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Royal Mail is one of the oldest and most popular postal and courier service providers in the UK. Royal Mail provides different shipping and logistics services, including standard and express deliveries of letters and parcels within the United Kingdom and internationally.

Before you settle into booking your courier delivery with Royal Mail, check the costs of shipping via Eurosender by using the pricing tool.

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Royal Mail is one of the oldest and most popular postal and courier service providers in the UK. Royal Mail provides different shipping and logistics services, including standard and express deliveries of letters and parcels within the United Kingdom and internationally.

Before you settle into booking your courier delivery with Royal Mail, check the costs of shipping via Eurosender by using the pricing tool.


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Royal Mail standard and express shipping: international rates

Royal Mail provides domestic and international shipping services in the UK. Royal Mail courier rates and delivery speeds depend on the chosen services and route.

Royal Mail in the UK: domestic courier services

When sending a parcel with Royal Mail across the UK, keep in mind that the maximum weight allowed is 20 kg. If you want to send a shipment of up to 30 kg, you can use Royal Mail subsidiary company Parcelforce via their service called Large Parcel.

To give you an idea of pricing, check some of the most popular Royal Mail standard and express logistics services within the UK below:

Royal Mail ServiceDelivery TimeRates
Royal Mail GuaranteedNext-day on a specific timeframe£ 2.70 – 22.95, depending on the service
Royal Mail Signed For1-3 business days£ 2.08 – 6.35, depending on the service
Royal Mail Standard1-3 business daysFrom £ 0.68

Royal Mail international: courier services abroad

Royal Mail also provides international shipping services for letters and packages. For the services fulfilled by the Royal Mail logistics network, the maximum weight allowed is 2 kg. For deliveries fulfilled by Parcelforce, parcels can weigh up to 30 kg. However, the prices for services performed by Parcelforce should be estimated using this courier’s website instead.

Royal Mail courier rates for international routes depend on the tracking options, distance and package dimensions. When sending a letter or a parcel internationally with Royal Mail, you can choose between the following courier services:

Royal Mail ServiceDelivery TimesRates
International Tracked & Signed3-4 business daysFrom £ 7.00
International Tracked3-4 business daysFrom £ 6.90
International Signed3-5 business daysFrom £ 7.00
International Standard3-5 business daysFrom £ 1.85
International EconomyFrom 14 business daysFrom £ 1.60
Alternatively, you check the price for shipping via Eurosender by introducing the details of your shipment on our booking tool. Get an immediate quote with no hidden fees in just a few clicks.

Royal Mail international tracking

Only specific services offered by Royal Mail for international and domestic deliveries include the possibility of tracking the shipment. Each service has its own characteristics, such as tracking and signature on delivery. If you need your shipment to be tracked, the best option is to send your parcel with a Royal Mail Tracked service. To check the status of your package sent with Royal Mail, you can enter the unique tracking number on the company’s website.

Are parcels insured when shipping with Royal Mail?

Depending on the chosen Royal Mail courier service and route, you can get compensation for lost, damaged or missing items. To claim compensation for lost or damaged items, you need to provide:

  • Original proof of postage and proof of value;
  • Details about the sender and recipient;
  • The type of Royal Mail courier service used;
  • Date and location of posting.

If you are sending valuables, money or jewellery within the UK, you should use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed. Only with this service are you able to claim compensation for such items if the post is lost or damaged. Royal Mail insurance prices depend on the value of your parcel and its weight.

The total insurance coverage value for Royal Mail courier services will vary based on the service. For domestic deliveries, for example, Royal Mail insurance options can cover up to £ 2,500. We recommend carefully reading the insurance options available when booking any courier service with Royal Mail so you can evaluate for your specific shipment if additional insurance is required or not.


