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How to pack and ship | Game of Thrones edition

Ship a Dragon Egg internationally

Ever had the need to ship a piece of Valerian Steel to a friend or family member that lives up in The North? Maybe other logistic companies won’t let you carry such item but, at Eurosender we know how important it is to feel that your friends from cold lands are safe from things such as white walkers.

Maybe you ordered a Dragon Egg online and now the seller doesn’t ship to your country?

Don’t worry, with Eurosender you can order door-to-door deliveries from wherever you want to wherever you need. You just need to book the shipment on our platform and make sure the Dragon Egg is properly packed. After this, just wait for your magical baby dragon to be delivered to you. Soon enough you too will be flying a fire-spitting dragon.

How to ship Valerian Steel or Dragon Glass to The North

We all know how cold it is up there in the North and how dangerous it is to wonder in the snow without the right protection. Follow our instructions and soon enough you will be fighting white walkers like a pro during your snow holidays.

How to pack Valerian Steel and Dragon Glass weaponry

If you already own a Valerian Steel Sword or a Weapon made with Dragon Glass you can pack it in a proper bag or case. Wrap some bubble wrap around it and place it in a bigger box. Fill every empty space with cushioning materials and make sure it can’t move inside the box. Seal the box! And if you live in The Vale of Arryn or in The Iron Islands don’t forget you will have to print the label on your own and attach it to the package! And if you will be leaving soon make sure you book your pick up a few days before as you don’t want to arrive in the North and find out your much-needed weapon is not there yet!

How to ship Dragon Glass jewellery or medicinal Dragon Glass

Dragon Glass is a form of Vulcanic Glass. Even though its most popular usage is to forge anti-white walkers weaponry, Dragon Glass can also be used for beautiful decorative items, when performing Magic or even when curing Greyscale! So, if you are shipping it in a non-weapon shape, it will be much easier to pack it!

First, make sure it’s properly cleaned and wrap it in a clean unbleached cloth for protection. Then wrap it in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Place it in a box full of cushioning materials, make sure the piece of Dragon Glass doesn’t move inside it and finally seal it!

Now you can send the perfect Dragon Glass piece of jewellery for Valentine’s Day to your girlfriend abroad or the magical healing item to a Maester that really needs it in Red Keep!

How to ship a Dragon Egg from Volantis to King’s Landing

Many customers come to us because they want to buy something online but the seller doesn’t ship to their country. Don’t worry anymore! If you found a super rare petrified dragon egg online and you need it to be picked up at Volantis and delivered in King’s Landing, Eurosender can help you.

How to pack a Dragon Egg

Booking a shipment for a door-to-door Dragon Egg delivery can be very easy with Eurosender but packing it is a whole other story. Our suggestion is that you get a strong wooden box, fill it till half with straw and place the egg. Fill the rest of the box with more straw and packing peanuts till you make sure that the egg cannot move inside the box. Place a few stickers outside with “This Side Up” and “Fragile”. Even if the shipping agent is not obligated to consider the sticker, we believe that considering the content of the package, he won’t dare to ignore it.

And if you just can’t wait to hold your own Dragon Egg in King’s Landing, you will be happy to learn that for Volantis and The Riverlands we offer Same day Courier!

How to Ship Wildfire

Even though Wildfire is not available for just anyone, you might find yourself in a situation where you would really like to ship a jar to your mother for a war to come! We must warn you, though, that most shipping companies include a wildfire in the list of prohibited items since besides being a liquid, it is highly flammable. However, with the right packing tips, your mother will hopefully be receiving that jar in no time and conquering her enemies with little effort. (Please have in mind that if an explosion happens during the transport, the sender alone will be held responsible).

In order to ship this dangerous but extremely useful battle item, you just have to find a sturdy cardboard box (a wooden box would be even better) and make sure that the whole box is filled up with sand and that the jar is placed right in the middle of it. Then seal the box properly. You can add an extra box with more sand in order to add extra protection and your wildfire is good to go!

Shipping documents by Crow?

If you want to ship any documents by Crow we can also help you! But in this case, make sure you ask for a Special Offer to our logistics experts instead. We will find the perfect document delivery service by Crow for you!

Now you are ready to book your shipment at Eurosender and receive your Game of Thrones items in a secure, fast and cheap way!

Have some questions for us? Want to speak more about GOT? Feel free to contact us!

Last modified: June 20, 2019

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