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Easiest way of sending parcels to Albania

Parcel delivery to Albania is easy to organise, thanks to Eurosender! Don’t lose time comparing rates on various courier websites – our platform will do that for you. Simply enter your shipment details in the booking tool to instantly get the price for sending your parcel to Albania from anywhere you wish.

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Book your parcel delivery to Albania with us and benefit from:

Fully door-to-door delivery

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Sending parcels to Albania with Eurosender

At Eurosender, we offer solutions for large or small parcel delivery to Albania. Depending on the size and urgency of your shipment, we have a few service options you can choose from:
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Convenient parcel delivery from your door to the recipient in Albania

Send a parcel to almost any address in Albania – from the comfort of your own home! By booking the shipping service on our online platform, you save time and effort because you don’t need to go anywhere to drop off the package. Eurosender makes the shipping process easy and straightforward. Insert the collection and delivery addresses, book a date, and then the courier will perform the parcel delivery service to Albania.

Door-to-door shipping is the best way to send your parcel to Albania.


How to prepare your parcel for delivery to Albania

Before collection, make sure you pack your parcel adequately for delivery to Albania. Cardboard boxes are considered standard packaging material for parcel services. We recommend choosing a sturdy box to protect your items and following these packing steps:

  • Choose a strong box in which your items fit comfortably
  • Generously wrap each item with bubble wrap
  • Pack everything carefully inside the box, filling voids with cushioning materials
  • Tape the box closed and add the label if required

Sending a parcel to Albania: will it go through customs?

If you send a parcel to Albania from outside of the common trade area, you need to fill in a commercial or proforma invoice, depending on whether the goods are for business or personal use. You may need to provide additional customs documentation for the local authorities when organising parcel delivery to Albania. We recommend checking the rules that apply to you on the government websites of both countries in advance.


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Large and small parcel delivery services to Albania

Find the best value for money with Eurosender when sending parcels of all sizes to Albania. We know how you can keep costs to a minimum and prepared these tips for you to follow:

  • Prepare the package as compact as possible
  • Book a non-expedited shipping option, such as the Standard Service (if available)
  • Use second-hand packaging materials that are still in perfect shape
  • Disassemble the item as much as possible
  • Sometimes shipping two regular-sized boxes is cheaper than one oversized parcel
  • Avoid the heavyweight fees by booking a pallet delivery instead

How to calculate the cost to send a parcel to Albania

The cost to send a parcel to Albania is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Weight and dimensions of the package
  • Locations of pick-up and delivery
  • Shipping method used
  • Additional services purchased

When you choose Eurosender to send your parcels to Albania, you get a reliable shipping service for an affordable price. Click on the button below to get an instant quote.


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FAQ about sending parcels domestically or internationally to Albania

How much is it to send a package to Albania?
To get an instant quote for sending a parcel to Albania, please insert your shipping details in our booking engine above. The cost depends on the distance between the pick-up and delivery destinations as well as the size and urgency of your shipment. The price for package delivery to Albania will include basic insurance and tracking.
Who pays the customs fees when sending a parcel to Albania?
Customs fees are usually paid by the recipient before parcel delivery in Albania unless otherwise agreed with the sender. The duty to be paid by the recipient depends on the information provided in the customs declaration. If you are sending a parcel to Albania from within the same free trade zone, no customs fees will need to be paid.
What documents do I need to provide when sending a package to Albania?
It depends on the transport route as well as the purpose of shipping. If you are sending a parcel to Albania within a common trade area, you will not need to provide any extra documents unless otherwise instructed. However, you will need to provide a commercial invoice or proforma if you are sending the parcel to Albania from another global location. Read more about the required documents for shipping.
How quickly are parcels delivered to Albania?
The transit time will vary based on the route distance as well as the transport service selected. If you need your parcel to be delivered in Albania in the shortest time possible, we recommend booking our Priority Express Service. Your parcel will be sent to Albania via air transport and delivered in 24-72h.
Does UPS deliver parcels to Albania?
Yes, UPS delivers parcels to Albania and almost any other country around the world. When you book a parcel delivery to Albania with Eurosender, our shipping platform will automatically assign the courier offering the lowest rate for your particular requirements, which can be UPS or another one of our trusted international couriers. Get your quote for sending a parcel to Albania using the tool at the top of the page.