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Are you moving to another city and need to transport your furniture or household appliances, such as your fridge? Perhaps you have sold your freezer online and you are in need of cheap transport? Then you’ve come to the right place! With Eurosender you can ship a fridge by courier in a few clicks and have it picked up at your door. On our online platform, you will find the cheapest offers on the market from renowned logistics companies who can deliver a freezer overseas in just a few days.!

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When booking your shipment with Eurosender, you are sure of choosing a high delivery quality, because we only work with the most reliable and renowned courier services on the international market. Through our well-developed network of large logistics companies, we provide access to low-cost offers for shipping various items. In this way, we are able to offer our customers cost-effective delivery solutions without loss of quality. Even if we have to deliver a freezer overseas!

Shipping refrigerators abroad: packing guide

If you have to ship a fridge by courier, there are some important points to consider. When shipping refrigerators abroad, proper preparation is necessary. Below you will find some tips you should take note of:

  1. First of all, the dimensions and weight of the refrigerator should be known. Measure your fridge and enter the data you have received into our shipping calculator here below. This will let you know whether you can have your refrigerator shipped with standard shipping or pallet delivery.
  2. Since most refrigerators are transported as freight, we have already gained extensive experience in their transport. Our logistics specialists will find the best solution for you to transport your refrigerator at home and abroad. Simply contact our customer service.
  3. As always calculate two extra working days for your shipment, especially if you are planning to move out. Use our estimated delivery time tool to see how long your shipment will take!
  4. Check whether you need to print and put labels on your package. In case you use standard shipping services with a pickup country of Romania, Poland, Sweden, Spain or any other country outside the EU, you will need to print a shipping label, which will be sent to you. However, this is not necessary if you send a package from other countries or use freight shipping services.

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Shipping Insurance

As a rule, Eurosender services have standard shipping insurance (200€) included by default. In case your fridge or freezer is rather expensive, you might consider one of the insurance packages for valuable items. This additional insurance of up to 5000€ does not increase the total shipping cost significantly but it enhances security for sure. Be aware that you have to be able to present the original invoice for the additional insurance.

Shipping refrigerators abroad: packaging materials

If you need to ship a fridge by courier, it is very important that they are properly packed. You will not only avoid potential shipping problems, additional costs or even delays but also ensure that in the unlikely event of damage, nothing stands in the way of a successful reimbursement of costs. To ensure the safety of your shipment, you need the following materials to deliver a freezer overseas:

  • Cardboard boxes, plastic bags – for smaller removable parts to be packed separately.
  • Cushioning materials – use polystyrene panels, bubble wrap, Styrofoam or corrugated board edge protectors, etc. to protect your fridge or freezer.
  • Pallet – new or used ones are acceptable, but each pallet must be large enough and in good condition.
  • Pallet belts – for fixing the fridge or freezer on the pallet.
  • Cardboard, tape and scissors.

Shipping refrigerators abroad: prepare your parcel

Once you have prepared all the packaging materials, you are probably wondering how to pack your refrigerator for transport. Here are our instructions to help you pack your fridge.

  1. Prepare the fridge in advance. Disconnect the appliance from the electricity and water systems. Tape any cable to the back of the appliance. Remove the detachable parts and pack them separately in smaller cartons or plastic bags. Label the contents of the bags or cartons. Clean the refrigerator and let it dry. Seal the doors with tape.
  2. Defrost the freezer (compartment) and clean it out. Remove any compartments if possible.
  3. Pack the detachable power cords in plastic bags and/or bubble wrap.
  4. Protect any parts that cannot be removed like handles, with bubble wrap so that nothing moves during transport.
  5. Place the refrigerator upright on the pallet and make sure it is centred. The surface of the pallet can be covered with some corrugated cardboard before loading.
  6. Protect the machine. If possible, use edge protectors to cover all edges of the machine. Then wrap edge protectors in bubble wrap. Alternatively, you can use cardboard or polystyrene. Then seal everything with sufficient adhesive tape.
  7. Attach the refrigerator and other cartons to the pallet. Use several pallet straps to fix the items on the pallet. The straps must fit under the pallet and be pulled over the cartons.

Relocation options

Eurosender is the perfect choice for those who move to another city or abroad and need to transport more than one appliance to another location.

  1. Our dedicated van service is an excellent alternative to traditional pallet shipping. The entire delivery van will be booked just for you, while an experienced courier will prepare your goods professionally and secure them for transport. If you have a lot to send or you’re in a rush, this option might be the most interesting. Contact and state that you are looking for dedicated van delivery.
  2. Are you moving to a new home or relocating an office? With the help of the removals and relocations service offered by Eurosender, you can have all your items picked up at the same time and transported to your chosen address together. A removal van will be booked in your name and the courier driver might have special tools to safely load your furniture and secure the cargo. Therefore, this is by far the safest transport option while shipping in bulk is also more economical.

Why do people want to ship a fridge by courier?

Our customers asked us to ship a fridge by courier for various reasons. Some of the most common ones were the following:

  • Moving (abroad). When moving (abroad, you probably won’t have space in your car to move your fridge. Or why should you rent a van and drive it yourself? You can now hassle-free ship it with Eurosender.
  • Selling a fridge or freezer. Some customers have sold their refrigerators online and could not meet with the buyer in person. Shipping a refrigerator turned out to be the most practical option in this case.

If there is anything else you would like to know how our couriers can deliver a freezer overseas or are you still unsure why you should ship a fridge by courier, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced customer support team.

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