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How to ship Christmas ornaments and decorations | Packaging tips

Save on shipping costs when booking deliveries with Eurosender. Choose the best way for shipping Christmas ornaments and decorations as a gift or to your customers. Discover how to pack and mail Christmas ornaments, indoor, or outdoor decorations safely with the best couriers. Check our packaging recommendations to safely ship your Christmas ornaments internationally.

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How to mail Christmas ornaments and decorations by courier?

Eurosender provides different door-to-door delivery options for shipping Christmas ornaments and decorations internationally:
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The best way to pack Christmas ornaments for shipping

Glass ornaments or delicate Christmas decorations are very fragile and require proper packaging. That is why we have prepared a set of instructions on how to pack Christmas decorations and ornaments and ensure their safe transportation.

  1. Wrap each ornament individually into several layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap.
  2. Place ornaments and decorations in their original packages or use any cardboard box.
  3. Add cushioning materials on the bottom of the shipping box and protect all sides of the box.
  4. Put the items in the box and separate the layers with fabrics or cardboard sheets.
  5. Fill the voids with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  6. Check if items are still and seal it.


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FAQs on how to pack and ship Christmas ornaments and decorations safely

What is the best way to pack vintage Christmas ornaments for shipping?
Vintage Christmas ornaments are fragile and valuable items which means you need to be extra careful when packing and shipping them. Bubble wrap each ornament individually and place them in a small box or container, before placing it in a shipping box. You can label your shipping box ‘Fragile’ or ‘This side up’ to minimise the risk of mishandling during transport, however, please have in mind that the couriers are not obliged to treat the package as such when you book the Standard service. When shipping valuable or fragile Christmas ornaments, consider that you’re doing it at your own risk.
What is the cheapest way to ship hand-made Christmas decorations?
Many people ship hand-made Christmas decorations to their relatives or friends or sell them and ship to customers internationally. To reduce the shipping costs, choose Standard shipping method for European deliveries. If you want to mail hand-made Christmas ornaments overseas, book Express service and get them delivered in 48-72 hours.
Can I mail Christmas ornaments together with other gifts in the box?
Yes, you can easily pack Christmas ornaments, decorations and other belongings in a box and send it as a gift. Moreover, when shipping ornaments together with clothes, towels or other textile items, they can serve as additional cushioning for your fragile goods. Still, make sure to pack everything carefully; otherwise, the pressure can cause the ornaments to break.
How can I send large outdoor Christmas decorations abroad?
When sending large outdoor Christmas decorations such as a giant snowman, deer, or Christmas tree, we recommend choosing the Freight service. Pack your goods on a pallet or ship in a truck at the best price. Get an instant quote in our booking tool!
What service should I choose to move a store with outdoor and indoor Christmas decorations?
The most recommended service for relocations across Europe is the Van Delivery. When booking this service, you get an entire vehicle reserved to your load, allowing you to move all outdoor and indoor Christmas decoration at once exactly to the destination point. Avoid additional packaging and move your products all together without stop-overs or space sharing with other shipments.
Does insurance apply when shipping plastic ornaments by courier?
Plastic Christmas ornaments or textile decorations are not considered valuable or fragile goods. Therefore, you will get basic insurance included in the price of your shipment when booked with Eurosender. You can purchase extra coverage for your shipment during the booking process at an affordable price.
Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping Christmas decorations internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship fragile Christmas decorations by courier, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.