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The cheapest way to ship shoes domestically and abroad

Do you want to mail shoes to your customers across the country or internationally? Or would you like to send a pair of shoes by the courier as a gift to someone? Whatever your case, there is no need to compare the prices of parcel shipment services online – Eurosender will provide you with the cheapest and the best way to ship shoes. Follow our guide on how to pack shoes for shipping and book the service in just a few clicks!

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Mail shoes internationally with Eurosender

Using our platform as a company, you can ship boots, trainers, high heels, and all other types of shoes, both inland and overseas, in a fast and safe way. You will also benefit from the unique advantages we offer:

  • save on each shipment by paying with user credits,
  • easily access and manage all the data on your shipments,
  • optimize your accounting: receive consolidated invoices.


Sending shoes by mail or by courier

Choose the most convenient service for you to ship boots, sneakers, high heels, or any other types of footwear domestically or overseas

Express Delivery

Ultra-fast delivery within 24-72h worldwide
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Standard Shipping

The most cost-effective service for shipping small parcels
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Pallet Shipment

A cost-saving solution for shipping your goods in bulk
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Individual Offer

Send shoes by courier in a tailor-made way
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How to pack boots, sneakers, and other types of shoes for shipping?

Whether you are posting new or used shoes abroad or across the country, follow our tips below on how to pack and protect them during transport:

  1. If necessary, clean the shoes and dry them well.
  2. Put paper balls inside each shoe to keep its shape during shipping.
  3. Bubble wrap each shoe separately and, if possible, put them in their original box.
  4. Put the shoes in a shipping cardboard box of the appropriate size. If applicable, always use the original box as an inner container for your shoes and the shipping box as an outer one.
  5. Fill the shipping box with cushioning materials (packing peanuts or crumpled paper) to prevent the shoes inside from moving during transport.
  6. Seal the box with duct tape and label it, if necessary.

How much does it cost to ship shoes by parcel service?

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FAQs on how to ship boots, sneakers and other types of shoes

How to mail shoes internationally?

Posting shoes abroad is quite easy; you can do it through an ordinary postal service or by courier. All you need to do is pack your shoes properly, using all the necessary packing materials (see our packing guide above) and order the right shipping service. It is worth noting that Eurosender also cooperates with some postal services. As an alternative, you can send your shoes by courier via our standard shipping service. In any case, when sending with Eurosender there is no need for you to go to the post office yourself, as our shipping services are door-to-door.

How to ship shoes internationally without the original box?

If you want to send shoes by post or courier, but you no longer have the original box to put them in, please see our packing guide above to find out how it is recommended to protect and pack the shoes before shipping them both domestically or abroad.

Is it possible to post shoes without any box at all?

The answer is both yes and no. Some postal and courier services allow sending some small and light shoes in bubble mailers instead of boxes, while others would require using a shipping box to dispatch any kind of footwear. As for Eurosender, we cooperate with various transport companies that have different packaging requirements in place. Yet, in general, to ensure that your shipment is protected to the maximum, we would strongly recommend using a cardboard box for posting your shoes abroad, as otherwise, the courier driver may reject to pick up the parcel.

How much does it cost to ship shoes by parcel service via Eurosender?

The cost of shipping a pair of shoes via Eurosender varies depending on the characteristics of your package, the shipping distance, and the type of transport solution chosen. To find out how much does it cost to ship shoes by parcel service with us, just enter the shipment details in our booking tool.

In case shipping shoes abroad with Eurosender, will my parcel be insured for damage or loss?

You will be covered! The amount of insurance with Eurosender depends on the shipping option you choose and on the type of items you are sending. We also offer additional insurance options with higher coverage at very low rates. Please keep an original invoice for the item you are sending, as it can serve as proof of its value if applicable.

What is the cheapest way to ship boxes with used shoes and clothes to charity organisations with Eurosender?

If you want to ship a rather small amount of boxes, then the cheapest way to ship your packages with used shoes and clothes is our standard service. However, if your shipment comprises multiple boxes and is rather heavy, then the best option for you will be to request an individual offer with us. In this way, our experts will arrange a tailor-made shipping solution for you.

How to pack shoes in a suitcase?

There are various tips on how to pack shoes in a suitcase depending on what type of shoes you are packing, whether these are sneakers, high heels, or bulky boots. Yet, a general recommendation is this: to save extra space in your suitcase when packing your shoes in it, consider wrapping each shoe separately in a plastic bag and place them with their flat surface against the wall of the suitcase, whether in one or different parts of the latter.

If in the process of packing your shoes in suitcase you realise that there is not enough space for them inside your baggage, we recommend you to refer to our transport solutions to ship your shoes in a fast and safe manner to any destination of your choice, be it domestically or abroad.

Can I send a package in a shoebox?

Yes, you can normally do it, including via Eurosender, but under certain conditions. It is very important that your shoebox is in good condition and is made of rigid cardboard. Also, you have to properly seal your box with adhesive tape before sending it as a package. Please note, however, that each transport company may have different demands as to what packaging you use for your shipments, which is why we recommend that you use standard shipping boxes for dispatching your packages.