The cheapest way of shipping Christmas decoration kits abroad

Hooray, Christmas is coming! Let us guess: you’re organizing a fairytale family break with your kids in Finnish Lapland or planning an epic holiday with your friends in a cozy little town somewhere in Europe, like German Nuremberg? We know, you’d be tempted to taste some hot spiced wine at a splendid world-famous Christmas market. Chances are, you’ll finally make your cherished dream come true and follow in “Home Alone” Kevin McCallister’s footsteps in New York or take a romantic trip to an exotic island with your beloved. The good news is that even if you’re surrounded by palm trees instead of coniferous plants, here at Eurosender we can help you with shipping Christmas decoration kits abroad at the lowest prices so that you could spread Christmas cheer wherever you go. Thanks to our low-cost logistics services platform, you’ll save some extra money to bring home lots of foreign souvenirs and buy original gifts for your dearest ones.

Send Christmas decorations internationally in a few clicks and have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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How to ship Christmas decorations by courier

Whether you’re an individual traveler looking for a cheap and speedy Christmas decorations delivery to your hotel, an entrepreneur producing exclusive handcrafted decorations or an on-line shop selling unique ornament kits, artificial fir trees, wreaths, and decoration lights, Eurosender will help you send Christmas decorations domestically or internationally at a reasonable price. Here’s a short guide dedicated to shipping Christmas decoration kits domestically and abroad. On this page, you’ll also find some basic instructions explaining how to pack Christmas decorations for transportation.

Let’s get started. If you’re willing to ship Christmas decorations by courier, follow these simple steps:

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to prepare your items for shipping.

Whether you’re shipping Christmas decoration kits domestically or abroad, here are some useful elements you need to keep in mind:

  • Pack Christmas decorations properly for transportation. Good packaging minimizes the risks of damage. It is crucial when you decide to send Christmas lights and decorations internationally. Those are fragile items, so they need to be treated with the utmost care.
  • Measure your shipment. You need to measure the dimensions of your shipment carefully and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. If your parcel is longer than 175 cm or heavier than 40 kg (30 kg on some routes), you will need a pallet delivery service or an individual offer.
  • Check whether you need to print out the label and attach it to your shipment. In most cases, this service is provided by the delivery company, whilst in some countries, clients will be asked to do it on their own.
  • Choose the right insurance option. While basic 200€ insurance is already included in the price of every shipment booked on our platform, we recommend that customers sending more expensive items also opt for extra insurance packages. Additional insurance of up to 1000€ or 2000€ is available at extremely low rates. Please, keep in mind that fragile items are not covered by insurance, so you ship them at your own risk.

Check your parcel dimensions

If you have any doubts regarding the best price option for shipping Christmas decoration kits abroad, get in touch with us. Write us an e-mail or call us and our friendly logistics professionals will provide you with their insights about cheap and speedy Christmas decorations delivery. Upon your request, they can also create a tailored offer just for you.

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Packaging materials

Let’s get ready to send Christmas decorations internationally. Please, bear in mind that even when your shipment is carried out by the most reliable courier companies, you will need to take good care of the packaging. Remember that proper protection of your Christmas lights, ornament kits, wreaths, and other decorations maximizes their safety during transit. If you want the transportation process to go smoothly, here’s the list of materials you should look for to pack Christmas decorations carefully. You can find them in any hardware or stationery store. You might also have some useful materials at home.

  • Cardboard boxes– they are needed to transport your items safely. Depending on the type of your decorations, you might need two boxes to ensure protection to your items. The same goes for balloons in case of helium balloons delivery with courier services. You need to make sure if the box does not have any holes, tears, or dents.
  • Plastic or Ziploc bags– they are ideal if you want to send small items and decor elements.
  • Bubble wrap – it is the best packaging material to protect delicate items.
  • Cushioning materials– you can use packing peanuts, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam sheets, crumpled newspapers, and foam wrap to cushion the internal space of the box.
  • Adhesive tape– to secure the items, packaging materials, and the seams of the box.

Now you have all you need for a successful cheap and speedy Christmas decorations delivery.

Tips on how to pack Christmas decorations for transportation

  • If possible, take the original boxes or bags for your Christmas. If you intend to ship brand new Christmas lights and decorations by courier, you need to keep them in their original packaging. If it’s not the case or you don’t have the original packaging anymore, you can pick the right size cardboard box. Smaller items may be packed in plastic bags. Pay attention to fragile items.

  • Protect Christmas decorations with wrapping materials. Use bubble wrap or foam wrap to protect larger items and plastic bags for smaller items. It is also advisable to protect a Ziploc or plastic bag with an additional layer of bubble wrap.
  • Take care of cushioning. Place some packing materials on the bottom of the box. You can use additional pieces of cardboard to protect all sides of the box.
  • Put the items in the box. If your Christmas decorations consist of several items, before you pack them in a box, it is better to separate the articles with some pieces of cardboard scrap or cushioning materials for them not to damage each other during transportation.
  • For delicate and fragile items, it is recommended to use the double-box technique in order to create additional protection.
  • Check the box and seal it. Shake the box a little bit to check whether the items are moving. Ideally, you need to put enough cushioning materials so that your Christmas lights, wreaths, ornament kits, and decorations stay immovable inside the box. Use adhesive tape to seal the box.

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to ship Christmas lights and decorations by courier.

If you need more information regarding the best way to pack Christmas decorations for transportation, don’t hesitate to contact our multilingual support team. They will gladly guide you through the process of shipping Christmas decoration kits abroad and tell you all you need to know about cheap and speedy Christmas decorations delivery.

Don’t forget that December is one of the busiest months in terms of delivery. So, in order to get all your Christmas presents and decorations on time, it’s good to plan the shipping a little ahead of the holidays for your parcel collection and delivery not to be postponed. You can check the information about the courier services holiday schedule on our website.

Through our platform, you can also order affordable delivery services for different types of holidays and events, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Easter, etc. It can be wine, party decorations, presents, and…whatever you can imagine!

Take into consideration these guidelines when sending delicate Christmas decorations internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship fragile Christmas decorations by courier, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.