The best way to send computer hardware and accessories abroad

Many of you have encountered a situation when you needed to send a wireless keyboard and mouse via courier or send GPU abroad for various purposes. Whether you are selling computer parts or sending them for repair, we have prepared a set of guidelines for you to easily send computer hardware parts and accessories abroad or inland. Moreover, comprehensive packaging guidelines for a wireless keyboard, mouse, motherboard, CPU, computer memory, power supply, and GPU will be provided for you as well. It is easy to place an order on our platform and it will instantly estimate the shipping costs for GPU, CPU, wireless keyboard and mouse, or other computer parts.

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After you place an order, you will just need to prepare your computer components or accessories for transportation. You don’t have to go to the local post office or any local drop-off point because a courier from a chosen courier service provider will come and collect your shipment to a chosen address, while you will enjoy the convenience of the door-to-door-shipping.

When you book shipping services through Eurosender platform, you get a bonus of gratis insurance for standard packages. We also recommend purchasing additional insurance in case you are about to send expensive items such as computer parts and accessories. Extra insurance package of up to €1000 and €2000 can be added at a small extra price.

If you have additional questions about how to send a wireless keyboard and mouse via courier or send hardware computer components abroad, contact our friendly customer support agents and they will be most happy to assist you.

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How to ship computer parts and accessories?

Choosing the right courier services is crucial either when you send GPU abroad or ship computer parts across Europe. These items are usually rather small and delicate, so they should be properly packed and transported. We have prepared a list of recommendations for you on how to send computer hardware and accessories abroad or domestically.

  • Depending on the items you are going to ship with courier services, follow the packaging guidelines for a wireless keyboard, mouse, motherboard, computer memory, or other hardware parts and accessories.
  • Then, measure the dimensions of your parcel accurately with the help of Shipment Size Checker. It will suggest the most appropriate shipping option for you.

  • Check if you need to print a label. If your parcels are collected in Poland, Sweden, or Spain, you will have to print a label and attach it to your package. In other cases, a courier from a logistics company will take care of that.
  • Place the order for shipping at least 2 business days before your departure from the location to avoid any risks or inconveniences.

Packaging materials to prepare computer parts for shipping

Given that most computer parts and accessories are very delicate and fragile, you need to protect them properly before transportation. If you prepare a package properly, the risks of damage during transit will be considerably minimized.

  • Original cases and packaging – if you ship new computer components, parts, or accessories, keep their original packaging. In case you want to sell used computer parts in original boxes or cases, it is necessary to check if those do not have any dents.
  • Cardboard boxes – you need to take the boxes with no holes or dents. If you take used cardboard boxes from local supermarkets or grocery stores, check if they are sturdy enough. Most likely you will need several boxes as computer parts and accessories should be double boxed.
  • Cardboard scrap – take some pieces of cardboard to separate items from each other in the box or protect certain computer parts and accessories.
  • Plastic bags – you can put covered computer parts in them.
  • Antistatic bags – they are necessary for small electronic computer parts.
  • Bubble wrap – this is a perfect packing material for protecting delicate and small items.
  • Cushioning materials – as extra protection is extremely important for computer parts and accessories. You will need cushioning materials to cover items and fill the voids inside the box. Cushioning materials range from packing peanuts and polystyrene chips to crumpled newspapers and bubble wrap.
  • Adhesive tape – for sealing the box.

Packaging guidelines for a wireless keyboard and mouse

  1. Cover a keyboard. Put a piece of foam wrap and cardboard scrap on the keypad so that the keys are kept safe. Put a keyboard in a plastic bag, cover it with a piece of bubble wrap, and put it in the original or small box of the appropriate size.
  2. Cover a mouse. Cover your mouse with several layers of bubble wrap. If you have an original case, put a mouse inside it and cover with bubble wrap.
  3. Prepare a smaller box. Put plenty of cushioning materials on the bottom of the box and place your keyboard and mouse inside it. Put more cushioning materials to fill the voids and make sure that the items are immovable inside it. Use adhesive tape to fix the seams and seal the box.
  4. Prepare a bigger box. You need to cushion the internal space of the box first and nest a smaller one inside. Similar to the procedures in the step below, check whether the items are not shifting around the box and add some packing peanuts or bubble wrap to fill the voids if needed. Use adhesive tape to fix the seams and seal the box.
  5. Label the box. You may consider printing and putting a label “Fragile” or “Delicate” if needed.

How to pack GPU, monitor, and other computer components?

Pack GPU for transportation

Before you send GPU abroad or ship other computer parts to another country, you need to follow the packaging guidelines. Please, note that they are valid for small computer components similar to GPU, including motherboard, computer memory, hard drives, CPU, fan, cooler, etc.

  1. Make sure there is no dust on the computer parts.
  2. Put the items in the antistatic bag.
  3. Prepare the box of the corresponding size by cushioning it properly.
  4. Place the items inside the box.
  5. Seal the box.

Pack a monitor

Before shipping a monitor overseas via courier, you need to pack it properly.

  1. Pack the power cord. Cover it with bubble wrap and use adhesive tape to secure it.
  2. Protect the screen. Place a piece of foam wrap of the corresponding size to cover the monitor screen totally. Wrap the entire monitor with several pieces of bubble wrap. You can also use moving or furniture blankets for that purpose.
  3. Prepare the box. Protect the walls with cardboard pieces and put some cushioning materials on the button of the box.
  4. Pack the monitor. Nest the monitor inside the box and put a power cord inside as well. Make sure it does not damage the screen itself during transportation.
  5. Examine the box. Check whether the items are moving inside the box and add extra cushioning materials upon necessity. Do not overuse them because they could cause pressure and tension during transit.
  6. Seal the package. Close the box and seal it properly with adhesive tape. Cover all the corners before shipping a monitor overseas via courier.
  7. Label the box if needed. You can also add stickers with signs such as “Fragile” or “Handle with care”. However, note that such a warning cannot guarantee that a package will be treated as such and should not substitute adequate packaging.

We recommend you to keep the original invoice for the items you are going to ship. This serves as proof of the value of computer parts or accessories. Courier companies usually require such documents when you start a claim procedure or in case of unsuccessful shipping.

The reasons to send computer hardware and accessories abroad or inland

Our customers have various motives to ship computer parts and accessories with courier services. Here is the list of the most prevalent ones.

Sending computer parts for repair. If you need to repair computer parts or substitute them, it is sometimes necessary to send them to authorized repair shops located in a different city. In this case, Eurosender will offer you the most affordable shipping costs for GPU, CPU, motherboard, and other computer parts and accessories.

Selling computer parts and accessories. When you no longer need some accessories or want to substitute them for the newer ones, you can sell them online, for instance. In case a buyer lives in another city or country, Eurosender will help you to deliver computer parts and accessories to a chosen delivery address fast and easy.

When shipping any electronic devices and items, it is important to note that lithium batteries are forbidden for any items transported by air. For international shipments to and from Greece with Eurosender, courier services providers will not transport batteries or any type of electronic device with them inside. Thus, before placing an order, check whether you have any lithium components. If so, their transportation should be done only by road. In this case, inform our customer support team agents about that.

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If you have additional questions about how to send computer hardware and accessories abroad, contact our friendly customer support agents and our specialists will be most happy to assist you.

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