How to Pack and Ship an Inflatable Boat

Send an inflatable boat internationally by courier

Planning an outdoor adventure, or are you a business looking for an affordable way to transport an inflatable boat, or ship an inflatable raft or kayak? Eurosender can help you to arrange the safe transport of any outdoor equipment with ease. Learn how to pack and ship an inflatable boat with our step-by-step guide.

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Eurosender have helped thousands of businesses increase efficiency and save on shipping costs with our convenient digital platform. Register your business to keep track of all of your inflatable sports boat and outdoor equipment shipments, including past, present and future expenses. Discover how your business can benefit from Eurosender business services for shipping inflatable boats and gain an advantage against your competition.


International shipping for an inflatable boat – with Eurosender

Eurosender have a range of services to suit any sized shipment of inflatable boats, ridged hull inflatables and other outdoor equipment:

Standard shipping

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Express shipping

Send an inflatable boat fast with delivery in 24-72 hours worldwide
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Van delivery

Direct transport to any destination within Europe, with no stop-overs
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How to pack and ship an inflatable fishing boat

Packing an inflatable boat for shipping by courier is easy – simply follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your inflatable boat: Making sure your boat is clean and completely dry, dismount all removable parts including seats, oars, floor and the engine (if applicable).
  2. Deflate the boat: Remove all air from the boat to ensure it takes up as little space as possible, then fold it according to the particular type of inflatable boat’s instruction booklet.
  3. Fold both end cones over the transom: Fold both sides of the inflatable boat, as well as the pontoons to align with the transom. Ensure the package will be no wider than the transom.
  4. Fold the cones in: Roll them once to protect them from unfolding.
  5. Fold in the extremes: Fold the front bow forward and roll it to the end.
  1. Foam wrap: Wrap the boat with a layer of foam wrap and place into its carry bag. Add an additional layer of foam wrap on the outside of the bag for extra protection.
  2. Wrap accessories: Extra accessories such as seats and paddles/oars should be protected separately with bubble wrap and if possible, placed in their original carry bags.
  3. Place the inflatable boat in a box: With the smaller accessories, place the boat into the box and separate each piece with cardboard to prevent damage. For extra protection, we also recommend to layer the inside walls with additional foam or reinforced cardboard.
  4. Add additional cushioning: To prevent any movement during transportation, fill any empty space with packing peanuts or bubble wrap.
  5. Seal and label the box: Seal the box with packing tape, reinforcing the corners for added durability. Place the label on a flat-surface so that it is clear.

How to pack an outboard boat engine for shipping by courier

Engines should be packed in a separate box when you wish to ship large inflatable boats abroad or domestically.
Here is the best way to pack an outboard boat engine for shipping by courier:

  1. Clean the engine and drain the tank: Making sure it is completely dry and the tank is empty when you will ship a boat engine internationally via courier.
  2. Wrap with cushioning: Depending on the size of the engine, you may need to use several layers of foam or bubble wrap. Make sure you wrap any protruding edges well.
  3. Place in original bag: If possible, place the inflatable boat engine in its original bag, or an appropriately sized plastic bag.
  1. Detachable pieces: If there are any separate pieces, wrap these separately with foam or bubble wrap and tape them to wrapped engine.
  2. Place the engine into a sturdy cardboard box or crate: Depending on the size of your outboard boat engine, you should choose a box or crate that will accommodate the weight.
  3. Add cushioning materials: To ensure nothing moves while in transit, pack the box or crate well, using additional foam cushioning, packing peanuts or paper to fill any gaps.

Ship an inflatable boat to the seaside by courier – with Eurosender!

Here are the main reasons why our customers have chosen to ship an inflatable boat by courier:

  • Holidays and fishing trips: Save yourself the hassle of carrying a heavy inflatable boat, kayak when you travel to your next holiday destination or favourite fishing spot. Send an inflatable boat internationally by courier, ahead to your destination.
  • Moving to another place: Trust Eurosender to handle your relocation with our relocations and removals services.
  • Buying or selling a used boat: Our door-to-door courier services are ideal for organising low-cost and reliable pick-up and delivery of a used inflatable raft, fishing or dinghy boat.
  • Importing inflatable boats: Businesses who import inflatable boats can benefit from low shipping costs to send an inflatable boat by courier to customers.


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Frequently asked questions for international shipment of an inflatable boat

Can I ship a self-inflating boat?
Self-inflating boats with gas canisters can be considered restricted and forbidden items by some courier companies. For this reason, we recommend to check our guidelines carefully. To avoid refusal, remove the canister before packing your boat.
How can I find out the cost to send an inflatable dinghy or boat and book the service?

You can find out the cost to send an inflatable dinghy and book the service in just a few clicks. Once you have packed your inflatable boat accordingly, simply enter the pick-up and delivery locations, number of packages and their dimensions in our booking engine. Our platform will provide you with the method which best suits your shipping need, and if standard or express shipment, provide you with the best offer available. If you are happy with the offer, simply enter your details and pay for the service. You will then receive confirmation by email, details about the collection and estimated delivery time and any additional instructions.

If you have a large inflatable boat shipment which requires a freight service, simply enter the pick-up and delivery locations, number of packages and their dimensions. You will then be informed that your shipment requires an individual offer. Simply enter your contact details, and our team of logistics experts will prepare a tailored offer specific to your needs in the shortest time possible.

Is insurance included when shipping an inflatable boat?

The insurance included depends on the method used to ship an inflatable boat by courier.

  • For standard shipping: Basic insurance of up to €200 is included in the price of shipping.
  • For freight shipping: All shipments are covered by CMR conventions, with insurance included in the price of shipping.

Additional insurance is also available to purchase during the booking process. If you are still unsure about which type of insurance is right for you when you need to ship an inflatable boat to the seaside by courier, or to any other destination, our team of experts are always on hand to provide advice and support whenever you need it.