Ship machinery for farming and agricultural equipment internationally

There are many types of farms dedicated to breeding cattle and livestock or for cultivating crops. If you need to sell and ship machinery for farming or agricultural equipment, you probably want to find a safe and affordable way of its transportation. Eurosender will instantly provide farming equipment shipping quotes and select an optimal route for transportation. We have helped many people with hay feeder shipping, sending veterinary products overseas, and shipping tractor parts abroad. We have also listed some guidelines on how to prepare farming equipment items for transportation.

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We acknowledge that there are many types of agricultural machinery and equipment. Thus, we want to assure its safe and easy transportation with reliable courier service providers and instant farming equipment shipping quotes.

  • The first thing we ask you to do is to prepare and pack your items before you ship machinery for farming and agricultural equipment. Afterwards, take the measures and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker for determining the type of shipping services needed.

  • In case your item does not fit standard shipping service, you can choose pallet delivery or an individual offer. You will get farming equipment shipping quote either online or calculated by our logistics experts.

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  • After your order is confirmed, you will get an e-mail with a tracking number. Thus, you can track your shipment online.
  • Check whether you need to print a shipping label and attach it to your package.
  • Depending on the value of your farming or agricultural equipment and selected type of shipping services, consider buying additional insurance package of up to €5,000. Each standard shipment is insured for up to €200 by default.

Do you want to get details on how to ship machinery for farming or agricultural equipment and prepare it for transportation? Contact our logistics experts via e-mail or phone and they will get back to you shortly.

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Preparing agricultural equipment for transportation


Either you are interested in sending veterinary products overseas or in poultry equipment, cattle supplies, and hay feeder shipping, we will provide packing guidelines for that purpose. Moreover, you can send farm shed spare parts and ship tractor parts abroad after preparing them for transportation properly. Overall, we will ship machinery for farming safely and easily for you.

Here is a list of packing materials necessary to ship machinery for farming and agricultural equipment:

  • Plastic pouches – they are necessary for storing small items and can be extremely useful when sending veterinary products overseas.
  • Moving blankets – they create an additional protection level for larger items of farming machinery. They are usually used for cattle and poultry equipment transportation such as hay feeder shipping, for instance.
  • Thin rope – it helps to secure loose parts, especially when you want to send farm shed spare parts or ship tractor parts abroad.
  • Cushioning materials – foam wrap, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts are prevalent in this category. They are essential for internal cushioning and protecting agricultural equipment.
  • Adhesive tape – it is necessary for securing wrapping materials and sealing the box,
  • Cardboard boxes – you can take used or new boxes available in local supermarkets or hardware stores. The size of the box should be corresponding – not much larger or smaller than the item itself.
  • Pallet – In case of pallet delivery service, you need to prepare a pallet individually beforehand. You can take a used or a new one in the local supermarket or grocery store but make sure that it is solid and unbroken.

Pack agricultural equipment and machinery for farming

It may seem that preparing and packing farming machinery and agricultural equipment for transportation is difficult. However, the following pieces of advice will help you to cope with this task and get your items ready before you ship machinery for farming or agricultural inventory.

  • Check the manufacturer’s manual, disconnect batteries and drain tanks, detach and secure loose parts, especially when you plan to ship machinery for farming.
  • Cover any fragile items with bubble wrap.
  • Before sending veterinary products overseas, use plastic pouches as the primary protection layer of packaging.
  • For cattle supplies or hay feeder shipping, use moving blankets and enough of cushioning materials for protecting the items.
  • For large and heavy agricultural and farming equipment, you can also use moving blankets for ensuring safety and extra protection. You also need to secure it on the pallet and make sure that it does not exceed its size.

Ship machinery for farming and agriculture with Eurosender

There are multiple reasons for shipping agricultural and farming equipment internationally or within the same country. We have helped dozens of customers to ship machinery for farming and agriculture across Europe and outside it. Those are some reasons why individuals and businesses choose Eurosender for cattle equipment and hay feeder shipping, sending veterinary products overseas, and transporting other inventory for farming:

  • Selling agricultural machinery and equipment. Those who want to make a profit of used tractor or farm shed parts use Eurosender booking platform because we cooperate with numerous courier service providers. Owing to a variety of transportation methods, they make flexible routes with reasonable farming equipment shipping quotes.
  • Moving to another location. The farmers’ success is highly dependent on the natural environment and conditions. Thus, they sometimes need to move to a different location in order to produce better crops and ensure the best conditions for animals.
  • Other purposes. For instance, you produce veterinary products or compound food for animals and sell it online via the internet. With Eurosender, sending veterinary products overseas becomes fast, safe, and easy. You can also check how to ship animal forage abroad and domestically.

Are you wondering about farming equipment shipping quotes or want to get more details about how to ship machinery for farming and agriculture? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our logistics specialists online, send them an e-mail, or give a call.

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