Postal and Courier Services on Boxing Day 2021

Courier schedule for parcel delivery on Boxing Day 2021

Before you organise your deliveries during this Holiday Season, make sure to check the couriers’ schedule for Boxing Day and other connected holidays. Avoid delivery delays by shipping in advance and knowing whether the postal and courier companies will perform deliveries on Boxing Day at your desired location. Use our tool below to book your parcel delivery and organise safe shipping services before Boxing Day!


Shipping solutions available for the Holiday Season

Organise your parcel delivery before Boxing Day to receive your goods in time for the celebrations. Choose below the service that best fits your needs.
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Do couriers deliver on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is considered a national holiday in the UK and several European countries. As a general rule, both postal and courier services do not perform parcel collection or deliveries on Boxing Day in such locations. Therefore, we recommend scheduling your deliveries in advance during the holiday season to avoid any inconvenience. Check the table below to see which couriers perform deliveries on Boxing Day.

And what about post offices – are they open on Boxing Day?

Post offices opening days are usually in accordance with the local or national holidays of each area. In the United States, the post offices are generally open on Boxing Day since this is considered a regular working day, but, in the UK & Ireland, the post office is closed on Boxing Day due to the national holiday (in Ireland known as St Stephen’s Day). In general, Canada and Australia Post do not perform post or parcel deliveries on Boxing Day since this holiday is celebrated in most states/provinces.


Courier delivery schedule on Boxing Day 2021

Boxing Day, celebrated on the 26th of December, falls on a Sunday in 2021. As compensation, both Christmas and Boxing Day holidays are celebrated in lieu of the following working days. Therefore, if you want to know which couriers perform Boxing Day deliveries, you need to check their schedule not only for the 26th but also for the 28th of December.

Check if DPD, DHL, FedEx, Royal Mail and UPS offer deliveries on Boxing Day in the UK:
24/12 - Christmas Eve
25/12 - Christmas DayXXXXX
26/12 - Boxing DayXXXXX
27/12 - Christmas Day SubstituteXXXXX
28/12 - Boxing Day Substitute XXXXX
31/12 - New Year’s Eve
01/01 - New Year’s DayXXXXX
*Information taken from the courier companies’ websites on 12/10/2021.


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Make sure your Boxing Day parcel deliveries are on time

Since most couriers such as DPD, DHL, FedEx, UPS and the Royal Mail do not perform deliveries on Boxing Day, we strongly recommend shipping your items in advance if you want to have them in hand for the holidays. Here are a few simple but effective tips when shipping Boxing Day parcels:

Book the collection with 3-5 working days in advance

Choose the Express Service for expedited deliveries

Double-check the contact info is correct to avoid delays

Check the courier’s delivery schedule for other major holidays


Book your Boxing Day parcel delivery!

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FAQ – Courier Shipping on Boxing Day 2021

What to do if the courier does not deliver your parcel before Boxing Day?
If the postal or courier service does not deliver your parcel before Boxing Day, they will do so on the following working days. There is no need to contact the shipping company to reschedule the delivery; all shipments are automatically rescheduled. If your Boxing Day parcel delivery is delayed for several days, we recommend contacting the courier company or Eurosender if the shipment was organised through our platform.
Do couriers perform parcel collection on Boxing Day?
No, both parcel collections and deliveries are suspended on Boxing Day in countries where this date is considered a national holiday. If you need your parcel to be delivered before Boxing Day, we recommend organising the collection at least 5 working days in advance.
Do online stores offer shipping on Boxing Day?
Online shops rely on postal and courier companies to perform their parcel deliveries on Boxing Day and all other dates. Unfortunately, if the local courier companies do not allow deliveries on Boxing Day, the online shops will have to schedule this service for another date. In countries where the 26th of December is considered a regular working day, both individuals and businesses can organise shipping on Boxing Day.
What is the delivery time on Boxing Day?
The courier companies that operate on Boxing Day usually have regular delivery times, from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. In some cases, couriers may choose to have prolonged delivery times on Boxing Day and other holidays to help them handle the increased shipment volume. For specific information about the courier company operating on your location, we recommend reaching out to their local office.
How to know if the courier will perform deliveries to my address on Boxing Day?
The courier companies do not perform deliveries on Boxing Day on locations where this date is considered a public holiday. Therefore, to check if DPD, DHL, FedEx, or UPS will deliver parcels on Boxing Day to your specific location, we recommend checking the applicable calendar or contacting the courier company directly.
Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in October 2021. For more information about the above-mentioned courier companies, we strongly recommend checking their official websites.