Ship tiles and bricks abroad and domestically

Building materials are essential for those who are going to construct a house or make some renovation at home. While most of the building materials are available at specialized shops and could be purchased easily, others are more difficult to get. For instance, a sufficient quantity of bricks and tiles is usually kept in warehouses. Therefore, it is sometimes inevitable to ship tiles and bricks abroad or domestically. Eurosender helps you to send a pallet of tiles or bricks safely to a chosen location. We can also accommodate shipping services according to your needs and offer a cheap way to send a pallet of tiles or bricks.

A cheap way to send a pallet of tiles or bricks

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  • Check whether your shipment fits standard shipping services. Shipment Size Checker will help you with that. Just insert all the required dimensions and weight there. Nonetheless, we recommend sending a pallet of tiles or bricks regardless of quantity in order to enhance safely during transportation.

  • If your package is over 40 kg and/or its length exceeds 175 cm, then we can prepare an individual offer that would be customized according to your needs and requirements. In this case, all you have to do is to fill a form for an individual offer with the shipment details.

    Most likely you will need to prepare a pallet to ship any quantities of tiles or bricks. Sending a pallet of tiles or bricks is safe as items secured to the pallet are less likely to get damaged.


Our team of logistics experts, which specializes in pallet delivery, will contact you, suggest a cheap way to send a pallet of tiles or bricks, and provide packaging guidelines as well.

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Send a pallet of tiles or bricks

When you need to send a pallet of tiles or bricks and ship other heavy or large items, consider one of the following services:

LTL shipping. It stands for less than truckload shipping applicable for transporting small freight shipments. Undoubtedly, it will be a safe and cheap way to send a pallet of tiles or bricks. You will have to prepare and pack tiles for transportation only.

PTL shipping. It stands for partial truckload shipping applicable for shipments that occupy a larger part of the truck. This service will help you to ship tiles and bricks fast and with extra security.

FLT shipping. It stands for full truckload shipping and fits those shipments that occupy the entire space inside the truck. In this case, it is much faster than LTL and PTL because the truck has only one final destination.

To get more information about standard and freight shipping services or how to pack and ship tiles and bricks, contact our experienced customer support team members.

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How to pack tiles for transportation?

Before you ship tiles and bricks, you need to prepare them properly for transportation. This is essential to grant security during transit because the appropriate packaging decreases the chance of damage.

There is a list of packaging materials that would help you to protect your shipment regardless of its size.

  • Cardboard boxes – you can put your items inside them.
  • Cardboard scrap – the pieces of cardboard scrap would be helpful to create an additional layer of protection on the pallet.
  • Adhesive tape – for securing various elements and packaging materials.
  • Pallets – you will need a pallet or even some pallets. You can find new or used ones in local grocery stores or supermarkets.
  • Liner Paper – for lining between packages when they are sitting on the pallet, to avoid friction.
  • Strong Plastic Bands – for strapping the packages to the pallet.
  • Plastic foil – it will help you to secure your packages on the pallet.

You should consider that both tiles and bricks are fragile items. Thus, it makes sense to send a pallet of tiles or bricks regardless of their quantity to grant the required level of protection and prevent any damages.

Pack tiles and bricks for transportation

Choose the right cardboard boxes. Make sure that the boxes fit the size of your tiles and check if there are any holes or tears. If any of them are detected in a used box, then it is better to put it aside and take a new one. As a rule, tiles are packed into boxes and then located on the pallet. Typical building bricks usually do not require boxes. However, decorative bricks usually need packaging similar to that of tiles.

Seal the cardboard box/boxes. Use plenty of adhesive tape to seal the sides and cover all edges of the box.

Prepare a pallet for transportation. To send a pallet of tiles or bricks safely, you need to prepare it for transportation first.

Choose a pallet. Make sure that each pallet is sturdy enough. It should handle the weight of the freight you are planning to deliver.

Put all your items on the pallet. Put the heavier items on the bottom of the pallet and the lighter ones on the top. Stack the packages tightly together without leaving space between them. In case of bricks, locate them in equal rows and columns on the pallet. Overall, make sure that the pallet with freight is stable.

Use liner paper. Place some liner paper directly on the pallet, under the load, and between every second layer of packages, to decrease friction and spread the weight evenly.

Wrap a pallet. After you put all your packages in equal columns on the pallet, you need to fix them appropriately. Use plastic foil to cover and fix your items on the pallet. Afterwards, strap the shipment to the pallet with bands by wrapping them tightly around the load in every possible direction and in several layers. It will minimize the risk of damage to the packages on the pallet.

These guidelines would help you to prepare and pack tiles for transportation. Also, you can check a detailed blog article on how to prepare a pallet for shipping. This is necessary before you send a pallet of tiles or bricks.

Ship tiles and bricks in Europe and internationally with Eurosender

You can ship tiles and bricks easily with Eurosender as:

  • We provide clear instructions and guidelines on how to pack tiles for transportation and enhance their safety during transit
  • Our booking engine analyses different carriers and chooses the most appropriate route in terms of the price-to-performance ratio. Owing to this, there is a cheap way to send a pallet of tiles or bricks
  • For cargos, we offer LTL, PTL, and FTL services to send a pallet of tiles fast and safely
  • You can easily track your shipment online and get SMS notifications

If you have any questions about how to pack and ship tiles and bricks, we are always there to assist you.

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