How to Pack and Transport Vases Safely? Moving Services

The best way to send a vase internationally

Whether you are going to send a porcelain or glass vase, you need to pack it properly. We know that transporting vases is not a simple task, as they are extremely fragile and easy to break. That’s why, at Eurosender we have prepared a set of instructions, wrapping tips and answers to the most frequently asked questions, that will help you pack a vase for moving and ensure its safety during the way.

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Whether a home decor company or distributor importing Chinese vases, Eurosender offers unique solutions to help you grow your business faster. Through our shipping platform, you can access all your orders and invoices in your dashboard. Your personal logistics agent will guide you through the whole process of shipping and provide with the best solutions. Create a free business account and check special prices with our booking tool.
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Shipping services to transport a vase by courier

At Eurosender we offer multiple shipping options adjusted to each type of shipment and volume.

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Van delivery

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How to pack a vase for shipping? Wrapping tips

As vases are considered fragile items, you need to take extra measures when packing a vase for shipping. Follow the instructions prepared by our experts on how to wrap and pack a vase properly:

  1. Make sure the vase is clean and dry, before packing it for moving.
  2. Wrap the vase with several layers of bubble wrap. Seal the bubble wrap with adhesive tape.
  3. Carefully nest the wrapped vase in a box filled with cushioning materials.
  4. Cover the vase with another layer of bubble wrap or fabrics.
  5. Close the box and shake it gently to make sure the vase is not moving inside.
  6. Seal the box. You can also add warnings such as “Fragile” or “Handle with care”.


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FAQs on how to pack and transport a vase safely

Can I wrap a vase with paper before shipping?
Some people ask if they can wrap a vase with newspaper or tissue paper instead of bubble wrap. We strongly recommend using bubble wrap for packing a vase before shipping, as it is the best way to ensure the safety of your shipment. The tissue or shredded paper might not provide enough cushion, especially when mailing a heavy vase. Still, you can pull some paper inside the vase before wrapping it.
How to pack glass vases for moving?
When packing a glass vase for moving, you should follow the instructions provided above. As removals usually imply moving a large quantity of items, we suggest using our van delivery service, the safest way to transport delicate and fragile item. For additional information about how to transport glass vases, you can visit our dedicated page.
What service should I choose when relocating my home decor store to another location?
When transporting vases of different size and shapes together with other decor items, you can book the Van Service. This is the best option for shipping many items across Europe without stop-overs and space sharing. The whole van will be reserved only for your load and your goods will be transported directly to the destination spot.
Can I take a glass vase on a plane?
Yes, you are allowed to take a glass vase on a plane as carry-on baggage. However, you need to be careful when wrapping the vase and carry it with extra caution, which can be challenging when you are in a hurry or in a busy airport.
Is there any insurance when transporting vases internationally through Eurosender?
Most courier companies consider vases as fragile items. Therefore, insurance options will most likely not apply when shipping vases as an individual. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you pack the vase before moving accordingly to avoid any kind of damage.
Businesses that import vases as freight get coverage from the CMR convention.
How do I mail an antique vase abroad?
As antique vases can be of higher value, they are not recommended for shipping by post or courier services. Still, many people decide to mail an antique vase as a gift after wrapping and packing it carefully. When mailing antique vases as an individual, you do so at your own risk.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping vases internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. If any damages occur, the insurance will not cover the costs of these damages. The insurance is not valid when transporting vases even if the shipper has taken all protective measures. In case you decide to ship vases, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.