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Bedding delivery: the best way to send bed sheets, pillows, and blankets

Are you looking for the best way to ship bed sheets, towels or blankets abroad when moving? Or an online store looking on how to ship bedspreads, linens and other bedding to buyers internationally at the lowest cost? With Eurosender you get the best logistics solutions for sending bedding, linens and more at the best price and expert tips on how to pack comforters, duvets, and bedding for moving.

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Etsy sellers and both small and bigger businesses benefit from cooperating with Eurosender when shipping bedding, blankets, pillowcases and bed sheets to their customers. Join thousands of businesses that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. Manage all your orders from you own free personalised dashboard and expand your business globally.


Bedding and linens international shipping solutions

Eurosender offers a wide range of delivery options for shipping bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, duvets, and even blankets domestically or abroad.

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective way to ship items by courier
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Pallet shipping

The best solution for businesses shipping in bulk to resellers
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Express shipping

Fast international deliveries.
24-72h worldwide
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Van service

The most convenient option to move goods in a van only for you
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How to pack bedding and towels for moving

Follow our tips on how to pack bedding, linens and towels for moving by courier.

  • Fold or roll your towels, linens, and bedding.
  • Place the items in plastic bags or keep them in their original packaging, if you are sending new bedding sets. Fix the wrappings with a tape.
  • Line the box with packing paper.
  • Nest your bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels into a cardboard box.
  • Seal the box with a tape.

How to pack pillows, blankets, quilts and comforters for moving

Packing duvets, blankets or pillows is easy but don’t forget to take a shipping box of the right size for each type of shipment.

  • Place the pillow, blanket or duvet you are going to ship inside a clean plastic bag or bubble wrap them. This will protect your items from dust and moisture.
  • Use packing tape to secure the bundle.
  • Nest the quilt or comforter inside the shipping box.
  • Press down hard on your comforter or blanket to compress it and make room for other bedding items.
  • Close and seal the box.


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FAQs about shipping bedding and towels internationally

What is the cheapest way to ship bed linen within Europe?

When you want to save on delivery, you can ship bed linen and sheets with the standard service. Pack your goods in accordance with the packing guide we provide and wait for a courier to pickup your package.

How can I vacuum pack a pillow and blanket for shipping?
Many people decide to vacuum pack pillows, blankets or comforters for shipping as it reduces volume and saves space in the shipping box. Place the items into plastic bags and use your vacuum cleaner nozzle to suck the air out of the bag. However, keep in mind that vacuum packing pillows and blankets will result in deep creases and wrinkles which be difficult to remove.
How to pack bedding in a suitcase for moving?
To pack bedding for moving inside a suitcase, fold the bed linen and place it inside a plastic bag to protect your bedding from damages during the way. However, when moving withing Europe, you can take advantage of our Van Service, the fastest and safest way to transport your belongings such as bedding, furniture and house appliances to your new home.
Can I ship towels together with other belongings?
Yes, many people ship bed linen and towels together with other belongings and even use towels as cushioning. We recommend you make sure you’re not sending any liquids or items that can leak and damage other belongings or packages.
Is it better to fold or roll towels to have more storage in a box?
The most space-saving method of packing towels is rolling. Rolled towels take up significantly less space than flat folded towels. Hand towels can be folded in same manner as bath towels.