Ship Left Luggage and Lost Property from Heathrow Airport

Ship lost property from London Heathrow Airport

Have you lost an item of luggage at Heathrow Airport (LHR) and need to reclaim it? Instead of going back to the airport yourself, you could simply book reliable baggage shipping services from Heathrow Airport with us. Recover your left luggage or lost property from Heathrow Airport in the most efficient and affordable way.

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Courier services for Heathrow lost and found items

Our booking engine will find the best courier solution to ship from lost and found at Heathrow Airport. After you have claimed your left luggage or lost property, you can get them back from Heathrow Airport with a reliable courier company.
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How to recover left luggage from Heathrow Lost and Found

Follow these instructions to get your lost luggage back from Heathrow Airport.

  1. Find your missing luggage on the Heathrow online database or contact the lost and found offices at Heathrow in Terminals 3 or 5.
  2. Claim your property. You may have to provide a detailed description and show proof of ID.
  3. Ask for details for collection – contact details of an Airport Police officer in charge of lost property who will deal with the courier;
  4. Remember that your item also needs to be packed in order to be shipped. Always check that airport staff is willing to pack the item according to our packing instructions.
  5. Always be sure your parcel will not contain any items considered prohibited or restricted by the courier companies or Heathrow airport, to prevent issues with collection.
  6. Book the courier service with Eurosender and let us do the rest. Save on the cost to ship lost baggage and property from Heathrow, to anywhere worldwide;


How to provide the right address for your parcel collection from London Heathrow Airport

When shipping left luggage from Heathrow Airport it is essential to provide complete and correct details. Follow this example below to provide a correct parcel collection address when recovering a missing suitcase from Heathrow Airport:

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery
    Ex.: United Kingdom
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the name of the Lost and Found offices in Heathrow Airport by the name of the officer responsible for handling your package
    Ex.: Enola Holmes, (lost property for) Geraldine Granger
  3. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number.
    Ex.: Terminal 3, London-Heathrow Airport
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Keep in mind that the courier does not always take this into consideration.
    You could choose to include a reference number or officer contact here.
  5. Postal code
    Add the postal code, please double check if it’s the correct one
    Ex.: FGCW+27
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city
    Ex.: Dibley, Oxfordshire
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    + 44 1 814 555 525

What left luggage items are often shipped from Heathrow Airport?

Travelers often ship back their lost hand luggage items. You can use our shipping services to recover missing suitcases from Heathrow Airport, as well as sport bags and other pieces of luggage. The items often shipped from Heathrow lost and found department are:


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Heathrow lost and found items shipping: FAQ

Can I book a delivery service from Heathrow Airport left luggage?
You can ship lost property from London Heathrow Airport if you provide a reliable and specific pick-up address. The courier driver can only pick-up a package if there is someone to hand it over. Booking a delivery from the Heathrow Lost property offices is the most reliable option to retrieve your luggage.
Should my lost items be packed for their collection from London Heathrow Airport?
It is important to have your items properly packed before the courier driver arrives. Please make sure your lost items are packed according to our instructions to ensure their safety. Also you must make sure the items are not restricted either by the courier company or Heathrow Airport security.
Will the Heathrow Airport left luggage workers hand my parcel to a courier driver?
Yes, but you have to make sure the airport’s employees should be aware that you will not retrieve the items yourself. To avoid any problems, we would recommend giving the name of the shipping service provider to the staff at the Heathrow lost and found department.
What is the cheapest way of shipping lost and found items from Heathrow Airport?
Our standard service is the cheapest way of shilling left luggage from Heathrow Airport. This cost-effective service is ideal to recover your missing luggage from London Heathrow. Find the price directly on our booking tool.
How much does it cost to ship luggage from Heathrow Airport?
The price of shipping lost and found items from Heathrow depends on the type of goods and the distance between the airport and the final address. You can get an instant price for your service directly on our booking tool.
How can I track my missing items while they are in transit?
If you book parcel collection services from London Heathrow Airport with Eurosender we always provide our customers with a tracking number. In this way, you will always be updated on your shipment’s whereabouts. If the tracking status of your items does not change in a few days we recommend you get in touch with us to check everything is alright.
Can you store luggage at Heathrow airport?
Yes, you can book storage services for your luggage on Heathrow Airport online or on site.