GLS Christmas Delivery Schedule 2023

Does GLS deliver on Christmas Eve and during the holidays?

Sending your Christmas gift via courier is a great way to surprise your loved ones that live far away. Make sure you are familiar with the GLS holiday schedule and opening hours for Christmas 2023 before choosing their delivery services. Send your parcels in advance to ensure they will arrive in time for the celebrations!


GLS Christmas delivery schedule in 2023

Christmas Eve

GLS normally delivers parcels on Christmas Eve since this day is not a public holiday in most countries. However, 24 December falls on a Sunday in 2023, so GLS will not perform collections or deliveries on Christmas Eve this year.

It is important to consider that the number of parcels shipped during the month of December and especially on the days prior to Christmas is enormous. Due to the increased workload, couriers and drivers work around the clock to deliver gifts and Christmas parcels in time.

Christmas Day

25 December is a public holiday in the UK, Ireland and most European countries. For this reason, GLS will not perform deliveries on Christmas Day, and GLS ParcelShops will also be closed. If you want your Christmas gifts or cards to arrive before the big day, we recommend shipping them at least 3-5 working days ahead of when you normally would.

Plan your deliveries on time this year by checking the courier schedules for Christmas!


GLS Christmas opening hours

On the days before Christmas Eve, most courier companies, including GLS, have prolonged opening hours to make sure they are able to deliver as much as possible. For this reason, you may experience collections or deliveries earlier than 9 am or later than 6 pm.

However, there will be no GLS opening hours on Christmas Eve. GLS offices and sorting depots will have closed to allow the workers to make it home early for some quality time with their loved ones.

GLS will not have opening hours on Christmas Day, as all offices and parcel shops will be closed due to the national holiday.


Organising Christmas deliveries with GLS – Last posting dates

Many people who wonder if GLS deliver parcels during the Christmas holidays come across the information about their last posting date. Couriers normally extend their estimated delivery times towards the end of December to handle their busy workload. If you want your parcel to arrive before Christmas, we recommend not leaving it to the last minute, but rather shipping ahead to make sure your recipient won’t be disappointed.

To help you choose the service and plan your delivery, check below the last posting date recommended for shipping Christmas parcels with GLS on several European routes.

GLS Christmas holiday schedule and last posting dates in 2023

Please consider the last posting dates below when booking your Christmas deliveries with GLS. However, please bear in mind that the date stated is for the collection to take place, not for placing the order. The earlier, the better!

UK Domestic 20 December
Ireland Domestic20 December
Denmark Domestic20 December
UK – Germany16 December
Ireland – Germany15 December
Ireland – Croatia15 December
UK – Ireland15 December
Netherlands – UK16 December
Denmark – UK16 December
UK – Italy16 December
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What to do if GLS does not deliver my gift before Christmas?

Even though the courier companies do their best to deliver as many parcels as possible before the holidays, it is difficult to handle the huge increase in shipping volume. If your GLS parcel is not delivered by Christmas Eve, it will be stored, and the delivery will be automatically rescheduled for the next working days after the holidays. There is no need to contact the courier company or Eurosender to arrange another delivery date.

Note: Please bear in mind that 26 December (Boxing Day) is also considered a public holiday in some countries. Read more about Boxing Day shipping to help you plan your deliveries.

GLS will end their Christmas break and resume normal opening hours on 27 December. However, they will not work on New Year’s Day as it is a public holiday in the majority of locations around the world.


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