Book an affordable parcel delivery for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020!

As December approaches, most people become super excited, but also very busy trying to find the most original presents for their loved ones. Yes, we all know how the shopping frenzy usually looks like at this time of year! Eurosender is here to help you spread the cheer all over the world with affordable parcel delivery for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020!

Do you want your Christmas package to arrive at its destination on time? Then, don’t wait till the very last moment! Book your shipping services with Eurosender in advance.

What should you keep an eye on when shipping goods by courier for Christmas 2019?

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Whether you’re shipping goods by courier domestically or abroad, here are some useful elements you need to keep in mind for your Christmas gifts to arrive safely and on time at their destination point:

  • When booking Christmas delivery by courier with Eurosender, take into consideration that although courier companies work hard to deliver all of the parcels on time, the huge volumes of shipments sent in December and during the Christmas and New Year holiday season, as well as unpredictable weather conditions sometimes may cause delays. Depending on the items you want to send, be it small Christmas gifts, sports equipment or bulky items, keep in mind that delivery time may be longer when we are approaching winter holidays. If you’re looking for affordable and timely parcel delivery for Christmas 2019, we recommend planning your shipping at least one week in advance. Use our estimated delivery time tool below and check what an average transit time on your selected route is, but do not forget that in peak seasons transit times may be prolonged. We recommend contacting our customer support team for more details.


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  • Don’t forget to pack your items properly for transport. Good packaging minimizes the risks of damage. It is crucial when you decide to send fragile or valuable items worldwide, as they need to be treated with the utmost care.
  • Measure your shipment. You need to carefully measure the dimensions of your already packed shipment and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. If your parcel is longer than 175 cm or heavier than 40 kg (30 kg in some countries), you can use pallet delivery service or request an individual offer, and our logistics experts will find the cheapest and the most convenient transport option for your package.
  • When ordering Christmas delivery by courier, check whether you need to print out the label and attach it to your shipment. In most cases, this service is provided by the selected courier company, whilst in some countries, clients will be asked to do it on their own. If you place an order on our shipping platform, you’ll get all the necessary details by e-mail.
  • Choose the right insurance option. While basic 200€ insurance is already included in the price of every shipment booked on our platform, customers sending expensive items can also opt for additional insurance packages of up to 1000€ or 2000€ that are available at reasonable rates on our website.

Check your parcel dimensions

If you need our advice regarding affordable parcel delivery for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020, get in touch with us by writing us an e-mail or calling us. Our friendly customer support agents will provide you with their insights about the best way of shipping goods during the holiday season. Upon your request (depending on the items you’re planning to ship), they can also create a tailored offer just for you.


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Those who haven’t yet prepared any Christmas gifts for their friends and families living far away may find some interesting ideas in our dedicated blog article.

How do courier services work on public holidays in different countries?

Here at Eurosender, we’re working with the most reliable courier companies from all over the world, so we always explain to our clients that when it comes to shipping goods by courier for Christmas internationally, they should not forget to check the national holiday schedule both in the pick-up and the delivery countries, given that not all the world nations celebrate Christmas at the same time, whilst Muslim countries don’t have such a holiday at all.

So, before booking Christmas delivery by courier to another part of the globe, don’t forget that there are discrepancies between the catholic and the orthodox celebration dates. The same goes for the Julian and the Gregorian holiday calendars. For example, catholic nations will celebrate Christmas on December, 25, whilst the orthodox world (mostly, Eastern European countries) will have the same holiday on January, 7. As for the Lunar New Year, in 2020, in China and many other Asian countries it begins on January, 25, and not on January, 1st like in the rest of the world. To make things easier for you, in this section, we’ll provide you with some important facts about Christmas delivery by courier.

Before choosing your pick-up date for shipping goods by courier for Christmas 2019 on our platform, please, read the following information regarding standard and freight shipping services:

Booking standard services for Christmas delivery by courier on the Eurosender platform before or during Christmas 2019 holiday season:

If you place an order with Eurosender during winter holidays, please, keep in mind that there may be delays in pick-up and delivery between December 20 and January 12, depending on the countries.

Your orders will be processed and parcels collected and delivered on official business days that fall between the above-mentioned dates. Delivery companies usually follow the working calendar of the country they are working in.

Eurosender freight shipping services in December-January 2019/2020

When shipping freight in December, please consider that logistics companies offering such services will usually make a collection on any working day between December 20 and January 6. However, there will be no transit for the majority of shipments between these dates, because the roads are closed for the trucks during festive days. It means that your freight shipment will be stored at the logistics company’s warehouse. As an example, if you need to ship cargo from France to Italy and your shipment is collected on December 19, it is expected to be delivered after the Christmas holidays.

To help you with shipping goods by courier for Christmas, we have put together a table of public holidays in different countries so you can organize your shipping schedule for December 2019 /January 2020.

December 2nd 2019


December 6th 2019Spain, Finland
December 9th 2019North Macedonia, Albania, Spain
December 24th 2019Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
December 25th 2019All Western European countries, Albania, Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Romania, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, USA, Canada
December 26th 2019Cyprus, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, UK, Ireland, New Zealand
December 27th 2019Hungary
December 31st 2019Latvia
January 1st 2020All the countries, except India, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Oman
January 2nd 2020Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Scotland, Switzerland
January 3d 2020Russia
January 4th 2020Russia
January 5th 2020Russia
January 6th 2020Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
January 7th 2020Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine
January 8th 2020Montenegro
January 20th 2020USA
January 24th – January 30th 2020China

This information is general and can differ from country to country, so please check with our logistics experts if you are unsure about different delivery dates or locations that could be reached by courier around Christmas and New Year.

If you have any additional questions about the courier companies’ holiday schedule, as well as the Eurosender ordering process, or if you’d like to learn more about affordable parcel delivery for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team by giving us a call on +442081236306 or sending us a mail to

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