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Get tailored solutions for pallet warehousing services throughout Europe with Eurosender. Our cargo warehousing solutions offer extreme flexibility, catering to requests for storing anything from one single pallet to entire truckloads. Send us your request below, and our specialists will arrange a safe and effective pallet storage service for you.


All cargo warehousing and transportation solutions in one place

At Eurosender, we are building the most comprehensive logistics platform out there. Instead of dealing with multiple providers, we will be your single point of contact to simplify your shipping and distribution processes. We have a team of logistics experts specialising in finding the most optimal solutions to save you time and money.

We have the logistics solutions you need to connect your entire supply chain, end to end.

Short- or long-term pallet warehousing services

Store your goods for as long as you need. We provide pallet and cargo warehousing services based on your demand. Whether you need in-transit storage or long-term pallet warehousing, we can always find the best solution. We work with a vast network of logistics providers, which allows us to arrange cargo storage services in multiple locations, depending on each specific requirement.


Pallet warehousing services to help your business grow

Staying competitive in business means having the flexibility to respond to the market quickly. With Eurosender, this is possible with the least amount of effort from your side. Our international cargo warehousing solutions can be adapted based on your requirements, scaling up or down whenever needed. Get in contact with our team of specialists and tell us exactly what you need.


How to organise international warehousing for your cargo

Follow the simple steps below to get a pallet freight quote and book your delivery:


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Add all relevant info about your shipping and storage requirements


After sending the request, one of our specialists will handle your case


We will send you an offer by email or contact you if we need more information


Who can benefit from our pallet storage services?

Our cargo warehousing service is used by businesses of all sizes and shipments with varied industry requirements. Here are some examples of situations where we have organised pallet storage services in Europe:

In transit storage for a few days or weeks until the shipment is ready to be delivered

Temporary storage service for keeping cargo inventory during peak season

Long-term pallet warehousing for companies with ongoing storage requirements


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FAQ – Pallet and cargo warehousing services in Europe

How are the pallet storage rates calculated?
To accurately calculate pallet storage rates, companies take into consideration several factors:
  • Number of pallets
  • Dimensions and weight of the pallets
  • Types of pallets – whether they are standard pallets such as euro pallets
  • Whether they are stackable or not
  • Location
  • Duration
  • Contents – whether they require special handling or additional certification (i.e. hazardous goods)
When you request a quote with Eurosender, we will contact several providers and offer you the best-priced pallet storage rates available.
What are the requirements for sending pallets for a storage service?
Warehouses can be organised in many different ways, but pallet racks are among the most common set-ups for pallet storage services. To fit in the maximum pallet capacity, logistics companies tend to prefer stackable euro pallets. Check here how to pack pallets appropriately.
If you need to store pallets that are non-stackable for whatever reason, whether they are too high or use a different pallet size (which requires different equipment and handling), you will most likely need to pay an additional fee. Please provide this information when placing your order so we can make the necessary arrangements.
For how many pallets can I book warehousing services?
At Eurosender, we can arrange warehousing services for any number of pallets – whether it is only one or dozens. We work with a wide network of logistics providers to be able to accommodate requests of any size. All you have to do is send us your requirements, and we will find the best warehousing solution for your cargo.
Where will the storage be located when organising a cargo warehousing service?
Since we work with multiple providers, the standard procedure is to organise storage with the same company responsible for transporting your shipment. In the majority of cases, this is the most effective solution geographically and economically.
However, if you have any additional requirements when requesting storage service for your cargo, let us know when placing your order.
Can Eurosender organise cargo warehousing internationally?
At Eurosender, we offer cargo and pallet warehousing services in various countries throughout Europe. Depending on your specific requirements, it may be better to arrange warehousing locally or internationally. We deal with each request individually, so you can be sure that you will get the offer that best suits your needs.
Can I organise both warehousing and transportation for my cargo at once?
Yes, absolutely. We provide a complete logistics solution, covering not only the storage but also the transportation and distribution of your goods. Send us your requirements, and our specialists will prepare a custom offer for cargo storage and transport service for you.