Multi-Parcel Shipping and Delivery Services

The best and easiest way to ship multiple packages at once

At Eurosender, we offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for sending multiple parcels to the same or different addresses, both for companies and also for individual shippers. Our automated platform allows you to organise domestic or international multi-parcel shipping in just a few clicks. Take advantage of our global carrier network and find out how to prepare your multiple parcel delivery.

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Why book multiple parcel delivery with Eurosender?

Instant quotes for sending multiple parcels together

Fully-customised solutions for special requirements

Dedicated van service for your multi-parcel deliveries


Courier services for multiple parcel delivery

Eurosender offers you several options to choose from when arranging multi-parcel shipments:
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How to send multiple parcels to the same address

If you use the Eurosender platform to order multiple parcel delivery, you can book one order if you are shipping the parcels to the same delivery address or multiple orders if shipping to different addresses.

Each of the items in your multiple parcel delivery will have a separate shipping label and a unique tracking number for each package.

Check the guide below on how to send multiple parcels to the same address:

  1. Go to the booking tool and select the pick-up and delivery countries.
  2. If the parcels have the same weight and dimensions, provide the values for one parcel, then add the number of parcels in the “Quantity” field or click on the “Copy” icon to add an identical parcel.
  3. If the parcels have different weights and dimensions, provide the values for each parcel individually. Click on “Add another item” to add each parcel.
  4. Select a shipping service and pick-up date.
  5. Insert the pick-up and delivery addresses. Proceed to payment.
  6. If required, print the shipping labels and attach to each parcel.


How to send multiple parcels to different addresses

In such cases, you need to place different orders. When shipping multiple packages to different addresses, the number of orders must correspond to the number of destination points. So if you have 5 different parcels to send to 5 different countries, the best option would be to place 5 different orders.

Check the guide below on how to send multiple parcels to different addresses:

  1. Go to the booking tool and select the pick-up and delivery countries.
  2. Provide the weight and dimensions of the parcel(s).
  3. Select a shipping service and pick-up date.
  4. Insert the pick-up and delivery addresses. Proceed to payment.
  5. Repeat these steps for each order.
  6. If required, print the shipping labels. Make sure you attach the correct label to each parcel, to prevent items being delivered to the wrong address.


Multiple parcel delivery for businesses

To facilitate multi-parcel shipping for companies and e-commerce businesses that frequently need to send multiple parcels to different addresses, we offer advanced solutions for registered customers: bulk shipping and API integration. After creating your account, you get access to tools that streamline the scheduling of multi-parcel shipments and allow you to:

  • Save your preferred shipping data;
  • Import multiple orders into the system at once;
  • Get you the best shipping quotes in seconds.

Multi-parcel delivery for e-commerce

Eurosender can help your online business optimise shipping costs at local and international levels. Check our handy guides for shipping as an e-commerce business and get the best courier services at the lowest rates every time.


The best solutions for shipping multiple packages at once

Aside from our package services, we also offer various freight solutions for shipping multiple packages together. You may even get cheaper rates for selecting a freight service instead of a package service but this depends on the number of parcels as well as the route.
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Ship multiple packages with our Van Delivery service

The best alternative when organising an international multiple parcel delivery is booking the Van Service. Get the whole van reserved solely for your shipment across Europe. This service is the most convenient and fast for sending many packages at the same time, as the van will go directly from one address to the other with no stop-overs and no packing restrictions.
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FAQ on sending multiple parcels by courier

What is the cheapest way to ship multiple packages?
The cheapest solution to send multiple parcels is through our Standard Service, which can be booked instantly on our platform. Simply select your origin and destination countries and choose the quantity of packages you wish to send. You will immediately see your multiple parcel delivery rate.
Can I tape multiple boxes or packages together for shipping?
This is not recommended by shipping companies. If you ship several packages as one single package, only one shipping label and tracking number will be issued. If one of the boxes becomes detached during transit, it will have no identification and will be difficult to locate. In addition, boxes that are tied together have a higher risk of damage as they are more fragile during handling. At Eurosender, we always recommend that you place smaller boxes in a single larger box when organising national or international multi-parcel shipments.
Can I send multiple parcels with UPS?
Yes you can, but if you ship with UPS, you have to register on their platform to send multiple packages at once. However, with Eurosender there is no limit on the number of items guest users can send in a multiple parcel delivery service. We do work with UPS on selected routes, as well as various other courier services, so you will always get the best rates by booking with Eurosender. You do not need to have a user account to ship multiple packages with us, however we still that recommend you create an account to benefit from our exclusive shipping rates.
Can I ship multiple packages with one label?
This will depend on the service you choose. If you select Standard or Priority Express Services, each of your parcels will be assigned a unique label and tracking number. However, if you choose Pallet Delivery to ship multiple packages, one shipping label will be issued per pallet.
Can I ship multiple packages with different weights?
Yes, courier rates for multi-parcel shipments will be calculated according to the dimensions entered for each package. Once you have inserted the dimensions and weight of each package, the booking tool will automatically display the service options available to you.