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By working with the most reputable logistics companies, we have helped many businesses and individuals to send kayaks, paddles and other accessories whether it is for a relocation, holiday trip or delivery from an online store. Avoid the high airline rates for taking such big items on a plane; send the kayak internationally by courier and save on the shipping cost. Benefit from our expert’s recommendations on how to package your kayak for shipping and get it safely delivered to the chosen destination.

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Kayak courier services to your customers

Join thousands of businesses that have chosen us as a permanent platform and organise kayak delivery to your customers more efficiently. With Eurosender, you will have your own dashboard to oversee and control all your past and current shipments, get additional discounts when paying with credits, have access to already negotiated prices with the best international couriers, consolidated invoices and much more!


How much does it cost to ship a kayak

At Eurosender, we can recommend several transportation methods for delivering a kayak by courier, depending on your needs.

Express service

Fast worldwide delivery for inflatable canoes
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Standard service

Affordable service for sending inflatable kayaks
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Freight Service

Cost-saving solution when shipping a kayak
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Van service

Have an entire vehicle reserved solely to you, available in Europe
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Do you have different requirements?

Are you not sure if the kayak is suitable for pallet shipping?

Before you can send your kayak, it is vital that you first determine the dimensions of your shipment. When you are shipping a kayak across country or overseas, it is best to measure it after packing it, as the size and weight might increase during the packing process.

Pack and ship a kayak

How to carefully protect the kayak before shipping it internationally

We know you may be wondering how to pack and ship a kayak across the country or overseas, as they are not cheap and the last thing you want is that it gets damaged while being in transport. Therefore, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the packaging, and in the guide below, you will find all the required materials and instructions on how to ship a kayak.

  • Disassemble the kayak. Put all the items inside a bag, and secure them somewhere inside the sitting compartment of the kayak.
  • Cover the kayak with bubble wrap. You can add a couple of layers to ensure its maximum protection, especially around the edges.
  • Add adhesive tape. Tightly tape the bubble wrap.
  • Place the kayak in cardboard. As this is obligatory with many courier companies, make sure you cover all the parts with carboard and seal it with tape to make sure it stays in place.
  • When shipping a rigid kayak with our Van Delivery Service, the packaging is not mandatory. If you are shipping an inflatable kayak or canoe, it can be sent in a cardboard box.


Ship a kayak internationally with Eurosender

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Frequently asked questions when sending a kayak with a courier

Does insurance apply when I am shipping a kayak with Eurosender?

Insurance does apply according to the CMR Convention when you are shipping a kayak through Eurosender. However, whenever you are sending such items, we recommend you to purchase additional insurance. Contact us if you want more information about the best insurance when shipping your kayak.

What if my parcel gets damaged after I have carefully packed and shipped the kayak?

If you have followed our instructions on how to pack and ship a kayak, and yet your parcel got damaged, you can claim for the damaged goods. To make the claims process smoother, we advise to always take a picture of your packed goods before shipping and keeping the original invoice as a proof of value.

Why do people decide to send a kayak with logistics providers?
  • Relocation. When people are moving to another flat or country, they usually want to take all of their belonging with them. With our relocation services, you can transport not only your kayak but also clothes, furniture and any other personal belongings.
  • Holiday. Shipping a kayak directly to the hotel or travel destination is a great way of having your favourite item whenever people are going to their summer vacation.
  • Buying or selling used kayaks. Many online stores are offering both new and used kayaks, and are looking for a shipping solution.