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FAQs about Royal Mail courier services and international shipping

Does Royal Mail deliver on weekends?
Yes, most Royal Mail courier services offer deliveries from Monday to Saturday but bear in mind that the delivery time on Saturdays may be reduced.
Deliveries on Sundays are an option, but this must be purchased as an additional service. Sunday deliveries are only available for specific services. If you require delivery on a Sunday, we recommend checking the options available with Royal Mail directly as availability may vary depending on the location. Read more about weekend deliveries.
Are Royal Mail parcels scanned?
Parcels that arouse suspicion and are considered potentially risky will be scanned for safety and security reasons. That being said, Royal Mail does not check all domestic packages.
Packages which are going abroad will be inspected or scanned by Royal Mail or the customs authorities. Make sure you check the rules beforehand and don't include any prohibited item, so your delivery goes smoothly.
Can I book a pallet delivery with Royal Mail?
There is currently no option to book a pallet delivery with Royal Mail. You can only send letters and parcels weighing up to 20 kg (via the Royal Mail logistics network) or 30 kg (via Parcelforce).
If you need to send larger items or pallets, you can get instant quotes for pallet shipping right here at Eurosender.
How long do you have to collect a parcel from Royal Mail?
Royal Mail keeps parcels for 18 calendar days before returning them to the sender. In case you missed the delivery for some reason or the package was too big for your letterbox, you can request redelivery. The date for the second delivery attempt must be within 18 calendar days of the first delivery attempt. Royal Mail provides free deliveries to your own address or to another address in your postcode area.
How can I book a Royal Mail redelivery?
Royal Mail allows customers to book a redelivery if they have missed the first delivery attempt. You can book redelivery with Royal Mail online using the details on the card the courier left in your mailbox after the first failed delivery attempt. If you cannot find the card or are missing some important information, Royal Mail may require you to identify yourself with some form of ID. When you book a Royal mail redelivery, you will get a new tracking number on the card, which you can use to track your parcel from then on.
What if you miss a Royal Mail redelivery?
If you missed your Royal Mail redelivery or if your Royal Mail redelivery has not arrived, you can book another one online with the same card details. Royal Mail will attempt to redeliver the parcel again after two business days. Alternatively, you can change the delivery address to a neighbour's free of cost or arrange for your parcel to be delivered to a Royal Mail post office at an additional cost.
How much do the Royal Mail customs charges cost and how can I pay them?
Every time you receive items from outside the UK, your goods may be subject to customs charges. The charges depend on the content of the package, its value, where the item came from and who sent it. Understand more about how customs clearance procedures work.
To simplify the process, Royal Mail pays the import charges and VAT on your behalf. After this, you will receive a ‘Fee to pay’ card with the amount due for the customs charge, which will include a Royal Mail £ 8 handling fee. You can pay Royal Mail import charges in person or online on the company’s website.
’Your item has left Royal Mail international logistics centre’ - What does it mean?
When tracking your parcel sent with Royal Mail, one of the possible tracking statuses says that ‘Your item has left Royal Mail international logistics centre’. This means that your shipment arrived at the Royal Mail international distribution centre located in Heathrow, and it’s on the way to your local Delivery Office. The time of delivery will depend on where the local distribution centre is, adding up any issues along the way, such as traffic, weather conditions etc.
See other common tracking statuses.
Where can I drop off Royal Mail parcels?
Royal Mail has a wide network of parcel postboxes where you can drop off your shipment if you don’t need proof of postage. To use Royal Mail drop-off locations, you need to buy postage online, print and attach the label and drop the package into a postbox. Keep in mind that the maximum parcel size allowed into Royal Mail Postboxes is 44cm x 35cm x 16cm. You can check the nearest Royal Mail drop-off point on the courier website.
If you need proof of postage or your item is too large for a postbox, you can take it to a Post Office or to a Customer Service Point. When shipping with Eurosender, you don't have to pay anything extra for the proof of delivery document.
Where can you find the Royal Mail tracking number?
The Royal Mail tracking number, sometimes also called barcode or reference, can be found on the parcel’s receipt. With this tracking number, you can follow your Royal Mail parcel delivery and get updated about any shipping alert.
How does Royal Mail ’Click and Drop’ service work?
With Click & Drop service, you can buy postage online, print it, and then drop off your package in a postbox, Royal Mail Customer Service Point, or Post Office branch. To use the service, you need to register on the Royal Mail website.
Royal Mail Click & Drop service allows businesses to keep the details of the products they are selling to customers to deliver packages faster. Resellers can integrate their online stores with Royal Mail Click & Drop accounts.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in October 2022. For more information about Royal Mail parcel insurance, Royal Mail courier services, Royal Mail courier prices, Royal Mail international tracking, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.