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Courier services for students | Luggage shipping & removals

Are you a student searching for the best way to send your belongings to campus or back home? Search no more! At Eurosender, we have helped more than 500,000 students shipping their luggage in Europe and overseas. By collaborating with reliable and international logistics providers, we offer a comprehensive set of courier services for students moving abroad for their studies, internships, volunteer programs, etc. Benefit from our expertise in the transportation industry and get essential tips about packaging & labelling your luggage and parcels for shipping.


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International shipping services available for students

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What to consider when using our courier services for students?

To make sure your parcels will arrive safely, whether you booked a student parcel delivery to or from a dormitory, please pay attention to the following:

Dedicate some time to packaging.
It is always recommended to pack your items into cardboard boxes, even when organising the international shipping of your student luggage or suitcase.
Fit more stuff into your luggage.
Optimise the inner space by roll folding your clothes, employing the bundle packing method or using expandable bags/packing folders.
Indicate the correct address and telephone number.
Make sure to add all information needed for the courier to access the destination address, including the dorm number, access codes or any other relevant information. When adding your contact information, please have in mind that drivers only call local numbers.
Inform the recipient about the delivery.
Estimate the time of delivery and ensure that someone will be present at the delivery address. When shipping to the college or university reception, the responsible recipient should be informed in advance.

Students removal services: ship all your belongings at once

Besides the student parcel and luggage delivery service, we offer affordable solutions to students or interns relocating for short or long periods of time. No matter how big your load is, we can match you with the right logistics service to send all your personal belongings at once to campus or back home.

International student moving services

College shipping and storage

  • Safe warehouses provided by our trusted logistics partners
  • Affordable shipping and storage solutions for college students or interns
  • Store your belongings for as long as you need


Van delivery service
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Shipping services for Erasmus and exchange students

At Eurosender, we highly encourage students and interns to participate in international exchange programs such as ERASMUS. We have helped over 500,000 students to ship their luggage abroad or inland with the most affordable prices on the market. When embarking on this experience, don’t waste your time searching for the best courier company for delivering student luggage or freight shipping as our booking engine can do that for you in just a few seconds. By instantly comparing the prices of several providers, our algorithm identifies the most suitable and affordable student parcel delivery service for your needs. Besides that, we also supply you with several tips and guides related to ERASMUS on our blog.

How to get discounts for student shipping and removals services?

To provide affordable parcel and luggage delivery services to students, we collaborate with several student organisations that operate both locally and internationally. A few examples of our partners are ESN Barcelona, ESN Portugal, ESN Germany, and many others. To get a Eurosender discount, check at your local student organisation if they are one of our partners and, if not, you can always recommend us since we are continually expanding our collaboration network.

You can also get special prices when you book the shipping services for sending your personal belongings both ways, to campus and back home after the exchange is over. If you would like to know all the available options for international student moving services, contact us and our team will be glad to answer any of your questions.


When can you benefit from our international student shipping services?

College or university students
Organise shipping and storage of items
Ship your luggage to any destination
Trainees or graduates
Safe transport for your laptop and equipment
International volunteers
Send your items at affordable costs


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FAQs about Shipping student luggage in Europe or abroad

Can a student get a moving van through Eurosender for transporting their belongings?
Yes, through our Van Delivery Service, students can book a moving van with a dedicated driver. This is the most convenient and fastest way of organising your student removal because the van can fit all your belongings at once and it is a direct transport, without stopovers. Get an instant quote for your student moving service through our booking tool.
How to address an envelope or a package to a college student?
When organising a student parcel delivery to a dormitory or university address, you have to make sure the address inserted during the booking process is fully complete and accessible to the courier driver. On the field of “Name and Surname”, insert the consignee’s name and also the name of the university, so the courier driver knows it is not a residential address. Insert both the street and the dorm number on the “Address” field.
Note: Do not write crucial information on the “Additional info” field since couriers don’t always take them into consideration.
Can students organise international excess baggage shipping?
Yes! Shipping your excess baggage internationally via courier services is not only convenient but also a very affordable solution. Avoid the high excess charges imposed by airline companies and ship your student baggage internationally with us. With our door-to-door services, your baggage will be delivered directly at your address – no need for stressing about dragging your heavy luggage around.
Please bear in mind that for shipping routes that include the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, or Austria, we recommend packing your items directly on cardboard boxes since the couriers do not transport suitcases in these destinations.
Does Eurosender offer student shipping services overseas?
Yes, we offer student shipping services in Europe and overseas. Through collaboration with global logistics providers, we offer reliable shipping luggage services abroad for students and interns to almost any destination in the world. Get an immediate quote for shipping luggage to or from universities directly through our booking tool.
Is there any insurance included in the student shipping luggage service?
Yes, the delivery services booked through our platform have basic insurance already included in the price, whose coverage may vary depending on the service used. If you want extra protection when shipping your student luggage or parcels abroad, you can purchase additional insurance for a small price during the booking process.
Can students book freight shipping services with Eurosender?
Yes, we offer freight shipping solutions for students (individuals) and businesses. Our freight solutions are especially useful for bigger relocations when you need to transport a large number of items. If you are not sure which service best fits your needs, send us a message and our experts will provide you with professional advice.