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France is, first and foremost, a cultural heritage, from the bottom of Napoleon’s tomb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. France is also atypical landscapes, from the aquatic fauna of the Mediterranean to the snow-covered peaks of Mont Blanc. Finally, it is also a story, with its kings, writers and heroes. But France is also a major force in tourism and possesses curiosities of all kinds. Therefore, if you want to send a souvenir to your friends and family, we advise you to choose the contents of the package carefully. Eurosender has collected for you a list of the most bizarre and funny things that some people have sent, or at least tried to send, from France or to France.


Bizarre shipment France


How can one talk about France without mentioning her culinary spirit? It is not difficult to imagine a Frenchman surrounded by all kind of stereotypes: a man wearing the traditional beret, a sailor shirt, a crispy baguette under his arm and fresh camembert in the hand.

Eurosender lists all perishable products as “prohibited or restricted”. In other words, it is your responsibility to ensure that this delicious cheese does not tickle the nostrils of the delivery person… who might be in a hurry to return the package from where it came. So, think twice before packing food and maybe read our article on how to ship food. Especially since the insurance company will not be able to intervene in the event of an incident. Make sure to use appropriate packaging in order for your product to arrive safely and in good condition.

Live snails

This one has something to make you smile about. However, we were convinced that all this was only an urban legend. Far from us the idea of confirming the cliché of the French snail-eater, but we had to face the fact that this type of delivery request does exist.

Although they are not considered as domestic animals, the transport of live snails and animal products is not in accordance with Eurosender’s policy. We do not think it is necessary to explain why. Who would want to spend a week in a cardboard box, without contact with the outside world?! Or worse, can you imagine the deliveryman’s surprise when he realizes that these little slugs carrying their house on their backs have escaped and are walking around on all the other packages in the truck? The French may consider them a refined dish when they are on their plate, but the rest of the population has a different image of these creatures.

Gold bars

What would you do with 20,000€? Travelling? Investments? Devote yourself fully to your projects, your dreams, your passions?
The story we are about to tell you is a little unusual. Last February, a 27-year-old man just received his package. Expecting to receive the swimsuit he ordered, he was amazed when he realized that it was actually gold bars worth 20,000€. This man finally decided to take this precious loot back to the police, who thanked him for his honesty. High integrity or naivety? We leave you the only judges.

What we hope is that this man has his swimsuit back. He deserves it.

We assume that you have no desire for such a sum to end up forgotten or in the wrong hands. This is the reason why the shipment of metals and precious stones is considered as not recommended by Eurosender. For more information on what you can transport, please contact us. We are available to answer all your questions.

Last modified: June 13, 2019

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