How to get your lost property from Gatwick Airport

Maybe you have recently travelled through London Gatwick and lost one of your items. Thankfully, the airport registers all lost items in a database and stores them for up to three months. However, you might already be at the other side of the country or in another part of Europe. Even if you are unable to get your lost property from Gatwick Airport yourself, there are different solutions to get them back. The easiest and most convenient one is to simply book shipping services, have a courier company retrieve the items on your behalf and have them delivered at your address. Learn how to get your lost property from Gatwick Airport by using cheap courier services!

Get your lost property from Gatwick Airport with Eurosender

Eurosender is a platform for booking services in Europe. We help our customers find the cheapest and safest way to move their items from point A to point B in a matter of seconds. When you book a service through our platform, you receive the lowest price for the parameters you have selected. We are also able to pick-up lost and found items from airports, train stations and hotels and ship them to our customers.

If you lost an item at London Gatwick and you need to retrieve it., instead of flying back in West Sussex (which could be very costly and time-consuming), you can simply book a shipping service through our platform. Just make sure that you have contacted the airport and the company that handles the lost and found items. All you have to do then is to select the date when one of our logistics partners could pick-up your items from the airport and book the service on our website.

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How to get your lost property from Gatwick Airport | The 6 steps


  1. Contact the airport’s lost and found division to get a reference number for your item;
  2. Book the shipping service on our platform;
  3. Insert the information of your item(s);
  4. Select the pick-up address (where your item is located) and the delivery address (where we can find you);
  5. Choose a payment method and pay for the service.
  6. Send the pick-up date and the name of the logistics provider to the airport.


Please, inform the company handling your lost property on how to prepare your items for shipping. Suitcases should be wrapped with protective plastic film, including the handles and the wheels. Individual items should be placed in a cardboard box, along with cushioning materials that will protect it during transit. Keep in mind that we have created a detailed shipping guide with all the information needed on how to pack your items properly.

My item is too big, too heavy or too oddly shaped | Individual offer

We assume that the items you travelled with and lost at the airport were not at the size of the piano. However, they can still exceed our required dimensions for a standard courier service. That, however, does not mean that we are unable to help you retrieve your lost items. Does your item weigh more than 40 kg and/or is it more than 175 cm long? Then you can simply ask for an individual offer! Fill-in a form with your shipment details and we will come back to you with a customized offer. You can then accept or decline this offer.

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Can I retrieve my lost property from a different airport? | Lost and found items shipping

You might not want to get your lost property from Gatwick Airport but from Heathrow Airport or London City Airport. Or it could even be Charles de Gaulle in Paris. As long as the pick-up location is in one of the countries in which we operate, we can arrange the pick-up with one of our logistics partners. Just make sure that you inform the airport’s lost and found department or private company that stores and handles your lost property about the courier company that will expect. will be in charge of the pick-up.

As long as you provide us with an accurate address and there is at least one person willing to pack and hand-in your belongings, then we can ship your items. The pick-up location does not matter, as long as it is accessible and the people involved in the shipping process are informed about the pick-up dates and on how to properly pack the items.


Important: When booking lost and found items shipping services, it is important to provide us with an accurate pick-up address. In this case, you will need to write down the address of the place in which your lost property is temporarily stored. If you are unsure whether the pick-up location details are correct, you can contact the airport’s lost and found department for more information. If you simply insert the airport’s address, the courier driver might be unable to locate the person responsible for handing-in your lost property.

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About Gatwick:

Gatwick Airport, known also as London Gatwick, is a major airport located in West Sussex. It is the second busiest airport when it comes to passengers-traffic in the United Kingdom and the eighth busiest in Europe. People from all around the world travel through London Gatwick on a daily basis. Some of them leave something behind. It could be a computer charger, a wallet or even a suitcase. In certain occasions, it could be something even more important, such as a passport.

Additional considerations | Eurosender | Lost and found items shipping
  • We provide you with basic insurance (up to 200€) without extra charge. Extra insurance can be purchased at a very low price.
  • All of our services are door-to-door; no need to leave the comfort of your own house.
  • We never stop negotiating better prices for our customers.
  • We believe that “safety comes first” and that is why we work with the most reliable logistics companies.
  • Your shipment will have a tracking number. In this way, you will know where it is located.
  • We can answer any question regarding your shipment; all you have to do is contact us.

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