The best freight forwarder for shipping a milling machine

Milling machines are sophisticated industrial devices that help to process solid materials of flat and irregular form to put them into shape. In a nutshell, milling machines are versatile as they carry out multiple functions to create the items for everyday use as well as those common only in certain industries. If you need to move a milling machine abroad or inland, you need to book cargo shipping services for its safe transportation. The Eurosender platform will select the best freight forwarder for shipping a milling machine as we collaborate with trusted local and international logistics service providers with which we can negotiate the most affordable cost to ship a milling machine. By reading this article, you will also discover essential pieces of advice on how to transport a milling machine and prepare it for a move.

The cost to ship a milling machine with Eurosender

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To move a milling machine abroad or inland in a corresponding way, you will need to choose the right type of shipping services. Being bulky and oversized items, milling machines usually fall under the category of heavy shipment. That is why you should consider booking milling machine relocation services through our platform. The best way to do that is to ask for an individual offer solution. That way, our experts will analyse your specific transportation needs and choose the best freight forwarder for shipping a milling machine. We cooperate with large international logistics services providers, such as Kuehne+Nagel, DB Schenker, and DHL, along with local trusted carriers that have proven to offer reliable and safe cargo shipping by various means of transport, including air freight and sea freight shipping. Undoubtedly, you will also get the most affordable cost to ship a milling machine as Eurosender has a strong negotiating power to make advantageous deals with carriers.

Request milling machine transportation services

Before booking milling machine relocation services, check several essential pieces of advice on how to transport a milling machine in the next section: You also need to take the following recommendations into account:

  • Check the parameters. To move a milling machine abroad or inland, measuring the dimensions of your shipment is the first step to take. You will have to provide those when booking services with any logistics company. Insert those dimensions in the Shipment Size Checker below to verify which type of service would be applicable.
  • Plan your shipping. Either you need milling machine relocation services or standard shipping, you have to place an order in advance. In the case of freight forwarding, you will be able to arrange a pick-up date with our logistics experts.
  • Take care of insurance. Milling machines and other types of heavy industrial equipment are usually very expensive. Thus, they require insurance coverage which can cover any damages during transit. Check shipping insurance options for freight transportation with our logistics experts and they will advise you on that matter.
  • Get access to benefits. We recommend creating a user account on our website free of charge. That way, you will obtain access to rewards and exclusive offers, prices, loyalty programs, extra payment options, customization of preferences regarding the shipment, and many other benefits.

If you want to know more about logistics services to move a milling machine abroad, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts via phone, e-mail, or chat.

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Materials you need to prepare a milling machine for transportation

Shipping bulky equipment and massive machinery require special conditions both for loading / offloading and transportation. While the freight forwarder for shipping a milling machine will provide necessary tools to handle oversized shipments, consumers still have to take care of packaging and preparation of mills. Here are some materials you will need to get your milling machine read for a move.

  • Pallets. If your shipment can be palletized, you will have to find a pallet and make sure that it is solid enough to handle heavy items during transit. You can buy pallets in your local supermarket or warehouse.
  • Crate. Depending on the dimensions of your milling machine, you need to choose the crate of the corresponding size. Crates have proven their effectiveness in protecting non-standard items during transportation.
  • Cardboard box. In case disassembling of milling machine takes place before transportation, cardboard boxes would be necessary to store smaller items.
  • Moving blankets. To prevent any damages during transit, it is necessary to cover your milling machine with thick blankets.
  • Plastic foil. This type of packaging material is necessary to cover the entire pallet after a milling machine is bolted to it.
  • Straps. You will need straps to secure your machinery to the pallet.

Advice on how to transport a milling machine

To prepare a milling machine for transportation properly, you will have to follow several simple steps.

  1. Dismantle. In case your milling machine could be disassembled, take advantage of such an option and take it into parts. That way, it would be easier to ship it, but you also need to make sure that you will be able to assemble it in the correct way afterwards.
  2. Remove detachable parts. If there are any handles and cranks that could be removed before transit, consider detaching them from a milling machine and putting those in the cardboard box.
  3. Secure. When all the initial preparations are done, it is recommended to secure a milling machine to the pallet with straps. Afterwards, take shrink wrap to cover the pallet entirely. Alternatively, you can protect your machinery by using the crate of the corresponding size.

If you are interested in how to transport other types of industrial equipment, check our dedicated page here.

We strongly recommend you to keep the invoice for the items you want to ship. This serves as a proof of the item’s value and is therefore required by the courier company if you start a claim procedure following your shipping.

The reasons to move a milling machine abroad or inland

There are various types of milling machines, ranging from vertical to knee-style mills, which makes these devices versatile. While on-site machinery is essential in industrial sites, sometimes it appears that some devices are no longer needed. Thus, we provide some cases when logistics service provider assistance is needed.

  • Industrial site relocation. Redeployment of a plant or factory implies that practically all the machinery must be transported from one place to another. Luckily, you do not need to look for a freight forwarder for shipping a milling machine as Eurosender experts will do that instead of you.
  • Renting a milling machine. If you have a base with milling machines for rent and need to transport them safely to a rentier, Eurosender is there to provide the most affordable cost to ship a milling machine.
  • Selling used milling machines. If you no longer need an old mill, check the pieces of advice on how to transport a milling machine and use the Eurosender platform to book freight shipping services.

Get to know more about milling machine relocation services by contacting our logistics experts via phone, chat, or e-mail.

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