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Courier parcel delivery during Christmas & New Year 2024/2025

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Send your Christmas gifts and cards on time this year! Use the pricing tool above to book your Christmas parcel delivery service right away. To help you get your presents to your loved ones in time for the festivities, we’ve compiled a list of various courier delivery schedules for Christmas and New Year 2023/24.


Courier services for sending Christmas gifts and cards

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Courier delivery schedules for Christmas and New Year 2024/2025

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are not considered public holidays in most countries. On these dates, most couriers and postal services work around the clock to deliver gifts and Christmas parcels. However, since this is a time of the year when logistics services are in extremely high demand, most shipping companies will prioritise delivering the parcels they already have instead of performing collections.

Christmas Day is usually considered a national holiday, during which most shipping companies will not work. Please take into consideration that Christmas may be celebrated on different dates depending on the country. Catholic countries usually celebrate Christmas on 25 December, while Orthodox nations have the same holiday on 7 January.

Check if DPD, DHL, GLS, Royal Mail and Evri (Hermes) will perform deliveries on Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024:
Christmas Eve (24/12)*XXX
Christmas Day (25/12)XXXXX
Boxing Day (26/12)XXXXX
New Year’s Eve (31/12)*XXX
New Year’s Day (01/01)XXXXX
* Deliveries on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve will depend on couriers’ Sunday availability at your destination.

Most courier deliveries and collections will resume normally on the first working day of the year 2 January 2025.

See more about the last posting dates of some of the most known courier companies:

Freight transport – Last shipping dates before Christmas

Freight transport is a bit more delicate than courier parcel delivery during the Christmas period because most roads are closed for trucks between Christmas and the New Year. As a result, logistics companies may perform collections until the last working days before Christmas, but, from 12 December onwards, shipments will be stored at their warehouses until their normal activities resume in January. If you need any assistance while arranging freight transport during the Christmas season of 2023, do not hesitate to contact us via chat!
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Tips for sending parcels in time for Christmas

One of the main reasons for shipping delays is the high occurrence of failed delivery attempts. Here are a few tips to make sure your parcel will be successfully delivered on the 1st attempt:

Provide the correct pick-up and delivery addresses

Avoid shipping prohibited and restricted items

Schedule the collection 5-7 working days ahead

Have someone present at the delivery address

Shipping in advance is the best solution to avoid delays since most couriers and postal services do not perform deliveries on Christmas or New Year’s Day. Due to the increased volume of deliveries during the holiday period, please be aware that delivery times are only estimated and not guaranteed. While we do our best to give you the most accurate shipping dates, we always recommend sending your Christmas gifts and cards as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What to do if the courier does not deliver your parcel before Christmas?

Shipping companies do their best to deliver as many parcels as possible before the holidays. However, if the courier or postal service does not deliver your parcel before Christmas, the delivery will be automatically rescheduled for the following working days.


Sending Christmas gifts by courier

At Eurosender, we are proud to help our customers surprising their loved ones by offering efficient solutions for sending Christmas gifts and cards abroad. It does not matter how big or small your package is; we can always find the best and most affordable solution for you! Here are a few ideas of Christmas gifts to send to long-distance friends and family:


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Holiday season 2024/25

Check the list of holidays between December and January in Europe and other countries.



24 DecemberCzech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden
25 DecemberMost worldwide countries
26 DecemberMost worldwide countries
31 DecemberLatvia, Russia, Sweden
1 JanuaryAll countries
6 JanuaryAustria, Croatia, Finland, Germany (some regions), Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
7 JanuaryOrthodox countries


FAQ on courier parcel delivery services during Christmas 2024

Can you send a wrapped Christmas present in the mail?
Yes, as long as you make sure to pack it in a sturdy cardboard box. Most shipping companies will not allow customers to send parcels wrapped in Christmas paper because gift wrap is unlikely to survive the journey.
Every parcel is loaded and unloaded several times during transit and, if the wrapping paper is lost, so is the shipping label with all the relevant information about the parcel.
So, if you want to send a wrapped Christmas gift by mail or courier, we suggest preparing the present packaging and then putting it inside a standard cardboard box. This way, the gift wrapping will be intact, and the recipient will still have the pleasure of unwrapping the present.
What is the cheapest way to mail or ship Christmas gifts?
The most affordable service for mailing or shipping Christmas gifts is the Standard Service.
It is ideal for sending parcels with an estimated delivery time of around 1 business day for national deliveries and 3-7 days for international routes within Europe.
Place your order and schedule your Christmas parcel delivery service right away through our booking tool!
What is the best way to send a Christmas package in time for Christmas?
When booking a Christmas courier service with us, we recommend choosing Express Delivery as an expedited solution. With this service, your parcel will be transported via aircraft, arriving at the destination country in the shortest time possible.
If you plan ahead and send your Christmas gifts in advance, the Standard Service is an affordable solution for courier delivery via road transport.
If you are still in doubt about how to send your Christmas presents by courier, don’t hesitate to contact us using the chat button on the bottom right corner. Our specialists will be happy to help you organise that special surprise.
How early should I send my gift parcels, so that they arrive in time for Christmas?
To avoid any complications, you should send your Christmas gift parcels as early as possible.
We recommend organising the collection no later than 12 December if you are using the Standard Service or any of the freight shipping options if you need them to be delivered before the Christmas holidays. However, please bear in mind that the delivery estimations are predictions and, therefore, are not guaranteed.
Send us a message if you need any extra help in arranging shipping for your Christmas gifts or cards.
What is the last day to send parcels for Christmas with the Standard or Express Services?
When organising your shipment with Eurosender, we recommend considering 14 December as the last shipping date for Christmas.
Since this is a very busy time of the year, the courier companies may not be able to carry out all collections and deliveries on 24 December, so we strongly advise you to schedule your parcel delivery service for the Christmas period in advance.
How can I check if DPD, DHL, GLS, Royal Mail and Evri (Hermes) perform Christmas deliveries in my country?
The Christmas courier delivery schedule presented above is based on the UK schedule for 2023, but it applies to most European countries since they have similar public holidays.
If you want to know the DPD, DHL, Evri (Hermes), GLS, or the Royal Mail delivery schedule for Christmas or New Year in a specific location, we recommend checking their official websites. If you would like to book a Christmas parcel delivery service with Eurosender, simply go to our booking engine or contact our experts if you need further assistance.
What time do couriers stop delivering parcels on Christmas Eve?
Most courier companies consider Christmas Eve a regular working day and will deliver parcels during their usual working hours, typically from 9 am to 6 pm.
However, each courier company may define their own working schedule with either reduced or prolonged working hours. Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday in 2023, so deliveries may not be available in all locations.
If you want to know the exact hours in which your courier will perform deliveries on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we recommend getting in contact with them.
Disclaimer: Take into consideration this information regarding the courier schedule for parcel delivery services on Christmas and New Year’s 2023/24. However, please be aware that estimated delivery times can vary due to unexpected delays, and you should always check the specific pick-up and delivery country’s courier holidays carefully before deciding to ship. For more information about the courier mentioned above companies, we strongly recommend checking their official websites.