Shipping Cars and Motorcycles to Portugal

Transport a car and other vehicles to Portugal

When transporting a car, a motorbike or other vehicles to Portugal, choose Eurosender for the best balance of price, speed and quality. We are proud to offer door-to-door international car shipping services to and from Portugal, performed by our network of reliable car hauliers. Contact our logistics experts and get a personalised quote for shipping a car to Portugal in the shortest time possible.
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Why choose our car shipping services to Portugal

Fast and personalised shipping quotes
Insured vehicle transportation
Prime-quality car transport service

Car transport services by road to Portugal

Our logistics experts always find the best solution to send a car to Portugal. Every car shipping service to Portugal is organised based on your specific needs. These are some of the options available for your car transportation by road in Portugal.

What is the best car transport option for me?

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Enclosed car

Single car

Multiple car

Car carrier


Reliable car transport services in Portugal

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we can organise domestic and international car transport services to Portugal with the best and most convenient solution for your company.
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Shipping a motorcycle to and from Portugal

The enclosed vehicle transport service is the safest and best option to transport a motorbike to and from Portugal. With this service, your motorcycle will be protected from any damage or weather conditions during transport. Thanks to our reliable logistics partners, we are able to arrange safe and fast enclosed motorbike transport to Portugal from any destination in Europe. Find out other shipping options and tips on how to transport your motorbike to Portugal.
How to ship a motorcycle


How to prepare the car for the transportation

To organise the transport of your car to or from Portugal and avoid inconvenience or delays, make sure to follow our checklist.

Wash the vehicle and remove all the objects from the car

Condition check
Check the fuel and fluid levels and the conditions of the engine

Prepare all the documents required for the transport

Take photographs of the vehicle before the transport as proof

What you need to know when importing a car to Portugal

When importing a car to Portugal, our logistics experts will take care of all the transport details, but you will be required to take care of taxes, customs documentation, and vehicle registration.

Check the laws and prepare the documents
Before importing your car to Portugal, check the legislation and prepare the required documents: certificate of conformity, vehicle certificate, proof of ownership.
Pay taxes and VAT
To import a car to Portugal, you may be required to pay customs duties and VAT, depending on the vehicle and the country of origin. You will also be required to pay registration and circulation taxes.
Register the vehicle
After importing the car or the motorbike to Portugal, you will need to register the vehicle at the local office, providing all the required documents such as proof of taxes payment and vehicle certificate.


Additional shipping services

If you are moving to Portugal with your car or motorcycle, you can find on our platform all the logistics services you need for your relocation.
Thanks to our easy booking engine, you can instantly find the best shipping solution for your specific need.

How to book a car transport service in Portugal

Shipping a car to or from Portugal is easy thanks to Eurosender: our logistics experts will find the best service and car haulier in Portugal for your specific needs. Send us all the following data using the button below, and you will receive a personalised quote via email in the shortest time possible.

  • Pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Type of transport required
  • Other specific requirements or requests

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FAQs about car and vehicle shipping services to Portugal

How much does it cost to ship and import a car to Portugal?
The price for transporting a car to Portugal depends on many different factors: distance, type of vehicle and specific options or requirements. After you send us the details of your car or motorcycle and the transport requirements, our logistics experts will prepare a personalised quote with the final cost to transport your vehicle to Portugal. Requesting a quote is entirely free and without obligation to buy.
Can I take my car when I move to Portugal?
Yes, it is possible to take your car when moving to Portugal. Prepare the car and the required documents and send us all the details to organise a door-to-door car shipping service to Portugal. If you are relocating and you need to move all your belongings to your new home, we recommend booking a van delivery service, to transport all your objects within Europe at once.
Is there a transport insurance when shipping vehicles to Portugal?
Yes, when you organise a car shipping service to Portugal with Eurosender, the transport is insured following your requirements. The enclosed car shipping service is the optimal solution to avoid damages during transport. Our experts will present you all the insurance options available and help you plan the best solution for safe car transport to Portugal.
Which locations can I have the car delivered in Portugal?
You can organise a car transport service to Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra and many other cities and locations in Portugal. Our vehicle transport service is perfect to send your car or motorcycle to Northern Portugal, Algarve or other Portuguese regions for your holidays or international relocation. Since all our deliveries are door-to-door, you can enjoy the most comfortable transport solutions and rest assured your vehicle will be delivered to the defined address.
Can I transport my car to Portugal from other countries in Europe?
Yes, with our network on international car hauliers you can send your car to Portugal from Germany Spain, the United Kingdom or any other European country. All you need to do is ask our experts for the best solution to transport your car from the UK to Portugal after Brexit or ship a new car from Germany to Portugal.