The best way to ship computer parts and accessories overseas

Send your computer parts and accessories abroad with us and rest assured you picked the safest and most efficient transportation for your equipment. With a network of the most trusted logistic providers, we offer international shipping for wireless keyboards, mouse, GPU, motherboards, CPU, and much more. Simply book the service with us and we will arrange all the transportation details for you.


Ship computer parts internationally to your customers

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How to ship computer parts and accessories overseas?

Choosing the right service is crucial when you send a GPU abroad, or ship computer parts cross country.

Standard shipping

The most worthwhile solution for shipping small computer parts

Pallet delivery

The ideal solution for shipping bigger loads, especially useful for businesses

Express shipping

Do your clients need an urgent delivery? Same day collection available

What to consider before shipping your GPU, motherboard, computer memory and accessories?

Pack your items appropriately and measure the final package to determine what is the best shipping service for you.

Verify if you need to print and attach the label to your package.

Book the shipment in advance to make sure your customers get their computer parts delivered as fast as possible.

Your computer parts are insured!

We’ve got you covered. We know the importance of making sure your equipment is protected during transit. Thus, every shipment made with us is insured with coverage that depends on the service used. We also offer additional insurance that can be purchased during the order process.

We strongly recommend keeping the original invoice of the items to serve as proof of value if needed. It is also advisable to photograph your item and the packaging before the shipment.

Packaging guidelines for a wireless keyboard, mouse and other smaller items
  1. Cover your item with bubble wrap. If the equipment has sensible parts such as the keys of a keyboard, protect them with foam wrap and cardboard scrap.
  2. Insert the items in their original box (if possible), filling the voids with cushioning material.
  3. Pad a box and insert the items inside it, filling the empty spaces with more padding materials to make sure the items will not shift during transit.
  4. Seal the box with adhesive tape and reinforce the corners and edges. You may consider printing and putting a label “Fragile” or “Delicate”.
How to pack GPU, motherboard, and other computer components for transportation?

The following guidelines are valid not only for sending a GPU abroad but also for packing any small computer hardware such as a motherboard, computer memory, hard drives, CPU, fan, cooler, etc.

  1. Make sure there is no dust on the computer parts.
  2. Put the items in the antistatic bag.
  3. Prepare the box of the corresponding size by cushioning it properly and place the items inside the box.
  4. Seal the box.
How to pack and ship a computer monitor or computer tower

Follow these instructions for safely shipping a monitor overseas via courier.

  1. Pack the power cord separately by covering it with bubble wrap.
  2. To protect the screen, place a piece of foam wrap of the corresponding size to completely cover the monitor screen.
  3. Prepare the box with cardboard pieces and cushioning materials and nest the monitor inside it. Pack the previously packed power cord, making sure that the items are not in direct contact. Fill in the empty spaces with cushioning material.
  4. Seal the package properly with adhesive tape. Label the box if needed. You can also add stickers with signs such as “Fragile” or “Handle with care”.

How much does it cost to ship your computer parts?

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We have helped many people to send computer hardware and accessories abroad – Here’s why:

Sending computer parts for repair. Ship your computer parts or accessories directly to your chosen repair shop, wherever they are located.

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Buying computer parts from another country. You can buy computer parts from any seller in the world and we can help you transport it to your door.


FAQ about sending computer parts overseas by courier

Is it possible to ship a GPU, a CPU or motherboard without the original box?

Even though it is always recommended to use the original packaging when sending electronic items, it is possible to send computer parts without their original boxes. All you have to do is get hold of a cardboard box that is not ripped or dented and has an appropriate size to fit in all your items safely. Follow the above packing instructions to make sure your computer parts will be delivered safely.

Is it possible to ship a complete desktop computer overseas?

All desktop computer parts, as well as complete desktop computers, can be shipped through our shipping methods. However, a desktop computer should not be assembled when shipping. For better protection, all detachable parts and cables should be packed separately into plastic bags and assembled back after delivery.

How to properly ship a gaming PC?

The previous guidelines can be used to ship all gaming computer equipment, such as a gaming motherboard, gaming monitor or gaming mouse. If you would like to ship a gaming chair, please read our dedicated page.