Is it possible to send a multi-parcel shipment?

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Many individual customers and businesses search for the cheapest way to ship multiple parcels for various reasons. For instance, fragile items or liquids should be properly protected and shipped separately. Otherwise, they could be damaged or totally destroyed during transportation.

Eurosender can offer a cost-effective option for shipping several parcels to the same address or different addresses. We also encourage you to check the dimensions of each package first in order to determine which type of service will be the most applicable.

Standard services:

  • The weight of the standard package must not exceed 40kg
  • The length of the standard package must be less than 175 cm
  • Overall, the sum of length (in cm), doubled width (in cm), and double height (in cm) must not exceed 300 cm.

In case each of your packages fits the criteria mentioned above, you can easily use standard shipping services. With Eurosender, you can send up to 50 packages in one order, but if you need to ship more than 6 packages, we encourage you to request an individual offer.

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Freight shipping

In some cases, shipping multiple parcels in one order is possible by sending a pallet instead. Depending on the weight, size, and number of packages, you may pay less for shipping a pallet. However, it makes sense only when shipping multiple parcels in one order to the same address.

There are many benefits in sending a pallet instead of sending a multi-parcel shipment because each item is less likely to get damaged. If you decide to choose this option, you will need to purchase and prepare the pallet to send a multi-parcel shipment. Afterwards, identify the exact weight and dimensions of the shipment, including length, width, and height in cm, and fill out the form.

If there are any uncertainties left or you have doubts related to your shipment, do not hesitate to contact our logistics specialists and customer support representatives who will gladly provide recommendations or suggestions for you.

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Things to consider before you send a multi-parcel shipment

We have already found out that several packages could be combined and sent together. The type of shipping service depends on various parameters of each item. However, the delivery country or final destination of each package is also a very important factor. You can discover the cheapest way to ship multiple parcels with Eurosender.

Shipping multiple parcels in one order to the same address

You can place one order for that reason and indicate the number of packages or choose a pallet as a cost-effective option for shipping several parcels. When shipping multiple parcels in one order, each of them will have a separate label and tracking number. Even though all of them would be operated by the same courier service provider, they could be transported in different vans. Thus, putting a label on each package will make it easier to find one in case it is lost.

Shipping multiple parcels to different addresses

When you decide to ship multiple packages to different addresses, you need to place different orders in such a case. The number of orders must correspond to the number of destination addresses. That way, you can send a multi-parcel shipment by splitting it into smaller shipments with the same pick-up address and date but with different points of destination. You also need to carefully appoint each label to the appropriate package.

For example, you have 5 different parcels to send to 5 different countries. The cheapest way to ship multiple parcels in this case is to place 5 different orders, indicating the parameters of each shipment and personal details together with the pick-up and delivery addresses. After your orders are confirmed, you will receive emails with a unique tracking numbers for each package. You can use a tracking number to track a parcel by using this tracking tool below.

Common questions about shipping multiple packages

How many shipping labels and tracking numbers will you receive?

You will get a separate label and tracking number for each piece of shipment whether you place one or several orders. When shipping multiple parcels in one order, they could be transported in different vans.

Is it possible to bind parcels?

If you are searching for a cost-effective option for shipping several parcels, binding packages is not the best idea. In general, logistics providers do not recommend doing so because you will get the only one tracking number and one label for all those concatenated items. If one of them is lost, it would be very difficult to track or find it later. Furthermore, tied parcels usually appear under the risk of damage.

Is it possible to send packages of different weight?

Depending on the parameters and dimensions of each package, you can choose standard, individual, or freight shipping option. The first variant implies that the package is not longer than 175 cm and not heavier than 40 kg. When choosing a pallet shipping option, keep in mind that its weight should not exceed 2500 kg. Non-standard shipping is usually associated with sports equipment, musical instruments, or heavy items, which falls under the individual order option.

Individual offer

How the multiple parcels are collected?

Depending on various circumstances and parameters of each shipment, different couriers may collect different packages. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you can provide a parcel or pallet to the courier during the working hours on business days. In case you choose to send a multi-parcel shipment as a pallet, please consider that you will need to purchase and prepare it for transportation and also guarantee that the driver of the logistics company will have easy access to the pickup point.

Is there any insurance for multiple parcels?

When you place a standard order for a multiple package shipment, each parcel is automatically insured for up to €200. For standard shipping services, you can buy additional insurance for up to €1,000, €2,000 or €5,000 per package. Check more details about insurance packages here.

Insurance for several parcels

If you are shipping multiple parcels in one order, you must buy additional insurance for each package. You can not buy additional insurance only for certain parcels in the order. If you would like to ensure only certain parcels, we advise you to place separate orders then.

Any multi-package shipment completed by an individual offer is automatically insured in accordance with the CMR convention. Additional insurance for up to €5,000 is available at affordable extra price per package.

If you still have any doubts or questions, please contact our team of experts in logistics and customer service. They will gladly answer all your questions and offer a cost-effective option for shipping several parcels.

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Eurosender offers the cheapest way to ship multiple parcels as we partner with a number of reliable courier service providers.