Eurosender guide to ship bed linen overseas

Imagine being on holiday in a far exotic country, and while you are walking through the center, you see the bed linen you have always wanted. But your luggage is already so full or you still have to travel for some time. With Eurosender you can find the cheapest courier and you can easily ship bed linen overseas, or just back home.

You might be a student and need to bring your sheets, towels and other linen to your student home. Or you may be moving to another city or abroad for business or other reasons. Whatever the case, Eurosender can transfer your belongings safely to your new address. We have prepared you a complete guide with step-by-step explanations on how to ship a duvet by courier.

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How to ship a duvet by courier?

By choosing Eurosender as your shipping specialist, you will be able to avoid all the pitfalls as you will benefit from our professional guidance and access to services offered by the best logistics companies on the international market.

To get you started, here are some of the basic tips you will need when using courier services to ship a duvet by courier:

  1. Measure the box or find out its dimensions and use the Shipment size Checker on our page to determine the most suitable option. If you are not 100% sure yet, please request an individual offer. This way, you will specify the exact nature of your shipment to one of our logistics specialists, who will be able to advise you on the most suitable shipping option to ship bed linen overseas.
  2. Always check if the service you have booked requires the customer to print the shipping label on their own. In case you use standard shipping services with a pickup country of Poland, Sweden, Romania, or Spain, you will need a printed shipping label. However, this is not necessary if you send a package from other countries or use freight shipping services to ship a duvet abroad.
  3. When you have to ship bed linen overseas, make sure you plan ahead and book the service early enough. Especially when you are planning to leave the pick-up address soon, place the order for shipping and calculate at least 2 business days extra to avoid any issues.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping with Eurosender brings many advantages. One of them is our basic insurance with coverage up to 200€ automatically included for standard shipments. If your parcel is more valuable or doesn’t apply for standard delivery, you have the chance to add an additional insurance with higher coverage during the ordering process.

We strongly suggest you keep the invoice of the shipped goods as they will be the proof of value in case you wish to start a claim.

Recommended materials to deliver bed linen internationally

A soon as you have arranged a courier to deliver your bed linen internationally, you will have to start preparing your shipment. Look for the following items:

  • Cardboard boxes. It can be used as long as it is in good condition and does not have any old labels on it. The carton should be spacious enough to fit your items, but not much larger.
  • Old newspapers. For filling the box.
  • Plastic bags. For the protection of your bed linen from moisture. Vacuum storage bags are also be used to minimize the volume of sheets, duvets and other linen in the box.
  • Adhesive tape and scissors. To seal the package.


How to prepare your package to deliver bed linen internationally

If a courier has to deliver bed linen internationally, it better be packed properly to safeguard the transit. We can’t control the environment or external factors, so better safe than sorry. Pack your bed linen as follows:

  1. Double check the cardboard box for tears or rips and neatly fold the bed linen or duvet so you can get the most out of the space in the box. If you’d wrap the linen or duvet in a ball, you would lose space in the rectangular box.
  2. Add a layer of protection on the bottom of the box. Crumpled newspapers will do.
  3. Arrange the folded linen (duvets, sheets, etc.) into a plastic bag or, better still, in a vacuum bag. Make sure no air is trapped in the bag.
  4. Place the bag inside the box and place one more layer of paper on top.
  5. Close the box with the adhesive tape. Use sufficient tape, also for the corners and edges.
  6. Add a label if needed and you are ready to ship bed linen overseas!


Why ship bed linen overseas by courier?

Who is Eurosender?

Eurosender is a leading booking platform for transport services. We offer some of the cheapest options for package and pallet shipments across Europe. Our services are very popular worldwide, not only because of our competitive prices but also because of our reliability. In addition to shipping and shipping services, we also offer packaging advice and other information that is helpful to our customers.

Some cases in which we saw people ship a duvet by courier:

  1. Moving to a new address. When moving to a new address (in a new country?), you might want to ship a duvet by courier or other linen to make it yourself easier. Why carry it if you can have it shipped?
  2. Selling an old bed linen (online). Customers who want to earn some extra by selling their old duvets online use our services to ensure a cheap but reliable transport of the goods.
  3. Returning bed linen. In case you’ve chosen the wrong dimensions and travelling back to the store is impossible or expensive.
  4. Giving away old duvets or bed linen. If you want to help people in need by giving away duvets or blankets, do not hesitate to contact us. We support humanitarian causes and will do our best to provide you with the cheapest way to ship a duvet abroad.

If there is something we forgot to mention, or you still have a question on how to ship bed linen overseas, do not hesitate to let us know this. Contact our agents for help and we will be happy to update this page with new relevant info.

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