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How to ship a milling machine

Whether you need to ship a milling machine for maintenance, or move a used industrial milling machine abroad to a new owner, proper preparation for shipping a milling machine is essential to ensure its safety to and from its destination. Find out how to move a lathe or a milling machine and discover Eurosender’s transport solutions.

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Industrial milling machine relocation services

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How to ship an industrial milling machine abroad – with Eurosender

Whether you’re shipping a milling machine for maintenance, moving a used lathe machine to a new owner or need to ship an industrial milling machine for moving the factory to another location abroad, Eurosender can arrange fast and professional transport for any specific need:

Pallet shipping

Ship a large milling machine on a pallet for maintenance
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LTL Shipping

Ship a milling machine in a shared truck
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Van delivery

A van reserved only for your load across Europe
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Individual offer

Get a tailored offer for your specific needs
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How to ship a milling machine on pallets

When you need to ship an industrial milling machine abroad for maintenance or send it to a new factory, the best way to prepare it on pallets is as follows:

  1. Dismantle: If possible, consider breaking the machine down and packing each part separately, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Remove any detachable parts: such as handles and cranks and pack these separately.
  3. Place onto a pallet: by securing the milling machine with cables and bolts.
  4. Protect with shrink wrap: covering the entire pallet and machine and secure the plastic wrap to the bottom of the pallet.
  5. Using a crate: You might wish to use an appropriately sized crate for added protection.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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FAQ about shipping industrial milling machines abroad with Eurosender

What is the best way to ship multiple milling machines on pallets for transport within Europe?
The best way to ship milling machines on pallets directly within Europe is to book a van delivery service. The vehicle will be reserved only to your shipment. This way, your shipment will be transported in the shortest time possible, with no-stop overs for other deliveries. Find out the cost to ship a milling machine on pallets with a direct van transport, right now on our booking tool.
How to arrange relocation services to ship industrial milling machines abroad?
If you need to arrange milling machine relocation services to ship a milling machine for maintenance, the best way to do so request an individual offer. Our logistics experts will prepare a tailor-made offer in the shortest time possible, for the best price available.
Is insurance included in the cost to ship a milling machine?
When shipping a milling machine with Eurosender, your goods are covered by CMR. You can choose to purchase additional insurance during the booking process, scalable to your needs.