Just-in-Time Delivery Services: JIT Logistics Solutions in Europe

Effective just-in-time logistics solutions to get your inventory under control

Various transport methods
Delegate all pricing & planning
Fully tailored solutions
Use our just-in-time delivery services to ensure your shipment arrives exactly when needed – not too early, nor too late. We offer just-in-time delivery services for businesses in Europe to help you reduce warehousing and inventory costs. By working with +3,500 van drivers and +100 logistics providers, we have the flexibility to cater to shipments with different industry requirements, coordinating the delivery to your schedule and needs.

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Responsive network for just-in-time freight services

At Eurosender, we collaborate with a vast network of international logistics providers to ensure we are always ready to fulfil your requests. Anytime you need to organise a just-in-time freight delivery service, all you need to do is contact our specialists, and we will handle all the shipment coordination on your behalf.

Fast pick-ups in 2-3 hours in European urban areas.

Just-in-time shipping services arranged for you

Having the right timing for just-in-time shipping services is essential for minimising friction during production. We will coordinate the shipments according to your business schedule so that the pieces arrive just when you need them, reducing warehousing costs and improving your inventory processes.

We serve both regular and last-minute requests for just-in-time shipping

We believe the secret to success in the just-in-time logistics world is adapting and responding fast with effective solutions. For this reason, we have built this platform that acts as your 24/7 logistics control tower with on-site support specialists. As soon as you need to arrange a just-in-time freight shipping service, whether that is an urgent transaction or a recurrent operation, we will always provide you with the right solution.

Tailored JIT shipping services for businesses

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Which industries benefit from just-in-time logistics solutions?

Just-in-time deliveries are essential for a variety of industry sectors, especially those that deal with large freight that is expensive to store, products with short shelf life and production lines running on demand. Here are a few examples of industries we can serve with our just-in-time logistics solutions:

Automotive industry


Retail & e-commerce

Medical equipment


Vehicles available for just-in-time freight services in Europe

We can organise logistics solutions using all transportation methods. Most just-in-time freight services are served through our van network, which provides a direct, dedicated, and tailored shipping solution for moving your goods.

Here is an overview of the transport options available:

Box van
Curtain-side van
Groupage transport
Full trucks


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FAQ – Just-in-time delivery services with Eurosender

Can anyone book just-in-time shipping services with Eurosender?
Yes. Most of our clients requesting just-in-time logistics solutions are businesses in the automotive sector. If you have recurrent shipping requests, we strongly advise registering on our platform to take advantage of having a dedicated account manager. It is entirely free!
Are just-in-time delivery services available for businesses all over Europe?
Yes, we operate in all European countries, offering just-in-time freight shipping solutions using vans and trucks. We work with van companies and drivers spread around Europe to serve your just-in-time shipping requests in the shortest time possible, including same-day collection within 2-3 hours only.
What is the fastest shipping option available?
Our direct van delivery is the fastest service available for just-in-time freight transport, where deliveries are performed in less than 24h within the same country and up to 48h in Europe. If you need to organise a just-in-time shipping service outside of Europe, air freight will be the best solution for you. Send us your shipping requirements, and we will advise you on the best solution for your needs.
Do just-in-time deliveries have tracking?
Yes, almost all shipping services organised by us already include tracking in the price. In some cases, you will receive a tracking code via email to follow your shipment online; in others, you will be able to do so using a live tracking map. Read more about how tracking works on our freight services.
If you need any additional updates during your just-in-time delivery, contact us, and we will keep you informed.
What are the size restrictions for just-in-time shipping services?
The size and weight limits will vary based on the shipping service selected. With Van Delivery, you can transport up to 1,000 kg loads, and we also offer truck transport to move full truckload shipments.
When booking a shipping service with Eurosender, you can rest assured that regardless of your load’s size, we will go out of our way to find the best solution for your needs.