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International sailboat shipping solutions

Organise your boat transport by road with renowned sailboat shipping companies through Eurosender. We work with multiple transporters across Europe and the UK to offer reliable transport solutions for any vehicle, including sailboats, yachts, or smaller boats. Reach out to our experts to get a custom sailboat shipping quote for transporting your boat within Europe.
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Why choose our sailboat transport services?

Receive a solution fully tailored to your needs

Arrange the pick-up as soon as possible

Get access to vetted sailboat shipping companies

Options of sailboat transport services by road

Depending on your specific requirements, we are able to arrange different sailboat shipping solutions. Some of the factors that may influence the recommended service and the shipping costs for transporting your sailboat are: model, dimensions, distance, and urgency.

Transport in an enclosed truck

Tow of the boat on a trailer

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Sailboat transport service in Europe

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we can help you ship your sailboat internationally with the safest and cheapest transport option for your company.
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When to use our international sailboat shipping?

When buying or selling a sailboat
When sending your sailboat to a repair shop
When needed for travelling
When relocating to a different country


How to prepare your sailboat for transportation in Europe

Before handing your boat to the designated sailboat shipping company, follow this checklist to prepare it for transport:

  • Clearing: Remove all personal belongings from the sailboat.
  • Condition check: Check the fuel level and take notes of the overall performance.
  • Documentation: Prepare all documents required, especially if it is a sale.
  • Proof: Take photographs of your sailboat before the transport to serve as evidence.

How to book a sailboat shipping service?

To organise your international sailboat shipping service, the first step is to send us your transport details using the button below. Based on your shipping needs and the sailboat characteristics, our logistics experts will identify the best and cheapest sailboat shipping quotes for your route between many international carriers. We will send you a personalised quote via email in the shortest time possible.
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FAQs – Sailboat transport by road

How much does it cost to ship a sailboat overseas?
The cost of shipping a sailboat overseas depends on many factors: the size of the sailboat, transport service selected, distance, urgency, and any additional or special requirements. If the truck needs to pass through tunnels or ferries, the costs incurred will also be added to the shipping price. To discover how much it would cost to ship your sailboat in Europe, contact our logistics experts, and they will prepare a tailored quote for you. They will reach out to several transporters to find the sailboat transport solution that best fit your needs.
How long does it take to ship a sailboat?
The delivery time for transporting a sailboat in Europe depends on the distance between pick-up and delivery addresses and the type of transportation chosen. In general, sailboat transport by road takes 24-48h within Europe, but please remember that this estimate may vary for every specific case. If you need an urgent delivery, please make this request while requesting your quote, and our logistics experts will organise direct sailboat transport by road: your sailboat will be delivered in the shortest time possible.
What is the best shipping option for transporting a small sailboat?
If your boat fits the dimensions of an enclosed truck, choosing the covered service is the safest shipping alternative as it will offer better protection for your vehicle. With this service, your sailboat will not be exposed to weather conditions and will be better secured during transit. The enclosed truck transport is especially recommended for transporting small sailboats that are brand new, so they arrive in pristine conditions to the buyer.
Can the sailboat shipping company provide additional equipment such as the towing trailer?
It will depend from case to case and the availability of the sailboat shipping company. If you require any additional equipment or assistance for loading or unloading your vehicle, please request it during the booking process so we can arrange every detail in advance with the sailboat shipping company. We will do our best to cater to every specific need when arranging your sailboat transport by road.
Do all sailboat transport services have transport insurance?
Yes, when shipping a sailboat internationally with us, the transportation of your sailboat is insured based on your needs. Every detail of the shipment is adapted to your requirements, with the possibility of getting additional sailboat transport insurance at affordable rates. Please discuss the options available when booking the service.