Send an inflatable boat internationally by courier

The popularity of inflatable boats has grown immensely over the years. Not only because they are fun to use at the beach but also because they are becoming safer and more resistant and thus allow whole families or groups of friends to go on camping, fishing or exploring trips on remote areas. From small inflatable dinghies to rigid hull inflatables (F-RIBs), you have a lot of models to choose from. And now, you can send your inflatable boat internationally with Eurosender!

If you thought that you could only take your boat to the closest beach because you don’t have space on your car or the proper equipment to carry your inflatable boat in long distances, we have the solution for you! With Eurosender’s door-to-door deliveries, you can ship your inflatable boat abroad and go for that fishing trip you’ve always dreamt about or to that hidden lagoon nobody knows of to propose to your girlfriend.

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Ship an inflatable boat to the seaside by courier and minimize your costs

If you already have an inflatable boat, your biggest expense is Past. Booking an international shipment for an inflatable boat with Eurosender is not only easy, fast and safe but it will minimize the cost to send an inflatable dinghy, raft or fishing boat by courier as well.

Ship an inflatable boat abroad with just a few clicks

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack an inflatable boat for shipping by courier.

But before you book your shipment have in mind these guidelines:

  • Since an inflatable boat can be quite big, prior to booking the transport of your inflatable boat by courier, you should measure the dimensions and the weight of the final package. Take all the dimensions and the weight and insert them in our Size Checker. After you do this, you will know immediately what is the most proper shipping service for sending your inflatable boat by courier. If you are shipping more than one parcel (eg. Boat, paddles/oars, engine) make sure you check each volume separately.
  • If your packages are too big for our standard shipping service, don’t worry! You can just ask us for an Individual Request and we will create an offer tailored exactly to the packages you want to send.

Individual Offer

  • If your pick-up address is located in Spain, Poland, Sweden or Romania or if you chose the Same-Day-Courier Service (business users only), you will have to print and add the shipping label to the package by yourself.
  • If you are planning to leave the pick-up address, please make sure you book the pick-up at least 2 working days prior to your departure.

Check what is the proper service to ship your inflatable boat

You can book a shipment for your inflatable fishing boat on our engine as a guest or as a registered user. By creating an account on our platform, you will have many more advantages such as access to alternative payment options and additional discounts.

Why sending your inflatable dinghy boat or your inflatable fishing boat with Eurosender?

  1. We are partners with logistics companies specialized in many different areas and in many different routes. Therefore, we can always find the best and most proper solution for each type of shipment.
  2. Because we keep on negotiating our agreements, we can lower our prices and share them with our customers. By booking with Eurosender, you will have access to the lowest cost to send an inflatable boat by courier.
  3. Our booking engine allows you to create and check your orders with just a few clicks.

Shipping insurance

The basic insurance of up to €200 is included in the price of every standard shipment. However, for bigger parcels, this insurance does not apply and therefore we encourage you to choose one of our extra insurance packages for transporting valuable and expensive items such as inflatable boats.

Do you have any questions? Our Logistics Experts speak 15 different languages and they will be more than happy to provide you all the information regarding how to pack and ship an inflatable fishing, dinghy or sport boat by courier.

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Is your fishing or sport boat self-inflating?

Self-inflating boats might be considered as restricted or forbidden items by some courier companies. This happens thanks to the gas canisters that release non-reactive pressurized gas into the chambers for inflating your boat. In order to ship your self-inflating fishing or sport boat make sure you check first what are the rules of the shipping company or remove the canister prior to packing your boat.

Packaging materials for inflatable fishing boats, dinghy boats, sport boats, foldable RIBs and more!

Once you decide where you will go for your big adventure, it is time to prepare your boat so that it will arrive at the destination exactly as it is supposed to. You will be able to find the list of packaging materials that we suggest for packing your inflatable boat below:

  • A cardboard box. It should be big and sturdy enough to carry its content. You can either buy a new one or use an old one as long as it is in perfect condition.
  • A big plastic bag or a proper Case.
  • Cushioning materials. These could be packing peanuts, bubble wrap, foam wrap, etc.
  • Styrofoam sheets. For extra cushioning.
  • Scissors and Adhesive tape. To seal the package and cut all the necessary materials.

How to pack an inflatable boat for shipping by courier?

Packing an inflatable boat for shipping by courier may sound hard but if you follow our instructions, you will see it is quite easy and will give you peace of mind, knowing your boat will be safe during transportation.

