Parcel Delivery by Courier on Holidays - 2021

Shipping by courier on public and national holidays in 2021

Parcel delivery during bank holidays can be a challenge without the right shipping partner. Hence the question: do courier companies deliver on public and national holidays? At Eurosender, we know how important it is for our customers to send and receive their parcels on time. That is why we have compiled the courier companies international holiday schedule for 2021.
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Shipping in 2021: pick-up and deliveries by couriers on holidays

Discover more about the courier companies’ deliveries on these specific public holidays.

Do couriers pick-up or deliver on national or bank holidays?

Delivery companies and post offices work around the clock to deliver as many packages as possible before festive days since most couriers do not collect or deliver any parcels on national or public holidays themselves. However, due to the increase in the number of shipments, the estimated delivery times may be prolonged during these periods.

How to make sure your shipment gets delivered on time for the holidays?

  • Book the collection a few working days in advance or choose the Express service
  • Double-check the data provided during the order process and keep track of your parcel
  • If the parcel is not delivered before the holiday, it will be delivered in the following working days


Shipping on national and public holidays in 2021 in Europe

Even though many European countries share the same national holidays, there are some festive days specific to every nation. Before you schedule the delivery of your packages, please make sure to check if the date is a public or national holiday on your desired shipping route.

1 January
New Year’s Day

2 January
Day following New Year’s Day

1 April (Thursday before Easter)
Maundy Thursday

2 April (Friday before Easter)
Good Friday

5 April (Monday after Easter)
Easter Monday

1 May
Labour Day

9 May
Europe Day

13 May
Ascension Day

24 May
Whit Monday

21 July
Belgian National Day

15 August

1 November
All Saints’ Day

2 November
All Souls’ Day

24-31 December
End-of-year days, including Christmas


Courier delivery on public holidays in the UK for 2021

Have you wondered if courier companies such as DHL, DPD or UPS deliver parcels on bank and national holidays in the UK? Check the main holidays in which the courier companies do not work.

1 January
New Year’s Day

2 January
The day following New Year’s Day (mostly in Scotland)

2 April
Good Friday

5 April
Easter Monday

3 May
Early May Bank Holiday

31 May
Spring Bank Holiday

30 August
Summer Bank Holiday

25 December
Christmas Day

27 December
Christmas Day Substitute (in lieu)

28 December
Boxing Day


Parcel deliveries on public holidays in the US

Festive periods are the best time to send your regards to someone but be sure to ship your gifts in advance! Check our full courier schedule to see which national holidays UPS, FedEx, DHL and other shipping companies do not perform deliveries or collections.

1 January
New Year’s Day

18 January
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

15 February
Presidents’ Day

31 May
Memorial Day

4 July
Independence Day

5 July
Independence Day observed

6 September
Labor Day

11 October
Columbus Day

11 November
Veterans Day

25 November
Thanksgiving Day

25 December
Christmas Day


Courier companies holiday schedule in Australia

The Australia Post, together with other logistics companies, is making quite an effort to have the deliveries completed on time during holiday seasons. Find out all the public holidays that may affect the deliveries by courier in Australia.

1 January
New Year’s Day

26 January
Australia Day

8 March
Canberra Day

2 April
Good Friday

5 April
Easter Monday

25 April
Anzac Day

31 May
Reconciliation Day

14 June
Queen’s Birthday

25 December
Christmas Day

27 December
Christmas Day observed (in lieu)

28 December
Boxing Day / Proclamation Day


Shipping from China on festive days of 2021

To make sure your goods will arrive on time, we recommend planning your deliveries ahead. Consider that shipping during the Chinese New Year or other national holidays may result in delays – check our summary to see all the relevant holidays for Chinese couriers.

1 January
New Year’s Day

11-17 February
Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

3-5 April
Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping)

1-5 May
Labor Day (May Day)

2-14 June
The Dragon Boat Festival

1-8 October
National Day / Golden Week

19-21 October
The Mid-Autumn Festival


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FAQs about Courier deliveries on public and bank holidays

Do post offices work on national or bank holidays?
No, during national or bank holidays, most of the post offices and companies are closed and, therefore, do not perform deliveries. Thus, if you need to send a parcel that has to arrive before a specific date, we recommend using our Express Service where envelopes and packages are delivered in 24-72h worldwide.
How much earlier should I schedule the service to make sure the courier will be able to deliver my parcel before the holidays?
To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend arranging your parcel delivery at least one week in advance. Check the average transit time using our estimated delivery time tool and calculate approx. 5 working days in advance to make sure you have enough flexibility to cover for possible delays.
Is there a lot of variation on the courier companies’ holiday schedule from year to year?
No, the national and bank holidays in which the couriers do not perform deliveries are the same for each year. What differs is the courier holiday schedule for each country/region since each location has its own special dates and celebrations. Please consider the holiday calendar for both pick-up and delivery countries when booking your parcel delivery with us.
Are the collections also delayed during the holidays?
Especially during major holidays such as Christmas and Easter, collections may be delayed because the courier companies give preference to delivering the packages that were already sent. If you require a parcel delivery service and you know there is a national or bank holiday approaching, this is one more reason to schedule your shipping service in advance.
What happens if my parcel cannot be delivered before the holiday?
If there was a delay and the courier could not deliver your parcel on the expected date due to a national or bank holiday, do not worry – it will be delivered on the following working days. Bear in mind that the volume of shipments is really high during holidays seasons, but the courier companies do their best perform all deliveries on time.
Do couriers charge surcharges for deliveries during peak shipping seasons?
For packages and bigger loads that require additional handling, some couriers may charge additional fees called "peak season surcharges". However, this practice is not a rule set in stone, it may vary depending on the year and the courier company responsible for the shipping. When booking your delivery with us, we will represent your interests against the courier company and communicate any unexpected situation to make sure it is resolved as soon as possible.
Do couriers pick up and deliver on Labor Day?
It depends on the country. In most countries in EU, Labor Day is celebrated on the 1st of May and is considered a national holidays. In such countries, couriers such as DHL, UPS, and DPD will not perform deliveries on Labor Day. In the UK, however, Labor Day is not considered a public holiday and, therefore, most postal and courier companies will still work normally.
In the US, Labor Day is celebrated in September and is considered a national holiday. Therefore, couriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL will not pick-up or deliver packages on Labor Day.

Disclaimer: Take into consideration these courier companies holiday schedule for 2021; however, bear in mind that some countries have additional non-working days. Courier companies do not perform pick-up or deliver the shipments on national, and public holidays, which varies from country to country.