Shipping Desks for Office Removals

Sending office desks by courier

If you have just bought a new or used office desk, or need to ship a desk for office or home removals, Eurosender can arrange low-cost courier delivery of standing office desks and other furniture. For expert advice on how to pack and transport different desks, including shipping uplift desks, Varidesks and standing desks internationally, check our guide and book the best courier services right here.

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Courier delivery for standing office desks and more

Manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of office desks and supplies can make faster and smarter shipping decisions with their own personalised logistics dashboard. Register for free and enjoy exclusive rates for shipping, convenient payment options and a network of the best international logistics carriers to send office desks, standing desks, and more.


How to send office desks by courier with Eurosender

Whether you need to ship desks during office removals, moving house or you need to work out how to pack and transport an old desk for disposal, Eurosender has a solution to suit any sized shipment to any destination:

Priority Express service

Fastest way to send with delivery in 24-72h
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Standard shipping

The most-cost effective option to send packages
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Pallet shipping

Ideal for delivery of large or bulky goods
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Van delivery

A van reserved only for your load across Europe
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How to pack and transport uplift desks, Varidesks and other types of desks

Follow these simple guidelines for packing and wrapping desks for safe shipping to their new location:

Shipping small office desks by courier

  1. Disassemble the desk by removing each leg (if possible) and placing any screws in a small bag. Tape the bag of screws to the desk top;
  2. Alternatively, adjust the desk to its lowest position and secure;
  3. Protect any sharp edges with bubble-wrap and cardboard and secure with tape;
  4. Protect separate parts with a few layers of bubble-wrap, and the desk surface with a large piece of cardboard over the top;
  5. Place each part into a cardboard box, and fill any extra space with additional cushioning. Seal and label the box if required.

Sending office desks on pallets

  1. Protect any sharp edges with bubble wrap and cardboard protectors.
  2. Cover the desk top with a large sheet of bubble-wrap and a large piece of cardboard over the top.
  3. Wrap each leg with several layers of bubble-wrap.
  4. Place the desk onto a pallet, secure with straps and cables.
  5. Wrap the entire pallet with plastic wrap, securing the desk to the pallet.


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FAQs about shipping desks for office removals and more

What is the best way to ship desks and office furniture for removals in Europe?
The fastest and most direct solution for shipping desks and office furniture for office removals in Europe is to book a van delivery. This way, you can transport a whole office of furniture to its new location with no stop-overs for other shipments to slow you down. You can get an instant price for office relocations with a van delivery in Europe, on our booking tool.
How to safely pack and ship uplift desks, Varidesks and standing desks for office removals?
The best way to prepare these types of office desks is to send them on pallets. For instructions on pallet shipping, see our dedicated page.
When booking a courier delivery of standing desks and other office desks, is insurance included?
Yes, when booking a courier delivery of standing desks with Eurosender, every shipment has basic insurance included in the price. If you need additional insurance coverage, this is also available to purchase during the booking stage at low-prices.