All about moving a crystal chandelier abroad

A crystal chandelier can be a great decoration to any home adding some elegant and posh elements to the interior. Being made of fragile materials, crystal and Murano glass chandeliers could be difficult to move from one location to another. Therefore, crystal or Murano glass chandelier transportation requires extra care and frugality. As we recognize such nuances while shipping a crystal chandelier overseas, we will provide detailed guidelines on how to pack a chandelier for transportation. Furthermore, the cost to ship a crystal chandelier overseas would be more than appealing for you.

The cost to ship a crystal chandelier overseas and regionally

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Have you ever thought of moving a crystal chandelier abroad? If you are reading this article, then you are definitely interested to discover safe and cheap ways to transport a chandelier. One of those options concerns shipping a crystal chandelier overseas with reliable logistics companies that ensure high-quality and cost-effective services. We will list some useful pieces of advice that will help you to book shipping services for crystal or Murano glass chandelier transportation.

  • Pack a chandelier for transportation. Follow the guidelines in the corresponding section of this article to properly prepare your chandelier for transit.
  • Select the type of shipping services. Our online tool named Shipment Size Checker will help you to determine what kind of service would correspond to crystal or Murano glass chandelier transportation. While standard courier services are suitable for small parcels and packages, pallet delivery could be a better option for shipping large and heavy chandeliers. You will be able either to instantly check the cost to ship a crystal chandelier overseas in our booking engine or our sales team agents will tell you the shipping rates for a chosen route.
  • Learn about insurance coverage. Eurosender provides basic insurance coverage for each shipment. However, we have to note that crystal and Murano glass chandeliers are considered as fragile items, which means that their transportation is under the sole responsibility of consumers. Therefore, you will not be able to claim for any compensation based on the insurance coverage in case any damages occurred in transit. However, insurance would be applicable in case a chandelier is not made of delicate or fragile materials.
  • Set up an account. If you are a business producing original chandeliers and home decor, you can create an account on our website to get more benefits and exclusive offers. Setting up an account is free of charge and does not require any contracts.

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  • Shipping options for marketplaces. If you are an individual creating handmade chandeliers and selling them online, check out our detailed guide on shipping items sold on Etsy or other marketplaces.
  • Contact our team. If you have questions related to shipping a crystal chandelier overseas or regionally, feel free to our friendly team.

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Materials needed to pack a chandelier for transportation

It is crucial to take the right packaging materials to wrap a chandelier for transportation. Take the ones from the list below to prepare your items for shipping internationally or domestically. You can take either used packaging materials or buy some new ones in the hardware or stationery store.

  • Cardboard boxes – you will need several cardboard boxes to store a chandelier itself, lamps, and detached elements.
  • Bubble wrap – it is necessary for covering fragile items and parts of the chandelier.
  • Packing paper – you can take crumpled newspapers or brown packing paper to cover small delicate parts of the chandelier.
  • Ziploc or plastic bags – they would be essential for storing detachable details and parts.
  • Cushioning materials – you can use foam padding or bubble wrap to protect the bottom and walls of the box.
  • Furniture blankets – you will need to protect a chandelier entirely but wrapping it up in a furniture blanket.
  • Packing tape – to secure packaging materials and covering the box.

Pack a chandelier for transportation

Before moving a crystal chandelier abroad, you have to take several simple steps to ensure its safety during transportation.

  1. Disassemble a chandelier. Take detachable parts away from the chandelier frame.
  2. Pack detachable parts. Keep the cables and wires together by arranging them in bundles and securing with rubber bands. Remove the light bulbs and wrap each of them in bubble wrap. Put all light bulbs in a separate box and add some cushioning materials inside it to prevent the items from moving during transit.
  3. Pack a chandelier for transportation. To make sure that no scratches are there during Murano glass chandelier transportation, it is necessary to cover each separate glass item with packing tape or bubble wrap. The same goes for shipping a crystal chandelier overseas as each crystal part should be individually wrapped in packing paper to avoid any collisions.
  4. Prepare the box for a chandelier. Put some foam padding or a furniture blanket on the bottom of the box and place a chandelier inside it. Make sure that the items do not shift around the box and add extra cushioning materials to make a chandelier immovable inside the box.
  5. Close the boxes. Use adhesive tape to carefully seal the box and secure all seams.
  6. Label the box. You can also add the labels with the warnings such as “Fragile” or “This side up”, but this should never be an alternative to proper packaging. Furthermore, a courier provider is not obliged to consider such labelling.

If you want to know more about packaging and shipping lamps, you are welcome to check a detailed article on our website.

We recommend you to keep the original invoice about the purchase. In case insurance applies to your shipment and you need to start a claim procedure, an invoice can serve as the proof of the value of your chandelier.

Best shipping solutions for moving a crystal chandelier abroad

We constantly receive orders for shipping various types of chandeliers, including the crystal and Murano glass ones. While some of our customers decide to send a crystal chandelier when moving house, others are wondering how to pack a crystal chandelier properly for shipping it to a buyer. Therefore, we have rich experience in shipping such items safely. Here are some benefits and advantages of shipping a chandelier through Eurosender platform.

  • Door-to-door shipping services. We at Eurosender grant this service for customers because we recognize that saving time and effort is priceless. There is no need to go to a local depot to drop off your shipment. A courier will come to the mentioned address to collect your order.
  • Estimated delivery date. Whether you are shipping a crystal chandelier overseas, you can estimate the approximate delivery date with the highest accuracy by using our convenient online tool.
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  • Shipment tracking is available from the moment of your shipment collection until its delivery. Anyone who books shipping services via Eurosender platform will be able to use a parcel tracking tool online.
  • Holistic support and order customization. We have a professional team of logistics experts and customer support agents who are always ready to answer your questions, assist you at any stage of cooperation with Eurosender, and provide the best cost to ship a crystal chandelier overseas.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping a chandelier. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship a chandelier, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.