Purolator: International Courier and Parcel Delivery

Purolator courier services in Canada and internationally

Purolator courier service is one of the main companies in Canada for domestic and international shipping services, with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. Read our guide below to learn more about Purolator’s express parcel delivery services and shipping time estimates.

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How long does Purolator take to deliver?

Purolator courier service offers a variety of parcel delivery solutions, each with its own delivery time estimates. For less-urgent international shipments, the delivery time estimated by Purolator is 2 or more working days for all routes. In practice, this estimation may vary depending on international customs procedures.

For urgent shipments, Purolator offers express parcel delivery in 24-48h, as well as time-definite services, no matter whether local or worldwide. You can check Purolator delivery times for domestic and international shipping services in the tables below.

How long does Purolator take to deliver in Canada?

Purolator Express delivery time estimates

ServiceDelivery time
Purolator Express 9AM1 working day by 9 am to major cities
Purolator Express 10:30AM1 working day by 10:30 am to major cities
Purolator Express 12PM1 working day by 12:00 pm to major cities
Purolator Express1 working day by 9 pm to all provinces and territories
Purolator Express Evening1 working day between 5:30 pm and 9 pm to major cities

Purolator Ground delivery time estimates

ServiceDelivery time
Purolator Ground 9AM2 or more working days by 9 am to major cities
Purolator Ground 10:30AM2 or more working days by 10:30 am to major cities
Purolator Ground1 or more working days by 9 pm to all provinces and territories
Purolator Ground Evening2 or more working days between 5:30 pm and 9 pm to major cities

How long does Purolator take to deliver to the USA?

Purolator international delivery times to the USA

ServiceDelivery time
Purolator Express U.S. 9AM1 working day by 9 am to select US destinations
Purolator Express U.S. 10:30AM1 working day by 10:30 am to select US destinations
Purolator Express U.S. 12PM1 working day by 12:00 pm to select US destinations
Purolator Express U.S.1 working day to most US destinations
Purolator Ground U.S.2 or more working days

How long does Purolator take to deliver internationally?

Purolator Express international delivery times worldwide

ServiceDelivery time
Purolator Express International 9AM2 working days by 9 am to select international destinations
Purolator Express International 10:30AM2 working days by 10:30 am to select international destinations
Purolator Express International 12PM2 working days 12:00 pm to select international destinations
Purolator Express International2 working days to most international destinations

Purolator parcel drop-off locations and Access Points

The Purolator parcel delivery network consists of more than 1,700 Access Points in Canada, including Retailer Locations, Drop Boxes, Mobile Quick Stop vehicles, Quick Stop Kiosks, and Parcel Lockers.

  • Retailer Locations – Purolator offers convenient pre-paid collection and drop-off options through their collaboration with chains such as Michael’s, PUDOpoint Counters, and Staples.
  • Drop Boxes – these are located in buildings, lobbies or outdoors in commercial areas throughout Canada, allowing you to safely and efficiently ship pre-paid and labelled parcels.
  • Mobile Quick Stop – these are trucks that travel to different neighbourhoods offering a safe and efficient delivery option for customers, as well as flexible pick-up hours.
  • Quick Stop Kiosks and Parcel Lockers – Purolator makes parcel delivery easy with widespread Quick Stop Kiosks and 24/7 Parcel Lockers, allowing customers to prepare, send or collect items at their convenience.

It is very fast and easy to find your nearest Access Point through their website, simply click on “Locator” or “Find Shipping Centre” and enter your postcode or city. Most Purolator parcel drop-off locations offer the possibility of printing QR code labels and are open late in the evening as well as during the weekend.


