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Move your load quickly, efficiently, and with minimal bureaucracy. Eurosender is a leading international freight forwarder, and we will always find the right logistics solution for your company. We work with the most respected shipping companies in the world to make sure all your needs are fulfilled. Get a free quote with us and we will organise all your delivery details using the best air, rail, road or sea freight forwarders in the UK.

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Freight forwarding services in the UK

We combine the capabilities of multiple logistics providers to offer the best solutions for freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance procedures or cargo distribution in the UK.

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Cargo transport services with the best freight forwarder in the UK

Get specialised cargo transport services with leading British and international freight forwarding companies. We offer a complete range of freight solutions to serve any business needs:
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Road cargo transport solutions in the United Kingdom

At Eurosender, we combine instant pricing with custom-made offers to ensure every request is paired with the best possible solution. Book freight forwarding to the UK for loads of any size, from a simple envelope or package to entire trucks or containers. Through our booking engine, we offer immediate freight quotes in Europe for pallets, trucks, and vans. If you have any special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us and our experts will prepare a tailored freight forwarding service in the UK, fully adapted to your needs.


How to ship with the best freight forwarders in the UK?

  • Send your request with details about your load
  • We will find the best possible solution for your requirements
  • Once you accept our offer, we will arrange all the details with the provider
  • Your goods will be collected on the established date and address


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Warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment solutions in the UK

Besides effective cargo transport, we provide warehousing and distribution solutions in the UK specialised for your industry. Our goal is to help you optimise your supply chain processes, delegate simple operations to our experts, and streamline the distribution of goods. Find more details about our warehousing and distribution in the UK below:

Warehousing in the UK
  • No limit of time or size of the stored goods
  • Storage in the UK provided by the same logistics provider responsible for transport
  • Bonded warehouse on the carrier’s facility when importing goods to England
Distribution and fulfilment in the UK
  • Cargo distribution services in the UK connecting production site-warehouse-retailer
  • End-delivery from the store/warehouse to your client’s door
  • Fulfilment solutions provided by vetted companies

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Clearing agents for importing/exporting goods to the UK

The import and export of goods to the UK have gone through major changes in 2021 with the end of Brexit, but we are proud to continuously operate within this region, offering efficient international freight forwarding services to the UK. At Eurosender, we remove the complexity of the logistics processes by providing simple, pre-negotiated solutions with as little bureaucracy as possible. When importing or exporting goods to Great Britain, our trusted freight forwarders will make sure your load goes through the customs clearance procedures smoothly and quickly.

All the British and international freight forwarders from our network have their own in-house customs agents in the UK, who will make sure your cargo is released in the shortest time possible. They are also equipped with bonded warehousing in all major UK entrance ports and airports for increased comfort.

Cargo transport with the best freight forwarders in the UK

We collaborate with 100+ logistics providers worldwide, including several cargo companies
and freight forwarders operating in the UK, such as:


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Are you a 3PL agent, cargo company or freight forwarder in London, Manchester, or anywhere else in the UK looking to fill your trucks, vans, and containers? At Eurosender, we continue to grow our network of trusted logistics providers and look forward to meeting and welcoming new partners to our team.

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Other logistics services to the UK that may interest you

We have already helped hundreds of companies arrange services with international and UK freight forwarding companies. Check other available options:

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FAQs – Freight forwarding services in the United Kingdom

What import/export documents are required for transporting cargo to the UK?
The document requirements for cross-border freight shipping in the UK have changed since the end of Brexit at the start of 2021. Whether from Europe or globally, companies importing or exporting goods to the UK must have valid licenses/certificates, which may include the EORI number and VAT. Read more about Brexit customs regulations.
Since the import/export documents required for shipping goods to the UK also depend on the route and type of goods being transported, we recommend checking the specific information applicable for your shipment directly with the relevant authorities. Don’t forget you should always check the regulations provided by both pick-up and delivery countries.
Will the freight forwarding company prepare all the documents for shipping to the UK?
No, it is the shipper’s responsibility to provide all the necessary documents when booking a freight forwarder to the UK or abroad. To make sure the shipping process goes smoothly, we strongly recommend arranging everything in advance and pay for all applicable taxes quickly. Please bear in mind that any tax or duty incurred during the customs brokerage in the UK will be forwarded to you and must be paid for the load to be released.
How to get the best freight shipping rates in the UK?
Negotiating freight rates, whether in the UK and abroad, is a delicate matter because most businesses do not have enough shipping volume to give them good negotiation power and those special quotes usually come attached to endless contracts. That is where Eurosender comes in! Due to the high volume of shipments organised through our platform daily, we can offer highly competitive prices for international cargo transport in the UK, entirely contract-free. Each shipping request places with us will be assigned to the best provider for the job, based on the price-performance ratio.
Which is the best freight forwarding company in the UK?
It is hard to elect one single provider when there are many world-class freight forwarding companies operating in the UK, each with its own specialisation. Instead, you can choose to partner with Eurosender and have access to multiple cargo companies, 3PL agents and freight forwarders in the UK from one single platform. We make sure all your shipping needs are served by cooperating with logistics providers from every part of the industry, including road, sea, rail, and air freight forwarding companies in the UK and abroad.
Does Eurosender also offer domestic freight forwarding solutions in the UK?
Yes, absolutely! Whether you need a freight forwarder in London, Manchester, Glasgow, or any other location, all you need to do is contact our team. We will tailor a freight forwarding solution in the UK according to your requirements, arranging the best prices and most convenient details.
Are the UK cargo transport services door-to-door?
Yes, at Eurosender, we always provide door-to-door solutions for transporting cargo, whether in the UK or internationally. This means that your load will be collected at the address of your preference, whether that is a warehouse, your factory or business address. Every step of the delivery is accounted for, and your load will also be delivered at the location of your choosing.
If the shipper requires only door-to-port transport, we are also fully equipped to organise that.
What road freight transport services are available in the UK?
At Eurosender, we offer international freight forwarding services to the UK that are suitable for every type of load. Through collaboration with renowned UK cargo companies, we are able to provide safe and on-time deliveries across the entire country.
Here are our main road transport services:
  • Parcel delivery: For door-to-door delivery of individual packages.
  • Pallet delivery: For shipping multiple items at once or bulky products that would not fit into packages.
  • FTL/LTL: Trucking service in England for a shared or full cargo, according to your needs.
  • Van delivery: Dedicated freight shipping service, available in the UK and Europe.
If you are unsure which of these British road cargo transport solutions is best suited for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Send us a message via chat or email, and our freight forwarding experts will be happy to advise you every step of the way.