DPD Christmas Last Posting Days | 2021 Schedule

Does DPD deliver parcels on Christmas Eve? DPD Christmas schedule in 2021

Christmas is the best time of the year to send presents to the ones you love. And due to the COVID Pandemic, sending presents has become even more important and popular with the travel restrictions imposed in many countries. DPD is one of the many courier companies working hard to make sure all parcels, cards and presents are delivered on time for Christmas 2021. Stay up to date with DPD last posting and delivery dates, and make sure your Christmas shipments will arrive before the celebrations.


DPD last posting date in 2021

Are you wondering when you should send your presents with DPD so that they come right before Christmas? Be aware that Christmas is a very busy time of the year for each courier company, including DPD. It is better to send your presents in advance than to expect a delivery on Christmas Eve and have it delayed to after the holidays.

Always estimate the delivery time for your DPD shipment and make sure to add 2 or 3 extra working days if you are shipping in December, especially right before Christmas. Bear in mind that due to weather conditions, the high number of shipments and other external factors, transit times with DPD and other courier companies can be extended at this time of the year.

DPD last posting dates before Christmas for some popular routes

Find out below the suggested last shipping dates for sending presents or cards by DPD this Christmas 2021. Just keep in mind: the earlier, the better!

United Kingdom Domestic 14th December
Germany Domestic 14th December
France Domestic14th December
Italy Domestic 14th December
Ireland - Croatia10th December
Netherlands - Germany13th December
Germany - Ireland13th December
Netherlands - Ireland13th December
Spain - Germany10th December
Italy - Germany 10th December
France - Germany13th December
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DPD collection and delivery hours during the Christmas holidays in 2021

DPD does their best to collect and deliver as many parcels and cards as possible before Christmas. Therefore, it is normal that their working hours before Christmas will be extended and that collections may happen earlier than 9a.m. and deliveries may be performed later than 6p.m. This, however, will not apply on the actual Christmas Eve (24th of December), where courier companies usually finish working earlier to spend time with their families.


DPD Christmas Eve deliveries in 2021

Many people wonder if courier companies still deliver or even work on the 24th of December. Like many other courier companies, DPD will perform as many deliveries as possible on Christmas Eve. Keep in mind though, that on the 24th of December the courier companies have shorter working hours and if your parcel is not delivered until early afternoon, you may have to wait until after Christmas.

Please also consider that DPD will not perform collections in many countries on Christmas Eve, but only deliveries.

Does DPD deliver any type of shipment on Christmas Eve?

DPD will only deliver regular packages and envelopes on Christmas Eve, meaning that any oversized or freight shipments will have to wait until after the holidays.


Does DPD deliver on Christmas Day?

DPD, like all the other courier companies, will not deliver parcels, envelopes or any other type of shipment on Christmas Day. If you did not receive your online purchase or your dear ones did not receive their present sent via DPD by Christmas Eve, you will most probably have to wait until the first working days after Christmas.

What happens if DPD does not deliver my parcel on time for Christmas?

You don’t have to worry about undelivered DPD parcels on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. As the number of shipments increases throughout December, it is often impossible for courier companies to deliver all the online purchases and presents before the 24th of December. If this is your case, you don’t have to contact DPD or Eurosender. Simply wait that the DPD driver will deliver your parcel on the first working days after the Christmas holidays.


Are DPD Parcel Shops open and working on Christmas Eve?

Most DPD Parcel Shops are running businesses and therefore, they will probably be open on Christmas Eve. Bear in mind that their working hours may be shorter on the 24th of December so make sure to pick up your DPD parcel early in the day.