by TNT and their social media channels.
  • How I reach the TNT helpdesk or TNT customer service?
    • You can get to your local TNT helpdesk or TNT customer service by going to the website and selecting your region. You will then come on the main page for your region and you then see the section with customer service details.
  • Can I ship everything with TNT? Or are there TNT forbidden items or TNT restricted goods?
    • Just like every other shipping company, there are lists with TNT forbidden items or TNT restricted goods. On the Eurosender website, you also find out more about what is considered forbidden and restricted in the shipping world.
  • Is there a TNT maximum parcel weight?
    • The TNT maximum parcel weight depends on the services you choose.

Our courier services providers

Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as TNT storage facilities, TNT shipping insurance, TNT maximum parcel weight, the price to ship a pallet with TNT, always check the official website of TNT Express.