Shipping student luggage abroad with Eurosender

This article is crafted specifically for students who plan a move to another country as a part of the international exchange program such as Erasmus, so you will find essential tips on packaging, labelling, and other aspects related to shipping student luggage abroad and inland. Eurosender is there to offer affordable student parcel delivery as we have already helped more than 500,000 students to send personal belongings to campus or back home at the affordable cost. We know which shipping needs students do have and provide respective solutions for them.

Things to consider when using shipping services for students

There is no need to search for the best courier company for student luggage shipping as our shipping engine can do that instead of you in just a few seconds. The Eurosender platform grants affordable student parcel delivery and freight shipping as it chooses the best option in terms of the price-to-performance ratio. As we collaborate with trustworthy logistics service providers, you can get exclusive offers and discounts for student removals when you need to send personal belongings to campus or back home.

Dedicate some time to packaging

Once you decide to ship your bags to the country of destination where you plan to embark your studies, it is necessary to take care of packaging your personal belonging in the right way. All the shipments sent via courier must be arranged in sturdy cardboard boxes and properly sealed with adhesive tape, which is a preferred method of packaging. However, if you want to ship a suitcase, you need to zip all the pockets and wrap your suitcase in a protective plastic film, including the handles and wheels. Check detailed packaging instructions here.

Fit more stuff in your luggage

There are several simple tips that will help you to optimally use space inside your package. We will share some of them with you. First of all, it is recommended to roll fold your clothes or employ the bundle packing method. Secondly, you can use expandable bags or packing folders that help save out some space in your package. Thirdly, it is recommended to compress your items by putting them inside shoes, for instance. By adhering to these pieces of advice, you will be able to pack some extra stuff in your luggage. However, you need to consider that the weight of the parcel does not depend on the packing method.

Book shipping services in advance

It is crucial to place an order at least 2 business days before your planned pick-up date. Booking shipping services beforehand is a good practice to avoid any inconveniences. Once your order is confirmed, you will get a confirmation e-mail from us. You will find a tracking number there and will get to know which exact courier company for student luggage shipping is chosen for your order.

Indicate the correct address and telephone number

It is crucial to indicate a detailed pick-up and delivery addresses in order to avoid any confusion but ensure that a courier will be able to locate your house/dormitory to collect your shipment. The same goes for the delivery address as correct information ensures that your parcel is delivered to the right consignee. Furthermore, it is very important to enter a correct local telephone number which is valid in the country where the collection or delivery will take place. Even though the courier service providers are not obliged to contact the customers by phone, in case they decide to do so, only local phone numbers will be contacted.

Collection from students’ dormitories

If you need affordable student parcel delivery to or from a dormitory, check our dedicated article on that topic. Find out that indicating a detailed address with a room number is crucial. Furthermore, choosing the right type of shipping service is also important. In case affordable student parcel delivery to or from a dormitory is not applicable for your shipment, our logistics experts will make a customized offer for you in case you need to dispatch several packages or bulky items.

Collection from universities

Before shipping student luggage abroad from university to your home country or another place, make sure you place an order in advance so you will be there when a courier comes to collect your shipment. You can also appoint another person to dispatch your parcel if you are going to leave soon. Taking care of that is necessary to ensure that shipping student luggage abroad from universities goes smooth.

Shipping for Erasmus and exchange students

Eurosender encourages students to participate in international exchange programs such as ERASMUS. Studying abroad brings unforgettable emotions and comprehensive experience for young people who once decided to leave their home country and explore new opportunities. Eurosender has already helped over 20,000 students in shipping student luggage abroad to their new home and take advantage of storage services for as long as it is needed.

Along with providing advantageous shipping options, we also supply them with tips and guides related to ERASMUS. You can check our blog section on the website and find dozens of articles for exchange students. Check out the ERASMUS students guide of 2019, learn how to find affordable accommodation options in Italy for students, and discover facts about ERASMUS life in Budapest and many other useful tips for students.

How to get discounts for student removals and benefit from it?

We acknowledge that affordable student parcel delivery services availability is crucial. Therefore, we have established collaborations and partnerships with many student organisations that operate locally in certain countries and internationally to offer affordable prices for you. To get a Eurosender discount, check whether we have partnered with a particular student organization. We have collaborations with ESN Barcelona, ESN Portugal, ESN Germany, and many others.

Another way to get discounts for student removals is to check whether your university or a local student organisation has a partnership with courier services.

Get in touch with us and we will give you complete information about how the service works. If you book shipping services to send personal belongings to campus and back after you spend a semester abroad, you will get special prices as well. We have a team of people who are specialized in helping out students: from tips on how to start their exchange and what to do while travelling to shipping advice.

Shipping for interns, trainees, and international volunteers

Shipping for interns and trainees

If you have already completed your studies and want to embark your journey in the professional career by enrolling in the internship program or a regular job, Eurosender is there to help you with relocation. Our moving services come in handy for hundreds of international interns who need to transport their belongings to a chosen destination. Enjoy the convenience of the door-to-door shipping services instead of dragging your packages and suitcases around.

Shipping for international volunteers

Being a volunteer may not be easy at times, but it is definitely worth it. Eurosender assists young volunteers to facilitate their travel arrangements by offering easier and cheaper solutions. This way, you do not have to worry about investing a lot of money into your volunteer experience. If you send a suitcase beforehand, you can focus on more important matters than carrying your luggage around.

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