The Best Way to Send Multiple Parcels

Is it possible to send multiple parcels at once?

Are you an individual or a reseller looking for an affordable way to send multiple parcels to your family, friends or clients? Find a cost-effective option for shipping several packages to different addresses in a few clicks with Eurosender! You can also choose multiple parcel delivery to the same place. Explore the benefits of our low-cost logistics services platform!

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What services can you use for multiple parcel delivery?

At Eurosender, we know exactly what kind of transportation methods fit your needs.
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How to prepare multiple packages for shipping?

  1. Depending on the items you ship, prepare the necessary number of cardboard boxes.
  2. Protect each item separately with bubble wrap if needed.
  3. Put your shipment in the box.
  4. Fill all empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  1. Close and seal every box.
  2. Prepare a pallet. Stack the boxes one onto another.
  3. Wrap them in plastic foil and secure the packaging with adhesive tape.


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FAQs about sending multiple parcels

How to ship multiple packages to the same address?

If you use Eurosender’s platform to order multiple parcel delivery, you can either place one order and indicate the number of packages or choose pallet shipping as a cost-effective alternative. If you use standard shipping mode, each of your packages will have a separate label and tracking number.

How to ship multiple packages to different addresses with Eurosender?

In such cases, you need to place different orders. When shipping multiple packages to different addresses, the number of orders must correspond to the number of destination points.
If you have 5 different parcels to send to 5 different countries, the cheapest option would be to place 5 different orders. After your orders are confirmed, you will receive emails with a unique tracking number for each package.

How many shipping labels and tracking numbers will you receive?

You will get a separate label and tracking number for each package included in your standard shipment, whether you place one or several orders. If you book a pallet shipment, you will receive only one label and one tracking number for the order. Multi-parcel standard shipments booked in one order can sometimes be transported in different vans.

Is it possible to bind parcels?

If you are searching for a safe multiple parcel delivery solution, binding packages is not the best idea. Logistics providers do not recommend doing so, because you will get only one tracking number and one label for all those concatenated items. If one of them is lost, it would be hard to track or find it later. Furthermore, tied parcels usually appear under the risk of damage. At Eurosender, we suggest putting the smaller boxes in one bigger box instead.

Is it possible to send packages of different weight with Eurosender?

Yes. The appropriate transportation mode will depend on the parameters of your packages.

If I choose multiple parcel delivery with Eurosender, how will my packages be collected?

If you send multiple parcels via our platform, in some cases, different parts of your shipment may be assigned to different carriers, depending on the selected courier service. If you send them as freight, you will need to prepare a pallet on your own. Your orders will be collected during the working hours on business days.

Is there any insurance coverage for multiple parcel delivery?

When shipping multiple packages through Eurosender platform, you will have access to various insurance options. Risk сoverage depends on the type of transportation service selected for your shipment, as well as on the items you send. Keep in mind that insurance will not apply to fragile and valuable items. Proper packaging is of the utmost importance in any case. Make sure to keep the original invoices as the proof of your items’ value.