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Shipping your beloved one’s goods can be practical in so many situations in life, especially when you live abroad. The world became so small that instead of buying something new, it makes more sense to have it shipped across Europe. Even though we totally understand this desire, shipping has become so easy and affordable nowadays that people tend to overuse shipping services. Every once in a while, courier companies have to refuse a shipment because of its content which can definitely be characterized as unusual or even bizarre. This time we continue with Eurosender funny shipment request series by telling you about the most extraordinary things people try to send to and from Germany. Check out the stories now!

Bizarre shipments Germany

Luxury car or car parts

Germans love their cars. Even after the Diesel-Scandal, the car is still the most popular toy in Germany. Whole body shells of vintage cars are as frequent in shipment as tires or mirrors of today’s models. No matter how exceptional or usual, how bulky or tiny the parts are – Germans want to make sure that their “babies” are well. Sometimes they even send a whole car: Eurosender had a request for shipment of the very luxurious Bentley Continental (the average price of a new one is 150.000 EUR). We would have loved to drive it personally across the streets, but of course, we wrapped it up nicely and shipped it to its new owner. If you need to ship any special item, request an individual offer with us.


You probably remember Terminator, the killer robot perfectly embodied by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1980s. 30 years later, it seems that what was just fiction is taking shape. Believe it or not, a human-shaped robot was recently sent to Germany from Belgium. Don’t worry about it. The robot arrived damaged before it could execute its Machiavellian plans.

The reason for its death is known by research agencies: inadequate packaging. Surrounded by a simple plastic film, the item was inadequately wrapped. Imagine wrapping a vase in bubble wrap and then dropping it from a height of 1 meter. You now have an idea of the result. On a trip of several hundred or even several thousand kilometres, you should understand that this type of packaging is not enough.

This robot can easily be included on the list of “fragile” objects. Therefore, it is necessary to place it in a cardboard box with various packaging materials. If you are not sure whether your shipment is considered as fragile or not, you can send always send us an email.

Human Dummy

Some requests need more protection and special care. One of the most unusual goods we shipped to Germany was a human dummy which is worth 135.000 €. This special body was sent for medical purposes. Safely wrapped up, the dummy could be transported thoroughly from one (Danish) university to the other (Germany).

University application letter

Some items are life-determining, so their shipment has to go exactly as planned. We had this scenario when a young lady who wanted to send her application letter for the university of her dreams in Poland. Eurosender made it possible: She got the guarantee for her application to arrive in time and in the possible best shape at the university – for a reasonable price. Now let’s hope she was accepted and is studying happily ever after!

Now you read about some of the weirdest shipping habits Germans have. We hope you enjoyed it and also learned that some items are not meant for shipping or need special treatment.

What about you and your friends? What are the weirdest things you have heard about someone was trying to ship? Tell us in the comments below!

Last modified:June 06, 2019
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