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Founded in 1516, the Royal Mail is located in the United Kingdom and provides postal and courier services. Royal Mail Group Limited, which is the subsidiary of Royal Mail, operates the brand Royal Mail, which delivers letters, and Parcelforce Worldwide, which delivers parcels and packages. For the post services, Royal Mail uses characteristic red boxes, which have become a world-famous feature of the UK. For the largest part of its history, Royal Mail was a public company, managed by the state. However, this changed in 2013, when the company went to the stock market. In 2015 the UK’s government sold its last shares in Royal Mail. Below you will find information about Royal Mail maximum parcel weight, Royal Mail shipping insurance, and the Royal Mail helpdesk.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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A bit pricey but excellent customer service, pickup and delivery on the next day. Moved my whole furniture and items from the netherlands to germany! Super happy and relieved that it went so well!

Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

Royal Mail has a long track record when it comes to delivering mail and packages. However, when you want to try something new or when looking for a cheaper alternative, it is well worth to check out the benefits you experience when shipping with Eurosender.

Multilingual customer service which can be contacted by both email and phone.

Your order will be transported based on the best price to performance ratio.

Help with choosing the most suitable packing materials and instructions based on the type of shipment.

Proof of delivery on request.

SMS notifications for the delivery status of your shipment.

By creating a Eurosender account you get access to many benefits.

Send a parcel with Royal Mail and the alternatives

Trying something new is always exciting, so why not ship your items with Eurosender? We provide you with a huge list of different shipping services, which helps you to make your shipping more efficient. Below you see the Eurosender services and a brief explanation about how they work.

Standard shipping: Besides shipping standard packages, this is also a great option for shipping your luggage to your vacation address. It is an easy way to save money as nowadays many airline companies charge hefty fees for additional luggage.

Freight Shipping: With the right type of pallet at hand, you check whether FTL, LTL or PTL shipping is the most suitable variant for you.

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Dedicated Van Delivery: As the name already indicates, this is a reserved van that only carries your shipment and provides direct transport. This is an excellent choice for when you are moving.

Individual offer: Our logistics experts are waiting for your emails and calls in case your shipment has individual demands. They will make sure your items start moving.

When you want to know which factors are taken into consideration when determining the price, take a look at the main requirements.

  • Dimensions: After packing your items you can measure them. To fill in the shipment size checker you need to measure the length, width, height, and weight of the item you want to ship. Never forget this step as you may exceed the Royal Mail maximum parcel weight.
  • Distance: Crossing borders, customs clearance, and other things come into play when your shipment travels long distances.
  • Kind of items: When you ship non-standard goods, for example, items which are fragile, hazardous or toxic, extra precautions have to be taken.
  • Additional services: When you have a need for storage for your shipment, additional insurance or re-routing of your shipment, this could lead to extra costs.
  • Delivery time: Planning your shipment well ahead can help you make huge savings on your transportation expenses.

FAQ section Royal Mail

  • Is there a Royal Mail helpdesk?
    • When looking for the Royal Mail helpdesk, go to the Personal Customers Help Centre on the Royal Mail website, where you find the details for getting in touch with customer service.
  • Are parcels insured with Royal Mail?
    • Royal mail offers many services and the Royal Mail shipping insurance and height of the coverage depend on the service selected.
  • Is there a possibility for pallet delivery with Royal Mail?
    • There is currently no option for pallet delivery with Royal Mail. When you want to ship a pallet with Royal Mail or when you were thinking about Royal Mail sea freight or Royal Mail air freight, Eurosender’s freight service is a cheap and fast option to consider.
  • Where can you find the Royal Mail tracking number?
    • The Royal Mail tracking number, sometimes also called barcode or reference, can be found in the information provided by the shipper or on the parcel’s receipt.
  • Are there handling charges with Royal Mail?
    • Depending on the shipment, there can be handling charges with Royal Mail.
  • Do Royal Mail shipping labels expire?
    • As long as the label is in readable condition, it remains valid.
  • Where can I find packaging tips for shipping with Royal Mail?
    • When looking for packaging tips for shipping with Royal Mail, you can visit their website or you check the Eurosender instructions for a wide variety of items

Contact us immediately when you have additional questions regarding your shipment or how to pack it. Our team of experts will show you the way!

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, about Royal Mail sea freight, Royal Mail air freight, Royal Mail shipping insurance, packaging tips for shipping with Royal Mail or Royal Mail maximum parcel weight, etc., always check the official website of Royal Mail.