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Cheap shipping to Estonia is as simple as it has never been. We offer you an easy-to-use platform and an exclusive algorithm that will compare multiple offers to get the cheapest way to send a parcel to Estonia, hassle-free. Simply introduce the pick-up and delivery locations in the tool below, fill out all the details and get the lowest price available for your route.

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Cheap parcel delivery services to Estonia

We offer multiple shipping solutions for sending small and large parcels to Estonia. Pick below the option that suits you best to read more about it:
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Top-quality cheap shipping to Estonia solutions

We have teamed up with some of the best logistics companies to ensure every shipment’s safety. Our website handles a large volume of shipments every day, which allows us to offer already negotiated prices, giving our customers the cheapest way to send parcels to Estonia with a top-quality service.

Here are a few of the couriers we work with:


How much time does it take to send a cheap parcel to Estonia?

There are different cheap shipping services to Estonia available for routes within Europe. Each service will have a specific estimated delivery time, as they are based on the assigned transport mode. We have gathered the transit times for some of our most popular cheap parcel deliveries to Estonia routes:

ServiceDelivery time
Standard (domestic)1 – 2 business days
Standard (international)3 – 5 business days
Priority1 – 3 business days
ExpressUp to 24h

What can you send in cheap parcels to Estonia?

There is an enormous list of items that you can include in your package when arranging a cheap shipping service to Estonia. Here are a few examples of situations in which our customers have booked a delivery with us:

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Cheap ways of sending a small parcel to Estonia

Since we know everyone is trying to find cheaper ways of sending small parcels to Estonia, we will give you a few tips on how to make sure you get the lowest prices possible.

  • Prepare compact packaging: The shipping prices are generally dependent on the size of the package, so make sure your parcel is as compact as possible.
  • Disassemble your items to make them smaller: If your item can be taken apart safely, please do it so you can have a smaller and better-protected package.
  • Choose a non-urgent delivery: Expedited shipping always comes with a price. A slower delivery service will be the cheapest way to send your parcel to Estonia.
  • Select an all-in-one provider: Purchasing additional services such as insurance and tracking will quickly make your delivery costs go up. Choose a platform like Eurosender that offers all of these features for free.


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Questions about cheap parcel delivery services to Estonia

What is the cheapest way of sending a 5 kg package to Estonia?
Our Standard Shipping service is the cheapest solution for shipping within the European Union. This is our main standard service and a customer favourite for sending small parcels to Estonia cheaply. Standard parcels will be delivered by road and arrive within 3-5- business days, depending on your location.
Is it possible to book a cheap delivery to Estonia for sending multiple parcels?
Yes, you can use our cheap option for shipping within Estonia to ship multiple parcels at the same time. You can add your parcels to the same order during the booking process. Please note that when shipping multiple parcels, each one will have a different tracking number.
How can I ship a large parcel to Estonia cheaply?
Our platform will show you the lowest price available to send your parcel to Estonia in a cheap way based on its size. You can check the available options and get the cheapest parcel delivery prices to Estonia for your large items by adding the details in the booking engine.
Do I need to worry about customs for my parcel delivery to Estonia?
You don’t have to worry about customs when sending a parcel to Estonia from another EU or EEA country. Parcels will not go through customs because these countries are part of a free trade zone, and they will be directly delivered to your address. However, remember that your parcel will go through customs when shipping to the UK or other countries outside of the EU.