  1. Prepare your inflatable boat. Before you start folding your inflatable boat make sure you dismount every removable piece such as seats, paddles/oars, floor or even an engine. Try to clean the boat as much as possible and make sure it is dry.
  2. Fold the boat. Depending on the type and model of your inflatable boat, the method you will use to fold it will be different so make sure you keep the original instructions. Make sure the boat is totally deflated to take as little space as possible.
  3. Fold both end cones over the transom. Fold both sides of the boat and the pontoons in so that they lay only on the transom and the package won’t be wider than the transom.
  4. Fold the cones in. Roll them once to protect them from unfolding.
  5. Fold in the extremes. Fold the front bow forward and roll it till the end.
  6. Wrap the boat on a layer of foam wrap and try to fit it in its proper carry bag. In case it won’t fit, you can wrap the bag containing the boat with foam wrap.
  7. Add a layer of bubble wrap. This extra layer will protect even more your inflatable boat from any possible damage.
  8. Protect the extra accessories. Any extra accessories such as seats or paddles should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in their original bags. In case you don’t have proper cases, you can always place them in big plastic bags.
  9. Add cushioning to the box. For extra protection we recommend you add one layer of Styrofoam sheets on all the internal walls of the box.
  10. Place the boat in the box. Place the bag containing the boat in the box and any small accessories that may fit but be careful to separate everything with cardboard sheets.
  11. Add cushioning materials. Fill every empty space with packaging peanuts or bubble wrap. Make sure nothing moves inside.
  12. Seal the box with tape and reinforce all the corners making sure the box is sturdy enough.
  13. Place the paddles/oars in a separate box/boxes following the steps 9 to 12.

How to pack a boat engine for shipping by courier

If your boat has an outboard engine and you would like to ship it together with your boat, you will have to pack it separately. Here are our tips on how to pack an outboard boat engine for shipping by courier:

  1. Clean the engine properly and make sure it is not wet before you pack it.
  2. Take note and pictures of any damages it may have. In case you will need to start a claim, this will make the process easier and faster.
  3. Drain the tank. Make sure your tank is empty when you will ship a boat engine via courier.
  4. Wrap the engine in one or several layers of cushioning materials such as foam wrap or bubble wrap. Make sure you protect well all the protruding parts.
  5. Place the engine in a big and thick plastic bag or in its original bag in case you have it.
  6. Depending on the size and weight of your outboard engine you may be able to pack it in a sturdy cardboard box, fill it with cushioning materials and seal it well. However, the safest way is to build a crate big enough to accommodate the engine but not leaving too much space for it to move. You can build it from plywood sheets and add a protective layer of Styrofoam sheets on all the internal walls. If you can shape the Styrofoam sheets to fit the engine exactly it will be even better. Otherwise, add a lot of cushioning materials until you make sure that nothing moves inside the box.
  7. In case there are some detachable pieces, make sure you protect them well with bubble wrap and fix them with adhesive tape inside the package.
  8. Seal the box properly and attached the label if needed.

You can read more about shipping boat parts on our dedicated page.

The reasons to ship an inflatable boat to the seaside by courier with Eurosender

There are many situations where you may need to book a shipping service for your inflatable boat. Below we will share a list of the most common reasons our customers had to ship their inflatable fishing, dinghy or RIB boats by courier:

  • Holidays. What’s the purpose of buying a boat and not using it? With Eurosender you can send your inflatable boat internationally and enjoy boat trips in your own inflatable boat anywhere in the world.
  • Fishing Trips. Maybe you found the perfect fishing spot but it’s too far to drive there. You just have to pack and send your inflatable fishing boat by courier and enjoy your trip without any worries!
  • Moving to another place. Some of our customers were looking for relocation services and found Eurosender very useful as we can provide specialized services for all the different items you need to relocate when you are moving to a new place.
  • Buying or Selling boat. Maybe you are buying a used inflatable raft, fishing or dinghy boat and you have to organize its pickup and delivery. Our door-to-door service is perfect for these occasions.
  • Selling a boat. Maybe you are starting a business focused on importing inflatable boats and you would like to get low shipping costs for sending the inflatable boats to your customers. We know how hard it is to get a good deal with a courier so we are more than happy to share our low shipping prices with you.
  • River Sports Trips. Did you find the perfect spot to try your inflatable raft or your inflatable kayak? Send your inflatable raft or your inflatable kayak by courier with Eurosender and enjoy your adventure in the rapids to the fullest.

Is there anything you would still like to know about how to pack or ship an inflatable boat abroad, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. Our Customer Support Agents will be more than happy to help you.

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