How to Ship an Umbrella | Packaging Tips

The best way to post an umbrella internationally

Don’t waste time comparing different courier companies and shipping rates. Turn to Eurosender and ship umbrellas as a business or individual at the lowest price. With our umbrella packaging guide, you can be sure your shipment will be safe during the way. Discover different shipping options to post a straight umbrella or a large cantilever parasol by courier and benefit from door-to-door deliveries.

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Shipping options for umbrellas resellers

Manufacturers and online resellers can organise umbrellas and parasol deliveries easier with Eurosender. Optimise your logistics processes and increase efficiency through your personal dashboard. Choose Eurosender as your reliable partner and save costs on shipping umbrellas directly to your customers’ door.


Logistics services for umbrellas and parasol deliveries

Wondering how to ship an umbrella? Explore Eurosender’s solutions to ship umbrellas and parasols internationally:

Express shipping

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Standard shipping

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Pallet delivery

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Van delivery

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How to pack and send an umbrella by courier? Packaging tips

When you are shipping a straight or foldable umbrella, proper packing is crucial for safe transportation. Follow the umbrella packaging tips we prepared:

  1. Make sure the foldable or straight umbrella is not wet if you’re sending a used one.
  2. Use bubble wrap to protect the handle. Wrap the umbrella with several layers of plastic foil.
  3. Place the foldable or straight umbrella in its original case or a tube.
  4. Then nest the umbrella in a shipping box and fill the voids with packing materials.
  5. Close and seal the box.

How to pack a parasol for international delivery?

Check these packing steps to prepare a cantilever parasol for delivery, so that it arrives without any damage to its destination.

  1. Close and fold the parasol. Use a tie or Velcro to wrap around the canopy.
  2. Wrap the exposed pole and canopy with bubble wrap, fabrics or sheets. If your patio umbrella came with a cover, put it over the canopy.
  3. Place the parasol in a cardboard box of the right size. Fill the space with cushioning materials.
  4. Shake the box to make sure the cantilever parasol doesn’t move inside the package. Seal the box with tape.
  5. Request an individual offer and our experts will send you a shipping quote for sending a long cantilever parasol internationally.

We’ve got you covered! Insurance options for sending umbrellas and parasols

We know the importance of making sure your goods are safe during transportation. Depending on the selected shipping services and the type of articles, shipping insurance may be included in the price of the service. Additional insurance options are available during the order process. We strongly recommend keeping the original invoice of the items to serve as proof of value if needed. It is also advisable to photograph your item and the packaging before the shipment.


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FAQs on how to ship an umbrella or parasol abroad

Where can I find an umbrella packaging box?

Whether you are selling umbrellas or shipping an umbrella to your friend, it is recommended to place it into a mailing tube of the proper size. You can buy such cylindrical or triangle tube mailer online or at the office supply stores.

Should I care about the umbrella packaging when shipping together with other belongings in a suitcase?
If you are sending the umbrella in a suitcase together with clothes, sheets, towels and other soft materials, you can ship the umbrella without a mailing tube. However, to protect the ribs and the handle during transportation, we recommend placing the umbrella in the original soft case or covering it with the layers of bubble wrap.
How can I send oil-paper umbrellas?
Oil-paper umbrellas and parasols are extremely fragile, so you should pack them carefully. We recommend placing the oil-paper parasols in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture and dust. Bubble wrap the items and follow the umbrella packaging guideline we prepared.
How much does it cost to send a large cantilever parasol abroad?

Usually, cantilever parasols exceed the size and weight suitable for shipping with the standard service. Request an individual offer and our experts will send you a shipping quote for sending long cantilever parasol internationally. If you wish to move other large items together with a cantilever parasol, you can use our van service and have your items safely delivered in the shortest time possible to the destination address.