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You no longer need to wait to receive a quote for the transportation of pallets in Europe. At Eurosender, we have collected over 150 million quotes offered by different carriers with high expertise in the logistics industry. Our platform enables the automatic selection of the logistics provider that offers the best price to performance ratio for your desired destination.

You will instantly receive a final price and you will finalise your order in only 3 minutes.
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Tailored offers for specific shipping needs

Apart from the standard Europallet shipping, we can create tailored offers that better suit your requirements and shipping needs. To send your request, simply fill in the form and we will contact you.

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Your personal outsourced logistics department – free of charge
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Instant quotes for pallet shipping in Europe

Germany has a developed transport network comprised of roads, waterways, railways, and airports.

Thanks to its central geographical position and its highly efficient transport system, Germany has headed the European international road freight transport in the past years. The imports and exports from neighbouring countries transit Germany and add up to the overall transportation volume that follows a growing trend.

Road freight accounts for over 70% of the total market. Trucking is the preferred mode of transport for many shippers thanks to its low costs, precision and speed of deliveries. In these terms, road freight in Germany is considered to be more competitive than rail transport. Even though the German public rail freight operator is still the largest in Europe, rail freight in Germany has registered a decline in the past decades. It now takes up less than 20% of the freight market share, followed by inland waterways with less than 10%.

The growing need for road freight transport prompted a number of new freight forwarders and freight brokers who specialize in pallet delivery to Germany. At Eurosender, we work with the most reliable ones, renowned for their quality of the service.

We can organize the pallet delivery from and to Germany and we are able to tailor the services based on your needs. We enabled the instant prices for pallet shipping to Germany so that you can book the service in just a few clicks.

We offer access to

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Pallet delivery to Germany for businesses

Logistics services are part of almost any business’s daily operations. We understand well that time and costs are the most important factors when deciding on the right logistics service.

Our prices are the perfect balance of price, time and quality of service provided by the most renowned international carriers.

The new solution of instantly pricing any pallet delivery in Europe enables you to make timely decisions for your business.
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Pallet delivery to Germany for individuals

Whether you are a one-time or casual shipper, when planning the pallet delivery to Germany, you will want to benefit from the lowest rates. If you don’t do a little research, chances are high that you will end up overpaying for the service.

On our platform, you can instantly book the pallet delivery. This way, you will not waste time researching and negotiating the price with the carriers.

Gain access to thousands of pallet shipping rates and place your order in just a few easy steps!
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