How to ship an accordion abroad?

Either you are a professional musician or an amateur, you might want to take your musical instrument with you. However, travelling with an accordion might be a challenging task, especially in the case of flights. Most airline companies have numerous restrictions and requirements regarding hand luggage. At Eurosender, we acknowledge the hardships associated with transporting the musical instruments. Therefore, we offer you a short guide for safe and cost-efficient accordion shipping with Eurosender, a trustworthy logistics partner offering door-to-door shipping services.


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Making an order for shipping an accordion abroad is easy and affordable. The only thing you need to do after submitting a request is to prepare your musical instrument by appropriately packing it beforehand. Our experts will arrange everything properly, including communication with the couriers who will be in charge of collecting your parcels at the indicated address.

Shipping Insurance

As a rule, Eurosender services have a standard shipping insurance (200€) included by default. In case your accordion is rather expensive, you might consider one of the insurance packages for valuable items. This additional insurance of up to 2000€ does not increase the total shipping cost significantly but it enhances security for sure.


If you have any questions about packing or shipping an accordion, you are more than welcome to contact us. Our experienced logistics experts and customer support agents would gladly provide you with suggestions, recommendations, and explanations.

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How to ship an accordion internationally or domestically?

Undoubtedly, your accordion is of great value to you, so you obviously want to ship this musical instrument at the highest safety level. Eurosender collaborates with reliable and trustworthy logistics partners which are doing their best to guarantee convenient and secure accordion shipping.

We provide some tips for you on how to ship an accordion by using courier services:

  • Prior to placing an order, you should pack an accordion following the guidelines mentioned below and then take the measures of the item. Afterwards, you need to insert dimensions into the Shipment Size Checker. Based on this, you will find out whether your shipment fits standard services. Otherwise, an individual offer would be a more suitable option.
  • Check whether you need to print and put labels on your package. In case you use standard shipping services with a pickup country of Poland, Sweden, or Spain, you will need a printed shipping label. However, this is not necessary if you send a package from other countries or use freight shipping services.
  • We strongly advise you to place an order at least 2 days in advance of the shipment pick-up date. In addition, you can ask another person to give a package to the courier in case you are busy that day.

Materials for packing an accordion

When shipping an accordion internationally or domestically, you need to ensure that a package is appropriately protected. This is necessary to prevent any damages even if you choose the most reliable and trustworthy logistics service providers. We introduce a list of packaging materials necessary for accordion protection:

  1. Accordion case – using a case that was made specifically for your instrument will decrease the chance of damage while shipping.
  2. Cardboard box – you can put a case with an accordion inside it to protect the shipment. You can find used cardboard boxes in supermarkets or buy some new ones at the stationery. Please, keep in mind that the box should not be much bigger than that of the case.
  3. Foam wrap – this type of packaging material is used to additionally protect your musical instrument. When choosing a foam wrap, make sure it is sick enough. You can find it in a hardware store.
  4. Bubble wrap – this type of packaging material is particularly used to cover fragile parts of the instrument. You can find and buy it at any stationary or hardware store.
  5. Adhesive tape – you can use it for fixing and securing the items.
  6. Packing peanuts and other cushioning materials – those are used for the internal protection to make the items immobile. You can find and buy these packing materials at any stationary or hardware store

How to pack an accordion for shipping?

You already have an idea of what packing elements are needed to secure an accordion shipment. The following set of guidelines is helpful in securing your package and preventing any unwanted damages or losses:

  1. Take off all the shoulder straps and other detachable items. Put them in bubble wrap to ensure protection.
  2. Cover all buttons and chords. Take a strip of adhesive tape and put it across to cover buttons and make them immobile.
  3. Wrap the accordion. You can use foam wrap or bubble wrap for protecting your instrument.
  4. Check the case. You need to make sure that there are no unnecessary items inside the case and remove them if any.
  5. Put the accordion in the case. Locate your instrument in the case and place the straps on top of it. Insert additional packaging materials to make the accordion immobile.
  6. Prepare a cardboard box. Take a box that is a bit larger than the case. Put plenty of packing peanuts on the bottom.
  7. Put the case in the box. You will also need to fill all the empty spaces, including the top of the box, with packing peanuts or other cushioning materials.
  8. Seal and protect the box. Use adhesive tape to seal and secure the box properly.
The most affordable and reliable way for shipping an accordion

There are several reasons indicating why customers want to ship an accordion with Eurosender. The most common scenarios are the following:

  • Buying or selling an accordion. The digital era attracts many customers online so that people from different countries can make a deal. In this case, shipping appears as the most applicable option. At Eurosender, we offer you an affordable way of transporting your instrument without compromising its quality.
  • Repair services. The maintenance of exclusive musical instruments could be really tough for its owners. That way, Eurosender offers reliable shipping services to deliver your accordion to the authorized repairer abroad.
  • Musical concerts or performances. Professional or amateur musicians prefer to work with their favourite instruments. However, travelling with an accordion could be impossible, especially while travelling by plane, because of some restrictions and extra charges for a piece of oversize luggage. Eurosender offers quick and safe delivery of your musical instrument to the chosen place of destination or performance.
  • Relocation. Some customers decide to change their place of residence and move abroad. They often decide to ship fragile and valuable items with reliable courier services. Eurosender is here to organize fast and secure transportation of an accordion or other musical instruments.

Do you have any other questions or uncertainties about packing or shipping an accordion? Feel free to call us or write an e-mail and our experienced customer support agents will gladly assist you.

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