Shipping services from Italy to Finland

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Shipping from Italy to Finland

We offer several services for shipping from Italy to Finland. Below are some of the most popular options:

Shipping a pallet from Italy to Finland

Move your goods with safety! We offer reliable, and affordable pallet shipping from Italy to Finland through our network of European freight forwarders. If you have special requirements for shipping from Italy to Finland, contact us and our team will advise you on the best shipping options.

Shipping luggage from Italy to Finland

Ship your suitcase from Italy to Finland with Eurosender to save on baggage fees. Our trusted logistics partners will deliver your luggage to any destination in the country, including hotels or home addresses. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about sending your suitcase from Italy to Finland.

Shipping a parcel from Italy to Finland

Shipping a parcel from Italy to Finland takes only a few clicks. Head to our price calculator above to get an instant quote provided by the best courier companies in Europe! You can send packages of up to 70 kg when shipping from Italy to Finland and schedule the collection on the date that works best for you.


Upcoming public holidays

Some logistics service providers don’t operate during holidays, so please consider the bank holidays when planning your shipping from Italy to Finland.


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FAQ on shipping from Italy to Finland

  • Why is shipping from Italy to Finland so expensive?

    The price of shipping from Italy to Finland varies a lot based on fuel prices, the costs of logistics providers, handling, customs clearance, etc.
    At Eurosender, we offer some of the most competitive rates for shipping from Italy to Finland. Our smart platform matches you with the best service for your shipping requirements at the best price available.

  • How much does it cost to ship from Italy to Finland?

    The cost to ship anything from Italy to Finland will depend on the type of service selected. Based on the urgency, you can choose between Regular or Express Shipping. The first is always the cheapest option, but it is suitable only for non-urgent deliveries. Express is fast, but the expedited delivery comes at an extra price.
    Get an instant quote in our booking engine for shipping from Italy to Finland.

  • How long does it take to ship from Italy to Finland?

    The transit time for shipping from Italy to Finland is usually 24-72h for express parcels and 1-5 days for regular deliveries. When scheduling the service with us, our platform always gives you an estimation of the delivery time, so you already have an idea before paying for the service.

  • Pick-up from any location in Italy
    If you need to send a package, a suitcase or organise freight transport from Italy, we can find the best shipping solution with one of our vetted logistics partners. Schedule the pick-up of your shipment from any location in Italy. All you need need to do is prepare your package, suitcase or pallet for shipping and wait for the collection on the scheduled date.
  • Deliveries in Finnish cities
    Whether you have friends, relatives or business partners in Finland and you want to ship a package to Helsinki, Turku, Tampere or any other place, Eurosender gives access to efficient and professional delivery service. One of our trusted logistics partners will be responsible for the shipment and you can track your parcel at any time with our real-time tracking solution.