TNT International Pallet Delivery Service

TNT Pallet shipping service in Europe and abroad

Aside from their well-known package shipping solutions, TNT also offers pallet collection and delivery services for transporting large and heavy goods. Discover how to ship a pallet with TNT, and use the pricing tool below to see how much your delivery would cost with Eurosender instead.

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Shipping pallets with TNT – how does it work?

Since TNT became a part of FedEx in 2016, they have been progressively merging their shipping services via one single network. In some countries, it may happen that you are only allowed to book a shipment using FedEx, but in others, it may be that TNT’s original services are still available.

Therefore, depending on the country of origin and destination, you may get different services for shipping a pallet with TNT. For this guide, we will focus on pallet collection and delivery services using the TNT logistics network.

Service options for shipping a pallet internationally with TNT

TNT offers two main pallet delivery services, which are available worldwide:

Economy Express
up to 7,000 kg

up to 500 kg

For shipments with unique characteristics or urgent deadlines, TNT also offers custom solutions through their Special Services division. For this option, the logistics company does not impose any weight limitation.


Delivery time when shipping pallets with TNT

As a specialist in express shipments, one of TNT’s main features is their timed delivery services that guarantee the delivery will be concluded within a certain timeframe. Depending on which service you choose for your TNT pallet collection and delivery, you may have different options.

  • Economy Express: Delivery before 9 am, 10 am, 12 pm or 6 pm.
  • Express: Delivery before 12 pm or by the end of the day.

Does TNT offer tracking for pallet delivery services?

Yes, both the TNT Express and Economy Express pallet shipping services already include online tracking. Once your shipment is collected, you will be able to follow the progress of your TNT pallet delivery using their online system.


Pallet collection with TNT

For all services mentioned, TNT offers door-to-door pallet collection and deliveries. This means that the clients do not need to worry about picking up their shipment at a depot or warehouse. The pallets will be delivered to the agreed address.

However, the collection of pallets by a TNT truck in residential addresses may be charged additionally since this is often considered an additional service by this specific provider. When placing your order, stay attentive and make sure you clarify whether the pick-up address is a residential location or not to avoid issues when the TNT driver comes to collect the pallet.


Standard pallet sizes for shipping with TNT

TNT allows its customers to ship pallets of different sizes. Most European shippers tend to use the EUR standard pallets, which have 120 x 80 cm bases, but that is not a rule. However, if the size of your pallet surpasses the TNT shipping and handling network limits, your shipment will be tagged as awkward freight, which may come with additional charges. Non-stackable pallets are also subject to additional fees.

Below you will find the maximum pallet sizes and weights determined by TNT. If you need to ship pallets with different sizes and weights, make sure to contact us through the chatbox, and we will find a solution for you.

ServiceDimensionsWeight per palletWeight per shipment
Express2.4 x 1.2 x 1.5 m500 kg/piece500 kg/shipment
Economy Express2.4 x 1.2 x 1.8 m1,000 kg/piece7,000 kg/shipment


How to pack a pallet for shipping with TNT?

1. Choose the right pallet

2. Stack the boxes in columns

3. Secure the shipment

4. Add the shipping label

More about how to load a pallet


Features of TNT pallet delivery service

To help give you a general view, here is a table of the main features of TNT international pallet shipping services in comparison to what we offer at Eurosender.

Door-to-door deliveries
Various road freight service options
Instant quotes for shipping palletsOnly via FedEx website
Warehousing services


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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. For more information about TNT pallet delivery services, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.