How to Ship an Accordion? Packaging Tips

How to pack and ship an accordion internationally? Delivery services

When you need to send an accordion to a customer, or you are a musician looking for the best way to ship your accordion abroad, we have the solution! Eurosender provides affordable and safe delivery services for accordions, concertinas, and squeezeboxes. Check our guide on how to pack and ship an accordion safely and get low-cost prices for sending your instrument within Europe or internationally.

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Accordion shipping solutions for businesses

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How to ship an accordion internationally with Eurosender

Eurosender provides a variety of delivery services for shipping accordions safely which are available within Europe and worldwide:

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective way to ship packages or boxes
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Express shipping

The fastest way to deliver goods globally in 24-72h
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Van delivery

The perfect option for relocations and removals
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How to pack an accordion for shipping

Follow these packaging guidelines to send an accordion safely:

  1. Take off all the shoulder straps and other detachable items. Put them in bubble wrap to ensure protection.
  2. Cover all buttons and chords with adhesive tape.
  3. Wrap the accordion with foam wrap or bubble wrap.
  4. Put the accordion and accessories in the case. Insert additional packaging materials to make the accordion immobile.
  5. Nest the case in a box with enough cushioning materials.
  6. Seal the box and use adhesive tape to secure the edges.

Are you transporting your accordion and other musical instruments to a studio or an event?

Book Eurosender’s van delivery service and move all your musical instruments and band equipment directly to your destination without space sharing or stop-overs. No more complicated preparations or packaging – load all your goods in a van dedicated only for your needs. It is the most convenient way to transport accordions, guitars, cellos, and other musical instruments and gear within Europe.


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FAQs on how to ship an accordion domestically or abroad

Is it safe to ship an accordion by post or courier? How to prevent it from breaking?

The best way to protect an accordion during shipping both from shocks and extreme temperatures is to pack it properly. Moreover, with Eurosender, your shipment is covered by insurance whose value will depend on the type of the shipping service used. You can also purchase additional insurance during the ordering process.

What is the best service for shipping an accordion within the EU?
According to the size, volume or time-sensitivity of the shipment, you can choose among several shipping services. When shipping an accordion in Europe, you can use the Standard Shipping Service or the Van Delivery when transporting several musical instruments together. Alternatively, you can request an individual offer, and our logistics experts will provide you with a customised solution for shipping your accordion.
How can I ship an accordion without a case?
The best way to ship accordions, concertinas or squeezeboxes without a case is to double-box them. Use one of the boxes as the “case”. Put cushioning all around the accordion and tape the box. Then nest the box with the accordion in another cardboard box of the proper size. Add cushioning, close and seal the box.
How to travel with an accordion? Can I take an accordion on a plane?

Travelling with an accordion might be a challenging task. Most airline companies have numerous restrictions and limits regarding hand luggage. Instead of booking a second seat or send it as checked baggage, you can ship the accordion with Eurosender’s delivery services. Simply follow the packaging tips to send the accordion safely and choose the preferred route with our booking tool to get the immediate price.