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FAQ on Purolator international courier services

Does Purolator deliver on weekends?
Yes, for an additional fee, Purolator offers a Saturday Service to deliver parcels going to Canadian or US destinations. Users must choose the "Purolator Ground" service for weekend deliveries.
Saturday pick-up is available only for shipments within Canada. Purolator delivers on Sundays in some of Canada's major cities. We recommend contacting Purolator for further information about weekend deliveries in your area.
How do I schedule a pick-up with Purolator courier service?
To schedule a pick-up with Purolator courier service, go to their official website and enter your shipment details (such as address and item details) and purchase a shipping label. Print out your shipping label and attach it to your parcel. A Purolator courier will collect your parcel on the scheduled date and arrange delivery to your final destination.
Can Purolator parcels be dropped off at Canada Post?
Although Canada Post owns Purolator, you should not drop off a Purolator parcel at Canada Post. Purolator acts independently and competes as a private carrier. Based on the experiences of previous users, Purolator parcels that were mistakenly dropped off in Canada Post red boxes were then forwarded to Purolator for delivery. This resulted in a prolonged transit time, so you should select a drop-off point that is within the scope of Purolator to prevent any inconvenience.
Does Purolator ship internationally from the USA to Canada?
Yes, Purolator International was established as the US subsidiary of Purolator to provide express delivery solutions from the USA to Canada. Purolator International has unique access to two of the largest delivery networks in Canada, for almost complete coverage of all residential and commercial addresses.
Does Purolator pick up from home?
Yes, you can arrange a home collection through your online account. You will first need to register or login, then select “Schedule a Pickup”. Alternatively, you can call Purolator customer service to schedule a courier pick-up.
Does Purolator charge for pick-up, or is it free?
Purolater charges an additional fee for residential pick-up, which will be added to the Purolator parcel shipping quote if you select this option.
What time does Purolator stop delivering parcels in Canada?
In most cases, Purolator will deliver parcels until 9 pm in all provinces and territories of Canada.
Does Purolator deliver parcels to your door or mailbox?
With Purolator courier service, parcel delivery options are available to over 16 million addresses, including PO boxes, community mailboxes, parcel lockers, 6,200 retail facilities, and addresses in remote locations for no extra charge.
Does Purolator knock on your door?
Drivers working for Purolator courier service are required to alert a customer by knocking on their door or ringing their doorbell when leaving parcels, even if they do not require a signature. While most drivers will knock on the door, there have been some reports in recent years of Purolator parcel delivery issues because the recipient was not alerted.
How many times will Purolator try to deliver parcels?
For residential deliveries, the Purolator driver will try to deliver 1 time. After the first attempt, the parcel will be held at a facility for 5 working days unless the recipient contacts Purolator courier service to arrange another delivery.
What happens if I miss my Purolator parcel delivery?
If the first delivery attempt fails, a notice of the Purolator missed parcel delivery will be left at your address with instructions on where the parcel can be picked up. Alternatively, you can contact Purolator courier service to rearrange the delivery, free of charge.
Read more about why reasons for failed deliveries.
Does Purolator need a signature for delivering a parcel?
Purolator courier service offers an optional signature on delivery service. Whether a signature on delivery will be required or not will be decided by the sender when they place their order.
Read more about signed for deliveries.
How does international tracking work with Purolator?
Users can track international parcel deliveries with Purolator in the following ways:
  • Go to the tracking tool found on Purolator's official website. Enter the tracking number of the parcel or correspondence
  • Download the Purolator Mobile from the company's official website and track your international parcel in real-time. The mobile app functions for both Android and iPhone so that users can track shipments in a more detailed way
Read more about how parcel tracking works.
Why is my Purolator international tracking number not updating?
If the Purolator international tracking status is not updated for more than a couple of days or if it has passed its expected delivery date, you should contact Purolator courier service for further information. Tracking update delays may happen due to long transit distances, delays in the tracking system, or high volumes of items to be processed at sorting facilities.
How do I contact Purolator courier service?
There are a number of ways you can contact Purolator courier service if you have an enquiry or would like to leave feedback about their services:
Phone: You can reach Purolator at 1-888-SHIP-123 (1-888-744-7123) from 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and between 8 am to 8 pm on weekends. Customers shipping freight can reach their dedicated team at 1-888-302-8819 between 7 am to 8 pm on weekdays. If you need technical support, you can call 1-800-459-5599.
Relay service: Customers with impaired hearing can contact Purolator at 1-800-561-7876.
Social media: Purolator provides support via Twitter on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm.
Live chat: Purolator offers English and French support via web chat for enquiries linked to tracking, billing & invoicing, technical support, and other general enquiries.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2022. For more information about Purolator international parcel delivery services and estimated shipping times, please check the official website of Purolator.