How to ship tractors and other farm equipment internationally?

Eurosender offers fast and reliable logistics solutions for transporting tractors and other farm and agricultural equipment. Whether you are a business owner or individual, buying or selling agricultural machinery and implements, organise farm equipment shipping at the best price. We have helped many businesses to transport agricultural machinery and farm equipment domestically and overseas. Benefit from our expertise and get safe shipping of tractors and other farming equipment to the chosen destination.

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Logistics solution for shipping farm machinery overseas

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Shipping options for transporting agricultural and farm equipment

When it comes to transporting farm equipment and agricultural machinery overseas, it is of utmost importance to choose the right shipping method and logistics partner for the transport. Here are some of the Eurosender’s services that you can use:

Standard service

The low-cost option for shipping tractor parts in Europe
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Express service

Ship farming utensils worldwide. Deliveries in 24-72h
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Pallet delivery

The best solution for shipping agricultural implements
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Van delivery

Book a van with a driver dedicated only for you
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How to prepare farming and agricultural equipment for shipping

When you are shipping agricultural implements or tractor parts internationally, follow these tips to prepare the equipment for transporting:

  • Check the manufacturer’s manual, disconnect batteries and drain tanks, detach and secure loose parts.
  • Cover the smaller items with bubble wrap.
  • Place the items in a shipping box of the right size and add cushioning materials such as packing peanuts, crumpled paper, etc.
  • Close and seal the box with adhesive tape.

Packing tips for transporting tractors and other farming machinery on a pallet

Check these steps to prepare oversized or overweight agricultural equipment for shipping on a pallet or in a crate:

  • Prepare the pallet or crate: cover its surface with some corrugated cardboard before loading.
  • Put the tractor parts or farming implement duly protected on the pallet and make sure it is centred.
  • Fix the inventory on the pallet using special straps. Pull the straps from under the pallet over the goods you are shipping.
  • If you are using the same pallet for the transport of large and small farming utensils, carefully stack the boxes and secure them with ribbons, plastic foil, and adhesive tape.

Insurance options when shipping tractors, farming machinery and agricultural implements

Depending on the selected shipping service and the type of item transported, shipping insurance may be included in the price of the service. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance options with higher coverage at low rates.

We recommend keeping the original invoice of your device as it serves as proof of its value. This document will be required by the logistics company in case you decide to start a claim procedure for damage or loss.


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FAQs on transporting farm equipment and agricultural machinery

How much does it cost to ship a tractor abroad?
The transport price depends on the size and the chosen shipping method. Also, the distance and customs clearance fee influence the total cost of shipping a tractor overseas. Request an individual offer and our logistics experts will provide you with the price and customised solution for shipping small and compact or oversized tractors overseas.
Where can I get a pallet for shipping tractor parts internationally?
You can purchase a pallet for shipping tractor parts in your local hardware store. You can ship tractor parts and other agricultural implements on a new or used pallet if it is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your shipment. Sometimes, people ship tractor parts in a crate. For more information about what pallets can be used, please check our dedicated page. Contact us before shipping a tractor and our experts will help you organise the transportation in the smoothest way.
Which logistics provider will handle the shipping of agricultural implements?
We at Eurosender cooperate with the best regional and international logistics companies and we select one of the logistics providers that can accommodate the service, depending on your requirements. Our agents will contact you via email, detailing which freight company will carry out your shipment and the price.