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Immigrate to Madrid. Things you should know before moving to Madrid

Madrid is the sunniest capital in the world and one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, so, it’s no wonder why it attracts so many foreigners from all over the world. Expats and students are moving to Madrid from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Latin American and African countries. If you are about to immigrate or just relocate to Madrid and join the expat or ERASMUS student community, turn Eurosender and book the best international removal services. Get the lowest quotes for moving house to Madrid and explore the basic information you need to know before relocation.

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Things to know about living in Madrid

Spain is associated with seaside, joy, and siesta time every afternoon. The country has gone through the recession and economic downturn, but Madrid remains the financial and business centre of the country and southern Europe in general. That is why expats and students are moving to Madrid in search of the tempting combination of warm sunny atmosphere and career development opportunities. Whether you are relocating to Madrid from the USA or relocating from any other region, you need to learn more about living, studying and working in the capital of Spain.
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The cost of moving to Madrid. International removals to Madrid with Eurosender

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Visa regulations when moving to Madrid

Citizens from non-EU countries will have to apply for a visa in case they are going to move to Madrid and stay there for long. Before moving to Madrid from the USA, Canada, Australia, and other non-EU countries check the visa types and determine which one is the most suitable for you depending on the duration and purpose of your visit.

  • Work visa. If you are moving to Madrid for a job as an expat, ask your employer to provide the necessary documents and contracts related to your job in Spain.
  • Student visa. If you are enrolled in a Spanish university or travel to Madrid as an ERASMUS student, then you can easily apply for this type of visa. Consider using our services for your international removals to Madrid and get a discount to move personal belongings to Madrid.
  • Family reunification visa. You can apply for this type of visa in case one of your relatives is a Spanish citizen or a legal resident based in Barcelona or any other Spanish city permanently.
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Property information. Rentals in Madrid

Expats usually see no point in buying real estate property in Madrid if they are moving there only for a few years and do not have exact plans for the future. The price for 1 square meter in Madrid ranges between €2,000 and €7,000.

When moving to Madrid for studying, the average monthly price for a one-bedroom apartment will cost around €500 in the suburbs of Madrid. If you are moving to Madrid with your family, be ready to pay about €800 per month for a 2-bedroom apartment.


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The cost of living in Madrid

Luckily, Madrid is not a very expensive city to live in. This is especially convenient for students and fresh graduates who are usually on a limited budget. At the same time, the average salary in Madrid is not that high as in London or Paris, so typical expatriates find it challenging to save some money while living and working in Madrid. To figure the cost of living in Madrid, have in mind that you will pay around €120-150 for utilities, €42 for the Internet, and €1.7 for a cup of cappuccino.

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The job market in Madrid

Even though Madrid is the major business centre in Spain, it has not fully recovered from the economic crisis. The unemployment rate is still high, while many expats report that it is difficult to find job opportunities in Madrid. Still, expats relocating to Madrid can work as native teachers of English and IT professionals. There is also an option to immigrate to Madrid as a part of the intra-company transfer. Anyway, it is always better to learn Spanish before moving to Madrid and reach at least the level B1.

Schools and education in Madrid

If you are moving to Madrid from the USA or a Latin American country where Spanish is spoken widely, then you do not need to make any extra effort in learning the local language and so do your children. Public schools in Madrid are free of charge for the children of legal immigrant workers and expats. Mostly, foreigners moving to Madrid with children prefer private schools, which stick to the national curriculum but have smaller classes and an in-depth study of certain subjects. Moreover, some private schools offer bilingual education or even international curricula.

Pre-school education
Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Elementary school
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary school
Age: 12-16
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare system in Madrid

The Spanish healthcare system is accessible to legal residents. Everyone who pays social security contributions is eligible to get medical services in public healthcare institutions in Madrid or any other city across the country. However, expats moving to Madrid usually opt to purchase private health insurance additionally to have access to a wide range of private clinics with English-speaking medical staff.

Driving in Madrid. Should I get a Spanish driving licence?

The EU and EEA citizens can drive a car in Madrid with a valid International driver’s licence. You must register with travel authorities within six months after becoming a resident of Spain and obtain a Spanish driver’s licence then.

In 2018, a new project, Madrid Central came into action. Madrid Central gives priority to pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport. If your office or working place is located in the central part of Madrid, it is better to get there by bus, metro, or bicycle.

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What else you should know about living in Madrid

  • Immigrant workers and expats who are moving to Madrid must learn Spanish beforehand. Knowing the local language is essential for finding a good job and making friends.
  • Madrid is considered to be a safe place to live in, and police officers do everything possible to support its status of a secure city. Anyway, there are many cases of pickpocketing in the streets of Madrid.
  • If you are going to immigrate to Madrid to work in a company or be self-employed there, you will have to deal with terrific bureaucracy. You will have to wait long when your documents are being processed, but ‘no hurry’ is typical for Spain and Madrid as well even if to a lesser extent. The same goes when you apply for a residence permit or have any other issues where you have to deal with the administrative institutions.

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See the most popular countries from where people relocate to Madrid

Moving to Madrid from Latin America countries

Are you going to relocate to Madrid from Latin America for work or study? Then turn to international removals to Madrid powered by Eurosender and benefit from affordable door-to-door shipping services. Whether you wish to bring just a few boxes or your whole household, you can rest assured, they will arrive in the shortest time possible and one piece.

Moving to Madrid from Romania

Whether you are moving to Madrid from Romania for work or retirement purposes, you need to get ready to relocate properly. Book services for international removals to Madrid through the Eurosender platform to send packages, suitcases or pallets and get the most affordable cost of moving house to Madrid.

Moving to Madrid from China

When immigrating to Madrid from China, you might want to save cost on moving house to Spain and Eurosender is the best option in such a situation. Trusted by many expats worldwide, our vast logistics network means you will be matched with the right service at the best price available. With Eurosender you get fast and smooth relocation services to Madrid or any other destination.

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