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Whether you are a business or an individual who needs courier services to send a parcel to Spain or organize a pallet delivery, Eurosender can be your trusted partner. We work with both logistics providers for freight shipping and courier companies for parcel shipping in Europe. By combining their different logistics capabilities we can find a suitable shipping solution for every customer.

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Types of services:

Door-to-door courier services to Spain and to almost any destination in Europe:

  • Standard courier service to Spain→ for shipping parcels up to 40 kg;
  • Instant booking for pallet delivery to Spain→ we have pioneered the idea of immediate quoting for pallet delivery to Spain→ up to 1200 kg;
  • Individual offers→ for shipping bulky and oddly shaped items that weigh up to 4.000 kg;
  • Dedicated van transportation to Spain→ we organize the transportation with a van in case of relocation or for the delivery of valuable items.

As a new user, you can create either a personal or a company account just by entering your e-mail and a few personal details. Our system is easy to use and you only need to follow a few steps to complete an order. For example, for courier services to Spain or elsewhere, all you need to do is to find our engine, insert the information details of your package and select the payment method.

After the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details. Once the service is booked, the selected courier company will contact you with the details about the pick-up time. You can find more information on the dedicated section of our website. Keep in mind that if your shipment does not fulfil the requirements for standard shipping, we can offer you an individual offer.

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Additional Information:

Transit information – courier to Spain

For every package, you ship to Spain or elsewhere, you will receive in your confirmation e-mail a tracking number. You can use this number to see where exactly your package is located at any given time. The tracking system gets updated every time your parcel is scanned at a new depot or location. If the system displays the same message for a few days, it could be due to delays in updating the system.

Estimated delivery time – courier to Spain

Keep in mind that the estimated delivery time that you receive is –as the name says- “estimated. This means that your package can arrive at its destination either before or after the estimated delivery time. There are different reasons why a package can arrive late at its destination. If, for example, the package is sent to a small, remote village in Andalucia, the delivery will take more time. The same is true if there are any National Holidays between the pick-up and delivery dates.

Label and paperwork – courier to Spain

The label is crucial for successful delivery as it provides vital information for the shipment to be moved from one station to another before finally arriving at the chosen destination. Keep in mind that it should contain the name and address of the sender as well as of the recipient, the required shipment details (size, the total weight, the number of pieces etc.), the information on the type of service, the description of the content, tracking number and barcodes that enable the correct handling of the shipment by the courier services. Customers who would like their package to be collected in Spain are required to print the labels themselves. The courier provider will send the label to you via e-mail and you will need to attach it to your shipment yourself.

Delivery considerations for courier services to Spain

Things to remember or to pay attention to when booking courier services to Spain:

  • Postal codes – some codes are reserved for a special use in the province capital; large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are divided into postal districts (zonas in Spanish) similar to the arrondissement system in Paris;
  • Name on the doorbell – a lot of Spanish surnames are quite long – make sure you get the one that is on the doorbell when shipping a package to Spain;
  • Accurate details about the shipment;
  • Checking the integrity of the shipment when the goods arrive in Spain.

Additional considerations:

  • Drop-off points are available in some cases.
  • In Spain, there are usually 2 delivery attempts. Afterwards, the parcel is stored in the local depot and the consignee has to collect it there.

Tips to ensure a successful delivery:

  • Have someone at the address in the delivery time frame;
  • Appoint another person, if you cannot be at the delivery address at the delivery time;
  • Make sure you are reachable in case the courier decides to call.

Clearing Spanish customs

Packages or parcels with goods that need to arrive in a country outside the European Union (EU) or outside the territories belonging to Spain (the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla) may be subject to customs processing. The imported goods may be subject to certain customs duties and taxes, depending on their content, value and other legally applicable factors. These amounts must be paid by the recipient. The exporter must check the conditions of imports and exports and get information on the documents required (commercial invoice, certificates, licenses, etc.) for taking goods into or out of the destination country.

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Some of our logistics partners:

Eurosender’s logistics partners are known for their reliability and the high quality of their services. Relying on cutting-edge technology and vast experience in logistics, our team carefully chooses partners that offer the best price to performance ratio while also monitoring their performance. In this way, we do not only make sure your shipments are in safe hands, but also that they are delivered in time.


DPD shipping

DPDgroup’s philosophy is to build closer connections with all of their customers. They have over 68.000 delivery experts!

Post of Slovenia

The Post of Slovenia is now expanding its services, by advancing the technologies it is using. It is a very reliable postal service provider in Europe.

DSV courier service

DSV is a Danish shipping service provider that offers and manages supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day.

DHL courier service

DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The company has more than 360.000 employees.

POST Luxembourg courier service

The state-owned POST-Luxembourg has a well-established reputation since it offers reliable and high-end courier services.

GLS courier service

General Logistics Systems B.V., offers reliable shipping solutions in Europe and worldwide.

DB Schenker courier service

DB Schenker is a division of the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics.

Kuehne + Nagel shipping

Kuehne + Nagel has grown into one of the world’s leading logistics providers.

ACS courier service

ACS Courier is the company that Greeks trust when shipping parcels and packages in their own country and abroad.

SEUR shipping

Seur, part of DPD group, is one of the largest international networks for express shipment.

Chronopost courier service

Chronopost, also part of the DPD group, is specialized in the express delivery of parcels of up to 30 kg.


BRT or Bartolini is a well-known and reliable shipping company from Italy that has been around since 1997.

Postnord shipping

PostNord offers communication and logistics services in Northern Europe. The company is owned 40% by the Danish State and 60% by the Swedish State.

Gebrüder Weiss shipping

Gebrüder Weiss is an Austrian family-owned company that ranks among the leading transport and logistics service providers in Europe. It is now considered a pioneer in terms of sustainable business.

Eurosender cooperates with the above logistics service providers with the aim to help its customers find cheap and reliable courier services to Spain and many other European countries. Why spend endless hours comparing prices online when we already have the technology that can do that for you. Save time and money by using our engine.

On our digital platform, the booking process requires only a few clicks and approximately 3 minutes of your time. Whether you want to send a parcel or organize a less than truckload (LTL) transport and full truckload shipping (FTL), Eurosender can give you access to affordable and high-quality logistics services.