DPD Christmas Delivery Schedule 2024

DPD Christmas deliveries and last posting dates for 2024

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Christmas is almost here! If you’re thinking of shipping with DPD during the holidays, check their last posting dates and delivery schedule for Christmas 2024 in our guide below to make sure your gifts will arrive in time for the celebrations.


Does DPD deliver over Christmas?

Yes, like all courier companies, DPD works around the clock with prolonged opening hours on the days before Christmas to deliver as many parcels as possible.

Couriers usually extend estimated delivery times around Christmas because they handle more parcels than usual during this period. They often face additional delays because of heavy traffic or adverse weather conditions.

We recommend shipping gifts well in advance to avoid late deliveries and disappointment. Make sure you add 2 or 3 extra working days if you are shipping in December, especially right before Christmas.


DPD last posting dates for Christmas 2024 on popular routes

Please consider the last posting dates below when booking your Christmas deliveries with DPD. Bear in mind that the date stated is for the collection to take place, not for placing the order. The earlier you send your items, the better!

Shipping routeLast posting date
UK Domestic20 December
Ireland Domestic20 December
UK to Germany14 December
Ireland to Germany14 December
Ireland to Croatia12 December
UK to Ireland19 December
Netherlands to Germany18 December
Spain to UK13 December
Italy to Germany14 December
Germany to France15 December
Ireland to UK19 December

DPD schedule in the UK during Christmas and New Year 2024/2025

Check below DPD’s collection and delivery schedule in the UK during Christmas 2024 and New Year’s 2025. Days that are not mentioned are considered normal working days.

DayDelivery availableCollection available
Christmas Eve (24/12)
Christmas Day (25/12)XX
Boxing Day (26/12)XX
New Year’s Eve (31/12)
New Year’s Day (01/01)XX
*Please note that there will be an additional bank holiday in Scotland on 2 January 2024. DPD will resume normal services in Scotland on 3 January 2024.
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DPD working hours during Christmas 2024

DPD normally prolongs their working hours before Christmas so that they collect and deliver as many items as possible.

For this reason, collections may happen earlier than 9 am, and deliveries may be performed later than 6 pm. However, this does not apply on Christmas Eve (24 December), when DPD and other courier companies usually finish working earlier to spend time with their families.


Are DPD delivering on Christmas Eve 2024?

DPD will perform as many deliveries as possible on Christmas Eve in countries where this day is not a public holiday. 24 December will fall on a Sunday in 2024, but DPD will still perform deliveries on Christmas Eve in areas where Sunday services are possible.

Bear in mind, though, that on Christmas Eve, couriers like DPD usually have shorter working hours, and if your parcel is not delivered by early afternoon, you may have to wait until after the holidays to receive your items.

Please also consider that DPD will not perform collections in many countries on Christmas Eve, but only deliveries.

Does DPD deliver any type of shipment on Christmas Eve?

DPD will only deliver regular parcels of up to 30 kg on Christmas Eve.

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Are DPD delivering on Christmas Day 2024?

DPD, like all the other courier companies, will not deliver parcels, envelopes or any other type of shipment on Christmas Day. 25 December is a public holiday in most countries worldwide. If you did not receive your online purchase or your DPD gift delivery by Christmas Eve, you would almost certainly have to wait until the New Year.

Plan your deliveries on time this year by checking the courier schedules for Christmas!


Are DPD delivering on Boxing Day 2024?

Boxing Day (26 December) is celebrated in the UK and some Commonwealth countries and is an official public holiday. DPD will not perform collections or deliveries on Boxing Day in these locations. Similarly, DPD will not perform deliveries in Ireland on Boxing Day (known as St Stephen’s Day), which is also a holiday.

Most courier companies, such as DPD, will end their Christmas break and resume normal working hours on 27 December 2024.

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Are DHL delivering over New Year 2024/2025?

31 December is a business day in most countries, meaning that DPD will work reduced hours on New Year’s Eve, like on Christmas Eve. New Year’s Eve will fall on a Sunday in 2024, so deliveries on this day will depend on availability of the weekend service at your location.

DPD does not deliver on New Year’s Day as it is a public holiday in most countries worldwide. DPD will resume normal services on 2 January 2024 in the UK, except for Scotland. DPD collections and deliveries in Scotland will resume on 3 January.


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