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Send a parcel abroad with recorded delivery services

Signed for delivery or recorded delivery is when the courier obtains a signature from the receiver as proof of delivery. With Eurosender, you can send letters, envelopes and parcels with recorded delivery. Monitor your shipment with the unique tracking code provided and know when your recipient has signed for delivery.

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Our signed for delivery services

At Eurosender, we offer a wide selection of signed for delivery services for shipping any item. From important documents to packages, we will always find a solution for your needs.
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Booking recorded delivery services with Eurosender

Sending a parcel with recorded delivery through our platform is safe and easy. Organise your signed for delivery service from the comfort of your own home following these simple steps:


Select the countries of pick-up and delivery on the booking tool.


Insert the addresses where you want the parcel to be collected and delivered.


Pack your items and have the package ready on the scheduled date.


The courier will collect and deliver at the addresses provided.


Signed for delivery: why choose Eurosender?

Recorded and signed for delivery services vary between postal and courier services. Check the advantages of booking your signed for parcel delivery with Eurosender instead!

FeaturePostal serviceCourier serviceEurosender
Express solutions
Service dedicated to documentsFor some services
Free door-to-door deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Real-time trackingFor some services
Free signature upon deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Proof of delivery availableFor some servicesFor some services
Basic insurance included

Recorded delivery prices available online

We offer a range of affordable international shipping services in Europe with the signed for delivery feature. To get an instant quote for sending a parcel abroad with recorded delivery, simply go to our booking tool and provide your shipping details. Select a signed for parcel delivery service that matches your needs and budget and place your order online. The courier will pick up your parcel from the address provided and then get the recipient to sign for the delivery.

Recorded delivery tracking – safe shipping matters!

Our services include tracking so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing where your shipment is at all times. The courier will ask the recipient or someone at the address to sign for the delivery to prove that the item has safely reached its destination. The tracking system provides details of the international recorded delivery, such as the date and time of delivery. Additional proof of delivery, including the signature, is available on request.

Enter your tracking number in the tool below and check the details of your signed for delivery service.

Input tracking or order number

Who should choose recorded delivery services?

Our recorded and signed for parcel delivery services are ideal for the following:

  • E-commerce businesses – It is essential to your business that your commercial shipments reach their destination safely. Signed for delivery offers proof of postage and helps to resolve disputes. Read more about e-commerce shipping methods.
  • Parcel returns – If you have ordered something online and wish to return the parcel for whatever reason, it is best to send it with recorded delivery. This will ensure the item gets back to the seller and you get proof of delivery.
  • Important documents or parcels – If you are sending valuable items or sensitive documents, it is recommended to use recorded delivery services so that you know that the intended person receives the items.

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How much does international recorded delivery cost?

Are you wondering how much it costs to send a letter or parcel safely with recorded delivery? Get an instant quote for signed for delivery services in just a few clicks.
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FAQ on recorded parcel and signed for delivery services

What is the difference between registered post and recorded delivery?
Registered post is another name for recorded delivery, which means that the courier requests a signature for the delivery. However, please note that international recorded delivery services do not necessarily include tracking, as this is considered a separate feature by many postal and courier services. For postal companies such as Royal Mail, recorded delivery is a part of their Signed For 1st Class and 2nd Class services. With Eurosender, our international letter and parcel recorded delivery services already include tracking in the price! Use the tool to get a quote and send a parcel with recorded delivery in a safe and affordable way.
How long do international recorded or signed for delivery services take?
The transit time depends on the route, the selected signed for delivery service and the method of transport. If you are sending your recorded delivery parcel abroad via Eurosender, you can see the estimated delivery time after inserting your shipping details in our booking engine. This should make sending your recorded delivery parcel easier to arrange.
Can I track a signed for parcel delivery?
Absolutely! Our services include online tracking so that you always know where your package is. Once your order has been confirmed by the courier for collection, we will send you an email with instructions on how to track your signed for parcel delivery. When you see the "out for delivery" tracking status, this indicates that your recipient can expect delivery during the day.
What items can I not send with recorded delivery using the Document Service?
The Document Service is only suitable for sending documents, paper items, and registered mail. See below examples of what you cannot send with recorded delivery using the Document Service:
  • Credit cards or any magnetic card: if a card is detected inside an envelope or parcel, the shipment will be destroyed;
  • Cash, bank cheques;
  • Any small item that is not a document or letter. In this case, you should book an alternative signed for parcel delivery service.
Are signed for delivery services insured?
Yes, basic insurance is included in the prices of our recorded delivery services. Please note that the insurance will only be valid if your shipment complies with the regulations of the courier company. When booking a recorded delivery service with Eurosender, you can choose the option of additional shipping insurance for extra peace of mind.
How long will couriers keep signed for parcels after failed delivery?
It depends on the courier, but usually, they will store signed for parcels for up to 7 days. If the item is not redelivered or collected in that time, it will be returned to the sender. When booking signed for delivery services, it is important to make sure your recipient knows when to expect the delivery and that they can be available to sign for the parcel.
What if my signed for parcel shipment shows as delivered, but did not arrive?
If your tracking page indicates that your signed for parcel was delivered, but you have confirmed with the recipient that nothing was given to them, please contact us, and we will check with the courier. The proof of delivery provided by the courier can help to clarify the situation. Incorrect tracking statuses can sometimes happen due to scanning issues.