How to Transport Tractors and Agricultural Machinery

How to ship tractors and other farm equipment internationally?

Book fast and reliable logistics solutions for transporting tractors and other farm and agricultural equipment with Eurosender. We have helped many businesses to transport agricultural machinery and farm equipment domestically and overseas. Benefit from our expertise and get safe shipping services for tractors and other farming equipment.
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Why choose Eurosender tractor shipping services?

Get the best solutions for tractors and farm equipment transport

Arrange the pick-up as soon as possible for a door-to-door service

Have a reliable farming machinery transport by reputable haulers

Options of tractor transport by road

Depending on the quantity and the size of the farming equipment you need to transport, you can choose between different shipping options.

Enclosed farming equipment transport

Single tractor

Multiple farm machinery transport

Enclosed farming equipment and machinery transport

The best and safest option to transport tractors and other farming equipment is shipping them inside a truck or van. In order to be able to use the enclosed farming equipment transport service, the vehicle needs to meet the size and weight limits of the container. The enclosed tractor shipping service will protect the vehicle from damages during transport. Get in touch with our experts to find the best and safest solution for your needs.

Reliable tractor and farming equipment transport services

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we organise international transport services to ship tractors and farming machinery domestically and abroad with the best hauling companies.
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When to use our door-to-door tractor shipping services?

When moving your agricultural equipment to a different region
When buying or selling a tractor
When sending the tractor to a specialised repair shop


How to prepare farming and agricultural equipment for shipping

When you are shipping agricultural implements and equipment or tractors domestically or abroad, we recommend following this checklist.

  • Cleaning: Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle, wash the equipment and cover any vulnerable pieces.
  • Condition check: Check the manufacturer’s manual, disconnect batteries drain the tanks, detach and secure all loose parts.
  • Documentation: Prepare all the documents required, especially if it is a sale.
  • Proof: Take photographs of the farming machinery before the transport to serve as evidence.

How to book a tractor and farming equipment transport service?

When you need to organise a domestic or international tractor transport, the first step is to send us the shipping details. Click on the button below and make sure you insert the following information: quantity of vehicles, brand, model, year, value, date of pick-up and the desired route.

Our logistics experts will prepare a tailored tractor shipping quote based on the information provided within just a few hours.

We collaborate only with vetted tractor hauling companies so you can be sure your farming equipment will be in safe hands.
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FAQs on shipping farm equipment and agricultural machinery

How much does it cost to ship a tractor domestically or abroad?
The cost to transport a tractor domestically or abroad depends on many factors such as the size, distance, urgency and chosen shipping method. If you need to ship a tractor or agricultural machinery, our logistics experts will prepare a fully customized shipping quote.
Request an individual offer and our logistics experts will provide you with the price and a customised solution for shipping small and compact or oversized tractors overseas.
Do I have transport insurance when shipping tractors or farming equipment with Eurosender?
All our shipping services are insured based on the service and on your needs. When you ask for a transportation service for tractors or other farming equipment, our logistics specialists will organize all the details of your transport, with basic insurance included.
Where can I get a pallet for shipping tractor parts internationally?
You can purchase a pallet for shipping tractor parts in your local hardware store. You can ship tractor parts and other agricultural implements on a new or used pallet if it is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your shipment. Sometimes, people ship tractor parts in a crate for more protection.
For more information about what pallets can be used you can check our dedicated page.
Which logistics provider will handle the shipping of agricultural implements?
We at Eurosender cooperate with the best international logistics companies, and we select one of the logistics providers that can accommodate the service, depending on your requirements. Our agents will contact you via email, detailing which freight company will carry out your shipment and the price.
Can I organize a farming equipment international transport for my company?
If you are a company looking for a logistics partner, you can benefit from our broad portfolio of tractors and farming equipment hauling services and a vast network of trusted transporters without having to commit to long and binding contracts. We can accommodate requests for shipping different kinds and sizes of agricultural machinery while also providing end-to-end deliveries to your customers through our door-to-door vehicle transport services.
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How long does it take to send a tractor?
The delivery time of a tractor transport service depends on the route and the type of transportation chosen. A tractor and farming machinery shipping service is completely designed to meet the client's needs, and the delivery time can be influenced by the specific requirements and options. If you need an urgent delivery, we can organise direct tractor transport in a dedicated vehicle, allowing your machine to be delivered in the quickest way possible, without stop-overs.
How to ship tractors and farming equipment overseas?
The most common method of shipping tractors and farming machinery overseas is by container transport via sea freight and Roll on Roll off. Transporting a tractor or other farming equipment in a container is the most expensive form of sea freight, but it offers greater protection due to the enclosed feature of this transportation method. The roll on roll off (Ro-Ro) shipping is another type of sea transport, where the vehicle is driven in and out of a ship and transported on the deck together with several other vehicles.
At Eurosender, we offer international tractor and farming equipment transport solutions by road in any European route. Whether you need to transport your farming machinery abroad, buy a new tractor or need to organise a tractor transport due to an emergency, we've got you covered! Request a personalized quote.
What do I need to transport agricultural machinery after Brexit?
If you are planning to transport agricultural machinery to the UK, be ready to prepare all the necessary documentation for customs clearance. You do not need a phytosanitary certificate to import used agricultural machinery on the condition it has been washed before, and the soil was removed.