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International car shipping services to Croatia

Organise the transportation of your car to Croatia with the support of our logistics experts. In collaboration with a network of Croatian and international car hauliers, we offer personalised car shipping services to and from Croatia. Send us the shipping requirements and the vehicle details to receive a quote for a car delivery service in Croatia.
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Why choose our car transport services to Croatia?

Fast and tailored car shipping quotes
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Road transport services to ship a car to Croatia

We are proud to offer tailored solutions to ship a car to Croatia. Depending on the number of vehicles and your specific requirements, you can select different international car transport options.

How can I send a car to Croatia?

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Reliable car transport service in Croatia

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we organise international car shipping services to and from Croatia with the best option for your company.
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Enclosed car transport service to Croatia

The safest vehicle transport option to ship a car in Croatia is our enclosed car transport. Your vehicle will be transported in a closed trailer and will be protected from any damage or bad weather conditions. The enclosed car transport service is the suggested option when shipping a new car or a luxury and expensive vehicle to Croatia. Thanks to our network of reliable car hauliers in Croatia and Europe, we can arrange safe and dedicated transportation of any car model.


Prepare the car for safe transport to Croatia

Car hauliers and logistics companies suggest following this simple checklist to make sure your car transport to Croatia will go smoothly.

Wash the car and remove all personal objects

Condition check
Check the conditions and the fluids levels

Prepare all the documents for the carrier and customs

Take pictures of the car before the transport to serve as proof

Things when importing a car to Croatia

When shipping a car or a motorcycle internationally to Croatia, our experts will take care of all the transportation details, but you will be required to take care of all the details about customs and registration.

Check the legislation
Check the customs rules and the legislation about importing a car to Croatia from another country.
Prepare the documents
Prepare all the required documents for the transport and the customs procedure to import a car to Croatia.
Register the vehicle
After importing a car to Croatia, you will need to register the vehicle to the local office, providing all the required documents.


Additional services when shipping a car to Croatia

Our platform gives you access to many logistics solutions to help you when relocating or sending every type of items.
When shipping a car to Croatia, you may need other services to send additional goods to the same destination.

Book a car shipping service to Croatia

Get a fully tailored vehicle shipping quote to transport your car to Croatia. Send us all the following details using the button below, and our experts will prepare an offer for you.

  • Pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Type of transport required
  • Other specific requirements or requests

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FAQs about car shipping services to and from Croatia

How much does it cost to ship a car to Croatia?
Shipping a car or other types of vehicles to Croatia requires specific solutions, so the price to ship a car can vary depending on the different options and services chosen. To know the exact cost to ship your car to Croatia, send us all the details and you will receive a custom-made quote with no obligations.
Can I take my car to Croatia for the holidays?
Yes, it is possible to take a car to Croatia for the holidays. You can either drive the vehicle inside the country or ship the car directly to your destination with our car transport services. Always make sure to check the requirements and the rules before shipping your car internationally to Croatia to avoid problems with the customs or the local police.
Do I have to empty my car before shipping it to Croatia?
Car hauliers in Croatia and Europe suggest clearing and emptying the car from all personal belongings to avoid possible damages during the transport. If you want to send your car to Croatia with other personal belongings, you can book a separate shipping service for the items. Check all our services to find the best solution to send your items.
What types of vehicles can I ship to Croatia?
With Eurosender, you can organise international shipping services to Croatia for every type of vehicle. Here are some of the most popular vehicle shipping services to Croatia:
  • Enclosed car transport to Croatia for expensive vehicles;
  • Dedicated motorcycle or motocross shipping to Croatia;
  • Used and second-hand car shipping service from Germany to Croatia;
  • Caravan or motorhome transport to Croatia for your holidays.
Can I bring my car to Croatia when moving?
When moving to Croatia you can bring your car and organise the international relocation using our services. Book our van service to send all your belonging to your new home and check with our vehicle logistics experts what is the cheapest and fastest solution to transport your car to Croatia when moving to your new home.