DPD International Pallet Shipping in Europe

DPD pallet delivery service

Before you decide to ship pallets with DPD, it is important to understand how their pallet delivery services work and their availability throughout Europe. In this guide, we will walk you through the basics of pallet collection and delivery with DPD, but you can already go ahead and get a quote with the tool below to check the price of shipping with Eurosender instead, which will be fulfilled by our logistics partners.

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Pallet delivery with DPD – Availability

DPD offers pallet collection and delivery services in more than 20 countries in Europe. Since DPD operates through local divisions per country, the regulations of their pallet service differ based on each location.

For this guide, we will use the DPD Germany pallet delivery service as a reference.

How to get a quote for shipping pallets with DPD?

Unfortunately, DPD does not provide pallet shipping prices directly on their website. In order to get a quote, you need to fill out the form provided online and wait for one of their logistics agents to get in touch with an offer.

If you need instant shipping prices or want to compare their quotes with other providers, check how much it costs to ship a pallet in an instant with our pricing tool.

How long does it take to ship a pallet from Germany with DPD?

DPD offers fast pallet shipping services within Europe, with estimated delivery varying from 1-5 business days, depending on the route. See below the general time estimation for DPD pallet delivery in Europe:

Pallet delivery within Germany:
1-3 business days

Pallet delivery to Eastern Europe:
2-4 business days

Pallets to Scandinavia and the Balkans:
3-5 business days


DPD pallet delivery: Maximum weight

DPD classifies pallet deliveries into three main weight categories: S, M, and L. Small pallets can weigh up to 250 kg, medium pallets up to 500 kg, and large pallets up to 1,200 kg. Depending on the total weight, multiple pallets can be shipped together, consolidated into a single shipment.


DPD pallet delivery: size limitations

Regarding the size, DPD does not define a maximum pallet size for shipping. Instead, the courier company claims to accept pallets of different sizes and types.

In general, it is important to check the standard pallet dimensions of the countries you will be shipping from and to in order to avoid trouble with the equipment, stacking and handling. In Europe, euro pallets type EUR1 is the most commonly used. In the UK, the EUR2 is more popular.

Is tracking included when shipping pallets with DPD?

Customers that ship pallets internationally with DPD have access to a tracking tool to follow the delivery progress. On top of that, DPD pallet deliveries always need to be signed for, and the Proof of Delivery (POD) document is available online.

Who operates DPD pallet collection and delivery in Europe?

DPD has a partnership with Palletways for organising pallet shipments in Europe. Through this collaboration, the brand is able to increase its delivery reach and offer fast pallet collection and delivery services to its clients. Please note that in some countries, DPD may be responsible for collecting and delivering the pallets themselves.


How to pack a pallet for shipping with DPD?

1. Choose the right pallet

2. Stack the boxes in columns

3. Secure the shipment

4. Add the shipping label

More about how to load a pallet


Features of DPD pallet delivery service

To help give you a general view, here is a table of the main features of DPD international pallet shipping services in comparison to what we offer at Eurosender.

Shipping to all EU countriesX
Door-to-door deliveries
Various road freight service options
Instant quotes for shipping palletsX
Warehousing services


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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. For more information about DPD pallet delivery services, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.