How to Pack and Ship Tiles and Bricks

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Are you doing renovation and you need to send a pallet of tiles or bricks to another location? You have landed on the right place! By working with the most reputable logistics companies, Eurosender has organised tiles transport for many businesses and individuals by creating customised orders and offering expert solutions. Get tips from our logistics team on how to pack ceramic tiles for shipping and help along all the way.

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Eurosender offers various transportation solutions for brick suppliers and tile experts with the lowest shipping costs.

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How to pack tiles for transportation

Your shipment may need special handling, depending on the transportation method and the shipment sensitivity. As such, you should make sure the parcel is safe to travel. By following our guideline, you will no longer have to worry about how to pack ceramic or other tiles for shipping.

How to pack single ceramic tiles for shipping

  1. Wrap each tile individually with newsprint.
  2. Add couple of bubble wrap layers.
  3. Add packing peanuts on the bottom, and all sides.
  4. Place the tiles in the centre.
  5. Fill out the rest of the space with packing peanuts.
  6. Check that the tiles do not shift inside the box!

How to pack a set of tiles for shipping

  1. Stack the tiles together.
  2. Secure them tightly with packaging tape or pallet bands.
  3. Place the stacked tiles in an individual box.
  4. Add packing peanuts to fill the voids.
  5. Place them on a pallet, or accordingly, inside a large box.
  6. Make sure they cannot shift!

Packing tips when shipping bricks and tiles on a pallet

These types of shipments require different handling when loading and unloading, unlike the standard shipments. As such, it is crucial that before shipping bricks to another location, you secure them properly.

  • Choose sturdy corrugated containers.
  • Place them on a pallet.
  • Add packing peanuts on the bottom, and all sides.
  • Secure the shipment with straps.
  • Make sure the shipment is securely tightened.


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Frequently asked questions for tiles, brick and block transport

Do I always have to send tiles and bricks on a pallet?

This is a matter that depends on the volume of your shipment. For instance, when shipping smaller quantities of tiles, you can place them inside a box and send them as a standard shipment. Nonetheless, bear in mind, that you are the one in charge of adequately protecting them from avoiding any damage on them.We recommend you to send the tiles and bricks on a pallet whenever you have a greater quantity to transport. Shipping them as freight would be the safest and cheapest option for you to choose. Eurosender creates specialised offers according to the needs and requirements our shippers have. For instance, for large volume and time-sensitive shipments, our team would best recommend you the Van Delivery service. By choosing this shipping method, you would benefit from direct transport to your final location, fastest transit, driver included, professional assistance, and much more! .

I want to ship tiles/bricks. Is handling assistance included in the final price?

The final price you see on our booking tool does not include handling assistance, except for our Van Delivery Service. When booking the Van Delivery Service directly on our website, if the shipment is on the ground floor, you can select right away that you would need professional assistance during loading and unloading.Otherwise, for any other chosen shipping method, you would have to talk to our team, and request for handling assistance. As such, you will be then told the additional charge for the bricks or tiles handling during transport.

How many tiles or bricks can I send on a pallet?
When sending tiles or bricks on a pallet, you should make sure that the shipment does not exceed more than 220 cm in height. The pallet carrying weight capacity varies, but the pallet itself weighs approximately 25 kg. You can read more about stacking boxes and stackable pallets on this dedicated page.
When shipping, how many bricks can fit into a van?
Currently, our team can organise the transport with two types of vans. The box delivery van has the carrying capacity of 800 kg for, and the curtain-side delivery van, 1100 kg.
Is insurance included if Eurosender organises the bricks and tiles transport for me?
Freight shipments booked through our platform are covered according to the CMR convention. You can always buy additional coverage by requesting it. We would advise you to always take a picture of your shipment before shipping tiles and bricks abroad.
Can I order a tile delivery from a store when renewing a house?
Through our platform, you can arrange the delivery from any location or store! While making your order, make sure you mention this to our team. Therefore, our sales experts will prepare everything accordingly. Keep in mind that you would have to arrange this with the store, likewise.